T-Mobile OnePlus 7T, Galaxy Note 10, and Note 10+ receiving updates


T-Mobile is now pushing updates to a trio of recent Android flagships.

The T-Mobile OnePlus 7T update bumps the phone to version 10.0.6.HD63CB and is 286.0MB in size. Included are the December 2019 Android security patches as well as some improved system stability and bug fixes.


T-Mo hasn’t published an official changelog for the update yet, so it’s not known exactly what improvements or bug fixes might be packed into this update.

Some OP7T owners might be disappointed that it’s now February 2020 and they’re just getting the December 2019 security patches, but the unlocked OnePlus 7T is also behind in security updates. The most recent update¬†was released in December with the November 2019 security patches.


Also being updated today are T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ models. These phones are being updated to versions N970USQS2BTA7 and N975USQS2BTA7, respectively, and they’re both getting the February 1, 2020 Android security patches.

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Source: Reddit

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  • Sim Book

    Of course no update for Oneplus 6T, go figure.

  • gmtom1

    Still no update to fix the broken GPS on the Note 10+ 5G. GPS has been broken on this device since day 1…..

    • mreveryphone

      I was just in Miami for the Superbowl and had no problems getting around the city with my Note 10+ 5G. GPS worked like a charm and never failed me.

    • Anonymouse

      T-Mo just released an update for my 10+5G N976USQU1ATA5, Jan 2020 security patch. Hopefully this fixes the GPS. FWIW, I gave my Team of Experts an earful about this.

  • Don Sadler, Jr.

    I have to agree with you on the GPS I was thinking I was the only one that it doesn’t show the right place and bounces around all the time

  • Stevebro

    OP7 pro just updated to Jan security for me…not sure if anything else was in the update just got it.

  • Bemi

    My GPS on my Note 10+ has been trash in rural areas. Like say Kingsland, Tx.

  • Jerry Rich

    Of course no update for the Note 9.

    • the martian ambassador

      Current rumored target date is January 23 for the Note 9.

      • dcmanryan

        Of 2021? January 23 is long gone.

  • Yonatan Ben Magen

    I think that one of the patches id for a Zero day BT exploit on android phones.

    I will say that I finally got around to installing Android 10 and OneUI 2.0.

    It seems like it had made the phone speedier – not sure about battery life – finally have dark mode for most Foogle apps mainly Gmail and Google feed.

  • Kasey Clark

    It was supposed to be here in Jan so I will believe it when my phone finally updates….

  • T Redd

    This update removed the Warp charge notification and sound on the 7t. Wtf. Y? The phone also gets a lil hotter and charges slower. Smh