T-Mobile’s low-band 5G network expanding to 95 more cities


All three of the new Galaxy S20 phones will work on T-Mobile’s low-band 5G network, and today T-Mo confirmed that that coverage is expanding to 95 new cities across the U.S.

The new upgrades are spread throughout the country, including in cities like Hood River, OR; Old Fort, NC; Skyline, MN; Crystal Lake, IA; Panhandle, TX; Hector, AR; and Desert Shores, CA.

The full list of new low-band 5G cities looks like this:

  • Arkansas: Hector, Moorefield
  • Arizona: Cordes Lakes, Huachuca City, Spring Valley, Winkelman
  • California: Desert Shores
  • Colorado: Ault, Collbran, Lakeside, Lynn
  • Iowa: Bancroft, Crystal Lake, Frederika, Grafton, Hampton, Larchwood, Luxemburg, McCallsburg, Ocheyedan, Paullina, Plainfield, Ryan, Scarville, St. Anthony, Sutherland
  • Illinois: McCook, Merrionette Park, Preston Heights
  • Indiana: Bloomfield, Newburgh, Parkers Settlement, Riley, Royal Center, Versailles, Westport
  • Kentucky: Brownsboro Farm, Dixon, Goose Creek, Lynnview, Manor Creek, Strathmoor Manor, Strathmoor Village, Watterson Park, Woodland Hills
  • Louisiana: Richmond, Tallulah
  • Maryland: Lonaconing
  • Minnesota: Skyline
  • Montana: Jette, Plains
  • North Carolina: Old Fort
  • North Dakota: Gardner
  • Nebraska: Dunbar
  • New Mexico: Hatch, Manzano
  • Ohio: Brecon, Four Bridges, New Miami, Pleasant Hills, Remington
  • Oklahoma: Carney, Eakly, Erick, Goodwell, Grand Lake Towne, Hennessey, Oktaha, Wyandotte
  • Oregon: Hood River
  • Pennsylvania: Avondale, Bryn Mawr, Conneaut Lake, Mercersburg, Perryopolis, Reynoldsville
  • South Carolina: Folly Beach
  • Texas: Fort Hancock, Hilltop, Karnes City, Mineola, Panhandle, Quitman, Richland, Santa Anna
  • Utah: Junction, Lynndyl
  • Washington: Esperance, Fife, Kettle Falls
  • Wisconsin: Marion, Newburg, Tigerton
  • West Virginia: Brandonville
  • Wyoming: Shoshoni

Source: T-Mobile

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  • riverhorse

    We need reports on the ground.

  • richarddarrington

    I’ve never heard of these places

    • Glenn Gore

      These are smaller cities and towns, and proves that T-Mobile does indeed care about providing up to date service to everyone, regardless of where they live. And provide service to their customers when they are traveling for work or play. Good job, Magenta!

  • Glenn Gore

    Still only one tower with 5G in northwest Oklahoma, one of the first places in the country to get Band 71 from T-Mobile. Oh well, I guess first is last and last is first when it comes to 5G.

    • David Haas

      It think it’s partially because they don’t have enough LTE anchor bands built out in the region. They need bands 2 and 4/66 as anchors for n71, and from looking at coverage maps both are lacking in various parts of that region.
      I recall in September driving through Elk City to Woodward through Freedom and stopping in Wakita, barely getting signal in that region… although I wasn’t using a device with B71 (I do now, and dual SIM to boot).

      At least LTE on band 71 is there, which is a good thing that area has been tough for T-Mobile to enter. Pioneer (LTEiRA with Verizon) and AT&T needs more competition there IMO.

      • Glenn Gore

        You may be right, they are using Band 2/71 here, I have not seen any other bands cited on Cellmapper from my traveling around. They are providing 140 Mbps data here via LTE+, so I can’t complain about what they are putting out. From what I have seen on my McLaren, you are very lucky to get over 20 Mbps where they do have 5G, even in Oklahoma City. Improvements via 5G are negligible or non-existent, which is not a good sign. They have turned 5G on here on occasion, for testing I’m sure. I caught it running on Sunday morning a few weeks ago and it was on till 4 PM, so it can’t be too far away

        Coverage is good most places but there are gaps. They have not built any new sites, just upgraded the Band 2 sites they already had. You are right, Pioneer is VERY entrenched and is by far the #1 carrier since they have sites every 10 miles across the entire region, both here and in southern Kansas. Neither Sprint nor Verizon ever built anything here, they have always roamed on Pioneer despite owning spectrum. Hopefully with the merger, T-Mobile will put Sprint’s spectrum to actual use here.

      • KMB877

        What kind of device do you have? Thanks

  • Willie D

    Are all these made up city names? Cause I’ve lived in some of the states listed and NEVER heard of a single town or city listed.

  • Waboo

    What. I can’t believe they seemed to have overlooked Big Sticks KY and Toad’s Hollow WV.

  • JG

    I get there’s no one size fits all, it’ll vary based on several different variables…

    But out of curiosity… What rough range should we expect from these deployments?

    I live about 20 miles from one of these sites. Could I potentially see 5G once I get a 5G capable phone? Or would I more likely than not have to wait until they hit a tower closer to me?

    • Glenn Gore

      Since there is one 5G-enabled site near me with no others within a 25 mile radius, I have been able to check with my OnePlus McLaren phone just how far that 5G site is able to reach in normal terrain with just low hills and valleys in the area, and from what I have seen, that Band 71 site has a reach of approximately 15 miles. Weather conditions have not affected the signal at all. Now as to data, that 5G site is only putting out about 35 Mbps while all the other T-Mobile LTE+ sites are putting out @ 100 Mbps, so there is a significant data capacity drop with 5G compared to LTE+. The area is completely covered with LTE+ already, so 5G really is of no significance.

    • Ja D

      Go to T-Mobile stores and they have tool can tell you where are the 5G cell sites in your area then decide if you want a 5G now or wait.

  • Shakenbake

    Who else is excited for 5g, but doesn’t give a damn about it right now.
    I’m in no rush to get a 5g phone. I’m currently with a note 9 that I just picked up in Sept and I plan on getting at least 2yrs out of it.
    If all goes well and there’s no issues with my note9, I’d like to use it until the beginning of ’22.
    It’ll need a battery replacement, that’s fine, bestbuy does them for $49.
    5g in ’22 will have matured a little bit and I’ll be more open to getting a 5g phone.
    4g lte isn’t nothing to sneeze at, and coverage is great for me in the tri-state