Judge in T-Mobile-Sprint merger trial will reportedly rule in favor of deal


The end of the T-Mobile-Sprint merger may finally be near.

Judge Victor Marrero is expected to issue his verdict tomorrow in the trial between T-Mobile and Sprint and the 14 state attorneys general who sued to block the merger. According to reports from The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, Judge Marrero will rule in favor of the deal.

The decision will reportedly be made public tomorrow, February 11th, and both T-Mobile and Sprint are expected to make announcements.

There’s no word yet on whether the ruling has any conditions or restrictions attached to it.

The merger of T-Mobile and Sprint was first announced back in April 2018. Since then, the FCC and Department of Justice have approved the deal, and T-Mobile has struck a deal with Dish Network with the goal of making it a replacement for Sprint as the fourth competitive carrier in the U.S.

As part of the deal, Dish network will pay $1.4 billion for Sprint’s prepaid brands and another $3.6 billion for Sprint’s portfolio of nationwide 800MHz spectrum. The company will then build out its own 5G network. While it does so, Dish will have access to 20,000 cell sites and hundreds of retail locations from T-Mobile and Sprint, and Dish will get “robust access” to T-Mobile’s network for seven years.

The trial involving T-Mobile, Sprint, and 14 state AGs began two months ago. Led by New York and California, the attorneys general have argued that the deal will “substantially lessen competition” in the mobile market, that prices for wireless service are likely to be higher than they would be without the deal, and that “innovation will likely be reduced.”

It is possible that the state attorneys general will appeal the judge’s decision.

Sources: NYT, WSJ

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  • John Doe

    Well time to appeal :)

    • marque2

      Nah, T-mobile already has considerable appeal :P

      • John Doe

        It going to have considerable prices in a few years as well ;)

  • This is fantastic.

  • Mark McCoskey

    IF this is true, I hope we can get nationwide mid-band n41 5G, to complement the low-band n71, very soon. I’ll purchase a 5G phone then.

  • Timbo1

    According to a report no matter which it goes there won’t be any appeals which is good, save the tax payers their money!

    • John Doe

      It is up to the AG and considering the california has not approved it yet and the two main AGs are CA and NY, I think they still have some leverage.

      • Timbo1

        Yeah Commiefornia and New York suck. I wouldn’t doubt that they would suck tax payers dry fighting the government.

      • marque2

        If that happens Tmobile should merge country wide except for California, and New York. States only have jurisdiction within their borders at best. Spin off a Sprint subsidiary for those two states.

        • Zen Jurus

          As I understand it, the possibility is actually being considered. That’ll leave CA with TWO competitors. Let’s see how well THAT works out.

        • John Doe

          Oh yeah they should put their biggest markets down the drain… sounds smart.

  • SparklingCyanide

    i literally cannot wait for this to be 0ver, and they can finally honestly take Verizon/Att head on nearly equal footing. They have sat up on their duopoly, long enough.

    • John Doe

      This is not going to happen overnight, it will take years for them to merge and the pricing will be comparable between the three by then so welcome to the tripoly

      • marque2

        What won’t happen overnight. Once the states give up the merger will happen within a week. Sprint users will be given about two years until their network closes down (as Sprint customers buy new phones they will go onto Tmobile) and the spectrum will start to appear within a few months.

        It won’t be years, it will truly be months to 1 year before the benefits become majorly apparent.

        • John Doe

          It took metro pcs 4 years…it is going to take just as much if not longer to get sprint customers off of the Sprint network. It will definitly not happen in less than a year, T-Mobile does not have the capacity for both sprint and T-mobile customers so they have to do it in stages.

    • Zen Jurus

      More to the point, they still won’t be ON equal footing. Even after the merger, T-int will still be an order of magnitude smaller than Verizon. It’s why this whole idiocy about the “reduction of competition is so bloody stupid: there’s only TWO contenders in the marketplace NOW. This would INCREASE it to three!


    This is both good and bad.
    Regardless of the results, Sprint is a financial mess – either be bought as a whole or sold in pieces.
    We may see price increases across the spectrum but only time will tell. I just hope Dish picks up their asses and really conduct an agresssive rollout of their own network. I am just curious how everything is going to play out

    I’m with AT&T on their loyalty offer is $10 off additional per line plus their 25% off military plan. I pay $180 for 8 lines without equipment charges. With my BOGO equipment I pay about $300 a month. (I use to work with their loyalty department) and I enjoy watching news like this. So I am saving a lot of money where I am now and left T-Mobile as you cannot finance 100% of the devices without making partial down payment regardless of credit class.

    • You can get zero down with good credit and just pay taxes. Not sure where you got that from

      • DANNY

        That’s my problem with T-Mobile, I have stellar credit. They wanted 20% down for all my devices. They have max limit of what I can borrow for my 8 lines. Hardpass for me.

      • Andrew Leonard

        I have great credit but I refuse to sign as a personal guarantor for my business.

    • marque2

      If you have good credit, they charge you the tax up front, but finance the rest with no down payment.

  • JG

    How fitting it’ll be announced on a T-Mobile Tuesday…

    You get a T-Mobile tumbler AND a ton of new spectrum to use!

  • Cant wait till tomorrow.

  • Reagan1

    About darn time…only bad news is I didn’t buy Sprint stock Monday. Could of had a quick double.

    • I did but only 6 shares .still it was a cool $45 profit.

    • Steven

      I did a few months ago, I’ll be watching to see what happens today

  • The Waz

    Now we know what the next uncarrier announcement will involve , merger approved. Free whopper for all as a early T-Mobile Tuesday deal

  • Eric A

    Now the AGs can turn their ire to big pharma who is truly screwing their constituents