T-Mobile launches GoTo, its own line of smartphone accessories


The market for smartphone accessories is a big one, helping you to protect your expensive smartphone, keep it charged up, and more. And today T-Mobile is getting into that market with its own line of mobile accessories.

GoTo is a new line of accessories from T-Mobile. They’re available starting today, January 24th, both online and in T-Mobile stores nationwide.

There’s a number of products available in the GoTo family of accessories. Those include USB-C, microUSB, and Lightning cables, car chargers and wall chargers, a wireless charging pad, and portable battery packs. There are cases and screen protectors for a variety of phones, too, including the OnePlus 7T, iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, Galaxy S10 series, Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+, Revvlry and Revvlry Plus, Pixel 3a, and LG K40, among others.

Pricing for the cables starts at $9.99 while the chargers start at $14.99. Cases start at $19.99 each while the tempered glass screen protectors start at $39.99 apiece. Compared to accessories from other well-known brands, these GoTo products seem similarly priced if not a little¬†more expensive¬†than some other brands available elsewhere online, but they’re a bit cheaper than some of the other accessories sold in T-Mobile stores.

While T-Mo does already sell accessories from several other companies, the launch of GoTo gives customers more options when looking to outfit their phone with a case or charger. That’s especially true for devices like the Revvlry or LG K40 that may not have as many accessories available as something like the iPhone 11 or Galaxy Note 10.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Derek

    I don’t think the brain dead VP’s who greenlit this at T-mobile understand… its not the selection/style/brand, its the price. I NEVER buy cases or accessories in store (sorry NOT sorry sales people). Why spend $20-$40 on a cheaply made plastic case when I can buy one on amazon for $5 or even 99 cents (if im willing to wait a couple weeks from it to ship from china).

    • Deadeye37

      Amen to this.

    • riverhorse

      I get sour looks and snarky comments because i always nix all upsell tries. Ditto at WorstBuy for other tech.
      Yeah, online so cheap plus you don’t get attitude.
      But it’s actually a great move for them. The general public doesn’t think like you and I- convenience is king.
      This bookends the phone financing-plenty of money still in pocket, why wait for shipping and risk a scratch or fall in the meantime.

      • Martyy

        I went the other day on a tmo tuesday to do an upgrade. They were trying really hard to sell me all these accessories when the same ones are on amazon for far less.

        • riverhorse

          In a way i don’t blame them. Individual stores need to eat, but phone prices are climbing + how many more lines can present customers add. Too many stores smaller potential customer pool brick and mortar shopping is declining. Sprint has a good idea in fixing phones notwithstanding the carrier.
          So let whoever is willing to pay more for accesories subsidize the rest of us.

          And the cheaper Metro division is not doing great. I’ve seen several franchise stores close, and the corporate near me usually has less customers than employees- when it used to be packed the entire day and night with 50+ waiting to be served. Although this could be due to Metro’s declining phone selection and that store’s subpar service.

          I had a horrible experience in a corporate Metro store. No one knew about a standalone tablet plan- or was instructed by the ho GM to play stupid and sell a higher 2 phones+1 tablet package $100 monthly. They offered to convert two of my lines to that plan- but it’s only DVD video. Then she comes over and goes completely over the top,”lone tablet plan doesn’t exist I’m the manager i knowi don’t like that you’re using so much datayour grandfathered plan is about to be eliminated, as well as your family plan discounts”. I called Metro and they requested to speak to her, but she refused, before that i had shown my promo offer message but the answer had been there was no way to verify that it really came from Metro.
          Besides the rudeness and bullying, everything was absolute lies.
          Grandfathered plans will never go away as long as service is not interrupted- in fact the opposite: whenever a customer has a serious issue or threatens to Port out, CS will offer that plan to placate them.
          Family plan discounts whenever a line is added are not going away either.
          Nor are data limits coming (certainly not for the 5060 I’ve been using lately, and the trend is to increase them over time anyhow).
          I walked a couple of blocks to a franchise store and quickly obtained the tablet. $10 monthly unlimited @480(720 in practice). $30 full HD.
          All Metro & TMO phone lines porting out though. One to Visible $25 monthly unlimited everything, the rest to TextNow Free installed in tablets and other phones.
          I’m working on enabling the tablet assigned phone numbers, for extra gravy.

          51015 years ago TMO & Metro were bargains. Today not so much more.
          Now, if 5G works as touted- & TV is included at reasonable price, then they return to bargain status; and more importantly- worthwhile over a bargain competitor’s cheaper 4G-only plan.

    • AA-Ron

      I hate it too. But can’t be mad at them they have to make a profit too. There are so many uneducated people that still but these it’s profitable to them. Once it becomes unprofitable they’ll stop.

    • Martyy

      Like AA-RON said, a lot of uneducated people out there. Plus for those short on cash, you can finance the accessories with T-Mo. Personally my go to brand is Anker and Spigen on Amazon. Great quality and good price and quality.