T-Mobile could be considering Comcast merger, internal report suggests


During his testimony in the T-Mobile-Sprint merger trial, T-Mo CEO John Legere revealed that T-Mobile nearly merged with Dish Network back in 2015. Now documents show that the company could be considering a merger with Comcast.

A 2015 report called “Defining a Winning Position for the US Business Model” has been made public as part of the T-Mobile-Sprint merger trial. It was put together at the request of Thorsten Langheim, T-Mobile board of directors member, and it’s meant to show T-Mo’s position in the market and potential strategies for the future.

Mergers are discussed quite a bit throughout the report, and Sprint and Comcast are labeled as “most likely merger partners”. Under the plan, T-Mobile would continue to grow organically until 2018, then potentially merge with Sprint who would be “on the verge of bankruptcy” and have “clear scale gain and synergy potential” for T-Mobile. A subsequent cable merger with Comcast would follow, with the rationale being a move into mobile to help Comcast grow and to get video content onto mobile.


The documents also suggest that a merger with Altice is a possibilty, though they mention one strategic barrier being Altice as a “small cable player in US”.

While a merger with Sprint is described as the “preferred move” for T-Mobile, the report does acknowledge that such a deal could face regulatory barriers. Those include the thinking that “regulator will unlikely approve 4>3 mobile merger (even with Republican administration)” and “Even in case of bankruptcy regulatory approval might be unlikely”.


To help a T-Mobile-Sprint merger happen, the report says that T-Mobile should “strengthen lobbying activities for 4>3 merger with the ‘right’ people in Washington”; to “position Sprint as difficult merger asset” towards AT&T, Verizon, and cable companies; and to “not follow Sprint in price wars or irrational MVNO deals” in order to sustain ARPU. The report also mentions that T-Mobile shouldn’t “overplay offending consolidation stakeholders”.

Later in the report, there are steps for T-Mobile to prepare for Comcast buying T-Mo as a 2018 or later option, such as “be attractive bride by investing in network strength and growth of subscriber base” and to “signal merger interest with Comcast.” Merging with the Charter Group, America Movil, and Altice are also listed as 2018+ options, but Comcast seems to be the top choice in the report.


The report also outlines some steps that T-Mobile should take in order to maintain its merger options for 2018 and beyond. Those include “Don’t enter into MVNO deal that could complicate consolidation” and “Don’t trigger a price war in the US market”.

Because this report is from 2015, it’s difficult to know if T-Mobile is still considering a merger with Comcast as a possibility. T-Mo does seem to have followed some of the steps outlined in the report to help increase its chances of a merger, like by waiting for the presidential elections to attempt the Sprint merger. Of course, a potential merger with Comcast also appears to rely on T-Mobile first combining with Sprint, and right now it’s unclear if that’ll actually happen as we await the decision in the T-Mo-Sprint merger trial.

What do you think of this report? Do you think T-Mobile might try to merge with Comcast if it does end up combining with Sprint?

Via: The Verge
Source: Defining a Winning Position for the US Business Model

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  • Christopher Heimann

    This would be horrible, Comcast is one of the worst companies in the world. And they do not care about their customers at all.

    • Me

      Agreed. However, they’ve recently become a lesser evil IMO compared to Disney / Marvel / Fox.

      Can you imagine Disney acquiring a wireless company like T-Mobile?

      There’s already bad blood between these two and the feud was recently renewed. If one had to swallow up TMO, I’d hope it was Comcast.

      • marque2

        I have heard rumors of Amazon wanting TMobile as well. Talk about evil running the company.

        • Mike

          Amazon would benefit more for less cost by acuquring Dish mobile division once the TMobile and Sprint deal goes through.

        • dcmanryan

          Ugh, that might be even worse than a Comcast merger. You can bet Amazon would slowly (quickly?) kill off any perks we now have. I despise them.

  • squiggleslash

    If T-Mobile buys Comcast, yay!
    If Comcast buys T-Mobile, argh!

    • Crackers luv M3TH

      There’s no way in hell that TMobile has the assets to buy Comcast. It’ll be Comcast buying TMobile if anything.

  • 0neTw0

    I would dump T-Mobile in a heartbeat if Comcrap buys them.

    • Jay Trainer

      I think that I would do the same thing. Climb into bed with the enemy and this customer is gone!

    • Kevin

      Where would you be going? There would be less choice after merger with Sprint.

  • Bidencrats_for_Trump

    I would leave T-Mobile like a dog if T-Mobile merges with Comcast. KAGA, PUMA.

    • Notpoliticalyet

      Yeah ant cable company association will mean price increases often.

  • besweeet

    It’s funny seeing “life is for sharing” directly above “CONFIDENTIAL.”

  • Shaun Michalak

    I am against T-Mobile merging with “ANY” cable company.. There used to be a few OK ones out there, but they all got bought up by greedy corporations, and T-Mobile needs to stay away from that sort of thing. From my point of view, if T-Mobile did join Comcast, I would drop them.. My guess is, I would probably give Dish a try.

  • Jake Fitzpatrick

    Oh man this would be absolutely fantastic!!!

    • nonmindo


      • riverhorse


  • Ver

    I have been for the Sprint merger but if they went for a Comcast merger that would turn me on T-Mobile. I would be gone.

  • JG

    For what my opinion is worth, the only way T-Mobile + Comcast merger would work (for consumers at least) would be if when Legere steps down from CEO of T-Mobile in a few months he becomes CEO of Comcast.

    Then Comcast needs to launch their own UnCable movement to disrupt the cable industry, like he did with T-Mobile’s UnCarrier movement…

    If Comcast started removing data caps, abiding by Net Neutrality regulations, price locks until you change plans, and refresh their customer service dept…. Then it might work…

    But Comcast as it is now…. STAY AWAY! No matter how much they offer… STAY AWAY!

    • Josh Warfel

      Having Legere as CEO of ComCast would probably fix A LOT with that company. It would take a few years to turn around an entire culture. Customers would benefit though.

      • superg05

        i should totally screenshot thread and send to john on twitter

      • steveb944

        Remember Legere wasn’t always the Legere we know now. He was more business serious type before T-Mobile. Who’s to say he won’t go back to that, especially at a company that doesn’t need disruption.

      • bman893

        you do realize that jhon is leaving tmobile right lol?? it all ways just a scam dude lol bribe people to switch then bail thats what jhon does lol an i knew he would years ago.jhon was the puppet bro you never see the puppet master pulling the strings..

    • marque2

      TMobile didn’t even abide by Net Neutrality and I am greatful for it. I got free movie streaming from that. Why do you insist that
      Google and Facebook need subsidies?- That is why they paid for the lobbying behind the whole scam – so the government would force companies like Comcast to subsidize Google.

    • steveb944

      Comcast isn’t going to ever launch un-anything. They’re in a position of power and that’s one industry that will never change.
      The last chance we had was streaming, and now a bunch of major companies are dropping out. Media will never bend.

      • Sayahh

        Unfriendly Service

  • riverhorse

    Yawn… Half decade ago, have since acquired Level 3…next!!!

    To say nothing of having to beg each Podunk town / county / state for a franchise… Initially and when renewing lease… And Podunk sets all the rules, including mandatory fees and taxes… pricing… social justice hiring quotas… employee political appointees…

    Anyhow, back then satellites were not really seen as viable, while wired was deemed crucial if not essential. But those tables have since been completely overturned.

  • Android_God

    Legere is the pied Piper. He’s been playing the long game. if he came right out and admitted this from the beginning 95% of the people in this form would be chastising him. LOL

  • Android_God

    The best part about this article is realizing that JL played you all for fools

    • Acdc1a

      Legere made it clear in many Uncarrier announcements that these were gimmicks to gain revenue. Stressing things like “no cost” as opposed to free is corporate double speak.

      That said the man took a company that was written off by most and made them a viable competitor. I no longer get bizarre looks when I tell people I’m on T-Mobile.

  • Notpoliticalyet

    Evey CEO is full of it. Find the company with the best deal for you and go with it. Ok so TMobile has some frills like free MLB.TV for the season. That’s very nice for baseball fans. There are other perks to that made John look really good. Some day TMobile will officially merge with someone. Maybe!

  • Trevor Ketch

    With Comcast, it’ll be a race to the bottom!

  • UniBroW

    Would ditch T-Mobile faster then I can blink my eyes

  • Robert Roll

    Think that federal judge in New York should rule in favor of the T-Mobile/Sprint Merger which i think would be good on that part but put in a stipulation they can’t merge with any other company for at least 10+ years.

    • m35g35

      that would be anti-capitalism telling a company that it can’t do mergers for 10 years.

  • TrentonKnew

    I would bail so hard. Wouldn’t even wait for the dust to settle

  • bman893

    If they merger with Comcast I’m bailing 100% that company is pure evil

    • Brownsnake

      Right? I hate Comcast with a passion. A bad company with truly horrible customer service. It wouldn’t be very “un-carrier” for T-Mobile to do so.

  • vrm

    A lot has changed since 2015. Content is no longer “king”, as they used to say. Fewer people are watching canned content as consolidation among content providers itself has reached high proportions. If t-mobile and sprint can create a 5G n/w using 2500 mhz, they can offer any content and strike up deals as they did with netflix.

  • Eventually it all is consolidated as United States of Amazon

    • riverhorse

      Or maybe Facebook of Earth (or even Microsoft or Google or Apple). With their own crypto and payment systems, plus satellite broadband and phone…could become more powerful than most countries.
      Individual countries, no matter how Draconian, won’t be able to block/censor their internet and banking… Save for atmospheric nuke missile, military grade hacking, killing their own population…

  • Tale 85

    In 2015 a Cable Merger might have been considered moving forward. Like others have said, times have changed. We’re now, with the T-Mobile /Sprint Merger (assuming at this point its happening), about to see real 5G become a reality. Along with that, a real opportunity to have Wireless Broadband. Something that wouldn’t have been a viable option in 2015. T-Mobile wants to be a player in the “TV” market. In 2015 that would meant teaming up with a major cable provider. In 2020, with the coming of 5G a Content Provider would be a much better match.

    Could we see another T-Mobile merger in the future… Sure. I just don’t think it will be Comcast. Unless, of course, it’s John Ledger at Comcast.

    • riverhorse

      Yes. Forgetting the TV part, just for wired backhaul alone, a cableco was valuable. And satellite was not viable. But not anymore.
      Satellites will provide bandwidth / speed / reach at several times multiples of the fastest present fiber and cellular. The only Earth locations outside of optimal service will be the middle of the Poles.

      For the latter’s reversal we have to thank Elon Musk mainly, although among others. He demonstrated to all that rockets could be reusable and affordable. NASA and government knew this for many years, but the Congressional appropriations that control its pursestrings didn’t dole out its budget generally, but rather in individual project fashion with very detailed specs and requisites. For decades, congresspeople from several states formed a cartel to protect industry jobs in their poorer districts / Southern states. You can infer how multiuse and other innovations would be a severe threat to them. Their power went unchecked since post WW2 – who can get elected or get their nominees confirmed without the Southern Bloc.

      Eisenhower towards the end, repeating George Washington’s warnings, warned us about the military-industrial complex in cahoots with Congress.

      (All of today’s modern problems were previsaged by Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, etc. I recommend reading their bios and the Federalist Papers. From the aforementioned corruption to the cockamamie laws passed in the name of Security, to bought journalism, to the assault on Free Speech by both the extreme Right and Left. It’s basically become a wash, rinse, repeat cycle through the ages- the details and excuses change with the times- but not the main themes.)

      So, if the satellites fulfill their potential, it will be YUGE.

  • steveb944

    This is the worst news ever, and right before Christmas to boot.

    As long as I keep my grandfathered plan I’m set, otherwise mobile will become the next broadband/cable/(insert evil market).

  • Christina

    No. No. No. No. If this happens, I’m done with T-Mobile forever.

  • Brian

    Oh heck no. If that happens I will leave Tmo for Project Fi. I would go to Verizon before I became a comcast customer again.

    • dcmanryan

      Google Fi uses T-Mobile so they’ll still be getting your money.

  • riverhorse

    Comcast buying Xumo.

  • riverhorse

    In other news from March 20, 2011, AT&T Mobility has offered Deutsche Telekom $39 Billion for T-Mobile.
    Have at it kids.

  • Crucifixion Cruxi

    certainly glad I left tmobile

  • superg05