T-Mobile unveils 5 places where its 600MHz signal is available


Back in 2017, T-Mobile spent $7.99 billion to acquire 31MHz of 600MHz spectrum being auctioned by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Ever since then, the carrier has been working hard to deploy the signals since these airwaves manage to better penetrate buildings and travel farther. T-Mobile has even launched a few TV spots as a way of promoting its 600MHz coverage. Additionally, T-Mobile has run 5G tests under this spectrum successfully. 

Combining the 600MHz airwaves with the ultra-high mmWave spectrum owned by T-Mobile will give them the edge as the first carrier to offer nationwide 5G network calls. Unlike 600MHz, ultra-high mmWave spectrum is capable of delivering extremely fast download speeds and even handle large amounts of traffic. If T-Mobile is successful in merging with Sprint, it can receive the 2.5GHz mid-range holdings and it will definitely win the race for 5G. Sprint’s mid-range spectrum is hard to find. There may be a chance that more will be auctioned by FCC, but it’s not always a guarantee. 

Just recently, T-Mobile released a new video where it showcased five of the unexpected places where its 600MHz spectrum can be experienced. Among the places included in the video are Cannon Beach, OR, Bonneville Salt Flats, UT, Jersey Shore, PA, Kabetogama, MN, and Roswell, NM. 


Its merger with Sprint would be the easiest and fastest way for T-Mobile to obtain mid-range airwaves. If T-Mobile does not get to merge with Sprint, it may be forced to encourage the FCC to hold an auction. 

As of this writing, the merger talk has officially been delayed until next year. T-Mobile has already been able to gain approval from the FCC and DoJ. But it still has to reach a settlement with the lawsuit filed by 15 state attorneys general and the attorney general of Washington, D.C. The trial is set to occur on December 9th. 

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  • dontsh00tmesanta

    71 is all around me now. Where 12 wasn’t reaching now 71 covers

    • the martian ambassador

      Yup. I have a Note 9 which supports band 71, and I also had a Note 4 which I just retired. At home, the Note 9 has all the bars, where the Note 4 often had just 1 or 2 bars. If you are on T-Mobile, it’s important to buy a phone that explicitly supports band 71. At this point, I’m pretty sure that all of the new T-Mobile branded phones support this band. Many unlocked versions of those devices such as the Samsung A20 do not. Check the fine print, you’ll have a much better experience.

      • dontsh00tmesanta

        I hope that post is meant as in general and not towards me otherwise…..jumping to conclusions much

      • Shaun Michalak

        I know the feeling.. I was in Ashtabula, OH not too long ago.. I was in a place that barely got service before, and not got something like 3 to 4 bars on band 71.. But the thing is, there are a lot of places that only have band 71 coverage.. and even if they did have band 12 coverage in those places, T-Mobile in a lot of places has so little band 12 that it really can not support service very well.. I checked up on one tower in one place, and found that the only coverage on that tower that they had was band 12, and the little that they had of that, was only 5mhz, with a max download for the tower of 15mb per antenna.. Needless to say that while they did have coverage there, people were complaining that service was bad.. So even if they have both, since T-Mobile has a LOT of band 71 to use, that will make service available to all.. Not just a few..

  • Time for a drink

    This is great but there aren’t a lot of people around these 5 places. Why don’t they make it work at Dallas airport? Can’t tell you how many times I have flown through DFW with poor service. Time will definitely help them.

    • Shaun Michalak

      These might be places where they installed new towers too.. So it was not just about the 5G, but also expanding coverage across the country.. That is what happened in my area.. Over in Hazel Hurst, PA, AT&T was lucky to get one bar service there, and T-Mobile and Sprint had nothing.. Verizon was the only one with any kind of service in that area.. T-Mobile installed a tower there so now T-Mobile and Verizon both have “decent” coverage there..

  • Glenn Gore

    Band 71 has been available across the western half of Oklahoma, Kansas, eastern Colorado, all over the central US, for a few years now. This was the first place T-Mobile deployed the spectrum they purchased, and it is providing near-blanket coverage at great speeds. It is available in places where AT&T and Verizon do not have service at all, and have never had service. T-Mobile has done a great job with Band 71 where there are no TV stations blocking its use. Whether this means these areas will be among the first to get 5G service remains to be seen, however. They should because they have free use of the Band 71 for whatever purposes, but we will see.

    • Shaun Michalak

      I believe that they are setting it up so each tower that has band 71 installed, in order for them to start supplying 5g to those towers, all they have to do is flip a switch to turn it on.. But they have 5G for people to use on 4G until then..

  • StevenM

    They just lit up swaths of Ohio with the latest repack phase — probably noteworthy since millions gained L600 coverage, just in Columbus alone.

    • Shaun Michalak

      It is not just there.. I was in Ashtabula, OH not too long ago and I was getting a band 71, aka 600mhz coverage there too..

      • Sharti24

        The Akron area just started getting 600mhz too.

      • StevenM

        It’s been here-and-there in that area for at least a year now, from Mentor to Erie, but I haven’t been up that way in a while. Hopefully, they’re densifying the network because it can certainly use it, especially off I-90. The Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati metros just opened up 2 weeks ago with the latest TV re-pack deadline so it seems like almost all of OH is now available for rollout. I’m just not sure about the far southeast part of the state.

    • Jordan

      And Northern Cincinnati

    • Norman Harris

      I detected Band 71 on the South Side of Columbus near Lockbourne Avenue and Woodrow and was pleased to see this signal . My phone worked while visiting a friend who has no wi fi and T-Mobile has been blanking out indoors at that location in the past but the 600 mhz has it connecting and working well. I have not detected the signal anywhere else here in town. I know many of the televisions stations moved to new broadcast frequencies to prepare for this.

      • StevenM

        Hi Norman, I know of 7 sites in Columbus as of now. 1 southeast of Linden, 161 near 71, 5th at Olentangy River Rd, 270 at Cleveland Ave, Polaris Pkwy @ Lyra, 1 in the Hilltop, and I 70 between Reynoldsburg and Etna. I believe there may also be one in Minerva Park. Haven’t checked Hilliard or Dublin, but I suspect they have it also

  • Great to see progress :)

  • SirStephenH

    “T-Mobile unveils 5 places where its 600MHz signal is available”

    Terrible headline, makes it sound like T-Mobile has band 71 in only 5 locations total.

    • Shaun Michalak

      The actual video states “top 5”.. I guess they forgot the word “top” in the main article..

  • Blink8533

    Just wish it would come too northern Georgia, especially in the mountain ranges.

    • Wilfred Williams

      I believe all 600 MHz will be cleared of television broadcast in our state after phase 9 is completed. I live in central Georgia and supposedly have 700 MHz coverage. You would rarely connect to it and if you did it was unusable. So I’m looking forward to seeing band 71 as well.

  • Jordan

    Parts of Northern Cincinnati just started showing band 71. West Chester to be more specific

    • Shaun Michalak

      Outside of key areas, I think that they are going faster in the North, then in the south.. My guess would be because of the whether.. In the north, you get the winter snow and ice, and stuff like that.. Where they have all year to play with thing, and get them installed in the south.. It is much harder to do that in the winter in the North.

      • Jordan

        Dont remind us that winter is coming

        • Shaun Michalak

          Why not?? It gives us a good excuse to play “bumper cars”.. lol

  • Sharti24

    Coverage on 600mhz is essentially the same as 700mhz. Will 5G NR 600mhz improve coverage vs 600mhz LTE?

    • Christopher Hoy


    • Jay Holm

      Why do you say 600 is the same coverage as 700? T-Mobile doesn’t have nationwide license for 700, where as 600 they do have a nationwide license.

      • Sharti24

        Propagation 600 vs 700mhz its basically the same. Also tmobile owns 700mhz spectrum in 85% of the US

        • slybacon

          Essentially the same, but 600 MHz is physically superior. Coverage will be the same with 600 MHz on 4G vs 5G. 5G doesn’t travel farther or anything.

        • Sharti24


        • Joe

          Also remember they have much more bandwidth with 600 mhz allowing for far better experience over 700. 700 is really just a backup band due to the low capacity.

  • Jay Holm

    Sure would be nice to see B71 deployment in Matagorda County here in Texas, this whole around can use some better signal…

  • JG

    Kind of surprised the Gulf of Mexico isn’t on the list of top surprising places to find 600mhz… Unless of course they haven’t set up the towers out there yet…

    • Kaulana1989

      They have it up on live on air

  • rbfrost

    Spotted band 71 in Seattle. Not everywhere and weak signal but first time I’ve been able to spot band 71 here

  • J. Town

    600Mhz has been running in way more than 5 weird places. Coverage map says it’s active in BFE, Oregon where I’m at right now but my phone doesn’t support it so I can’t verify for sure. Currently hooked up at 700Mhz on Band 12.

    • Josh Warfel

      You will want to get a 600mhz compatible phone ASAP. In our area, 700mhz is so congested since it is only a 5mhz band (they are using it to penetrate buildings downtown since there are no nearby towers to out city). They just lit up 600mhz in a 15mhz band here. Congestion is gone for me :-)

      • Joe

        Yeah 700 mhz should only be used in carrier Aggregation Or as backup when nothing else is available.

  • Mike Thaler

    How can I find on my Pixel phone what bands are available at a location?

  • Josh Warfel

    Top places with 5G 600mhz? Or just 600mhz? It’s really not much “news” that an area is covered with 600mhz.. now 5G on 600mhz in the wild, that IS news.

    • JG

      I believe it’s “just 600Mhz”. I think there just using it for LTE at the moment. However, all of their expansions as of late have been 5G ready.

      Everything is in place and the tower can start broadcasting a 5G signal as soon as they flip the switch and tell it to without having to go up again to install any new hardware or whatever.

      They’ve got an Uncarrier event planned in 4 days. We don’t know what it’s about yet, but we’ll probably hear something about 5G then, even if it’s not the actual main focus. (*)

      They said they’d have a large number of us under 5G by the end of the year and that’s only like 8 weeks away from now so… That’ll have to happen fairly soon if they’re going to stay on that time line.

      (* I’d personally love to hear John say unlike “Dumb and Dumber” who are making you upgrade to new, more expensive plans to get 5G access, T-Mobile is considering data data, regardless of it is 3, 4 or 5G. Any T-Mobile customer can access the 5G network on any plan, at no additional cost. No need to change plans, pick up an add-on or anything like that. All you need is a 5G capable phone.)

  • terryo

    Nothing north of Everett, and perhaps Marysville, Washington until one reaches Bellingham. Smokey Point to Island Crossing is 600 mhz absent as well. Not bad service, just not top notch that others are getting.

    • SirStephenH

      Unfortunately Puget Sound is blanketed in OTA TV coverage via stations, located in Seattle and Tacoma, that are part of phase 7 of the TV repack. Band 71 can’t be deployed in this area until the phase ends 01-17-2020. This is the timetable set up by the FCC and there’s really nothing T-Mobile can do about it. We’re probably out of luck until mid-2020.

      Check out Spectrum Gateway for more info on the repack.

      • rbfrost

        You are incorrect. I have verified band 71 600mhz for LTE in edmonds, lynnwood, mill creek, etc. The phase 7 date is the final date to deploy but they usually start testing or deploy earlier. I have an S10 and I have verified with software and hardware that band 71 LTE is live as of today. #*2263* for samsung phones to get to service menu and also “Network Cell Info Lite” to show which bands are available. Receiving 15-20mbs with strong Band 71 signal in puget sound. It seems they are working over the weekends as I saw the first band 71 (weak signal) last last weekend but now I receive a strong signal as of last weekend.
        Btw, OTA TV coverage was moved over as of couple of weeks ago if you research the FCC websites for puget sound.

  • Francisco Peña

    How about on Causeway Ave in Brandon, behind the mall. You can’t get a signal, or speeds are under 1mbps. I can’t go into Costco and send or receive anything, even on a S9.

    Or in my neighborhood, once i come in about 20 houses in.

  • none

    Unfortunately, Camas Washington has no 600MHz signal. Even band 12 is sparse..

    For some reason, we have band 2 and 4 at my house, but it’s unbelievably slow. I’ve tested on my LG V10, AND my me OnePlus 6T.
    Family members have the Samsung S8 and Samsung Note 8, same slow data.

    It’s literally faster to switch to 3G.

    • rbfrost

      There should be 600mhz near Vancouver and Portland. V10, s8, note8 does not support band 71 600mhz lte. Look up spectrum gateway to see bands 71 phones