T-Mobile pushes November Android update to select devices earlier than scheduled


An Android 10 software update for Google Pixel devices and some flagship models has been scheduled to take place this November. True enough, T-Mobile has started to roll out over the weekend on select Samsung Galaxy devices. 

One of our readers recently sent us a screenshot of the software update email. T-Mobile’s bigger October update was just a few weeks ago, yet they were able to push the new update right away. 

The screenshot shows the software update information version: G975USQS2BSIV/ G975UOYN2BSIV/ G975USQS2BSIV and has a size of 204.65 MB. The update also brings about these changes:

  • Improved device security
  • Improved fingerprint recognition algorithm
  • Device stability improvements, bug fixes
  • New and/or enhanced features
  • Further improvements to performance

According to our source, the update is being pushed for Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Samsung Galaxy S10+ devices. 

If you have not received the update on your device, you can head to Settings > Software update > Download and install so you can manually install the update.


Thanks, Tom! 


  • Tmo_User

    S9 also got updated.

    • Reagan1

      Yep, my S9 is updating right now.

      • EchoBravo498

        Does this update break the RCS hack with Android Messages?

        • EchoBravo498

          UPDATE. The security patch doesn’t break the RCS work around on the S9+

  • pseudoswede

    My unlocked S10 got two updates today for some odd reason. One of them was the camera improvements and the other was the fingerprint update. The fingerprint reader was pretty awful after the last emergency update. Now, it’s back to its old, speedy self again.

  • Phil7474

    S9+ downloading the update

  • vrm

    I got the october and november updates one after the other today. After the oct update, phone, galaxy s10e, shows 4/5 bars at home everywhere. Before this, it used to show 1-3 bars in most places at home.

    So I checked what band it was connecting to and it was still AWS. I only receive AWS at this location.

    • Yonatan Ben Magen

      But are your DL/UL speeds and latency any faster? using Open signals. I have heard that “bars” with T-mo firmware is not it’s made out to be.

      Have both Note 9 (T-mo) and 10+ (unlocked) and Note 10+ w/o T-mo firmware is about 2X fast Speeds connecting to same tower side by side (with same apps on both phones)

      I’ve heard conflicting info in unlocked phones on T-mo (i.e. Samsung with no carrier FW). about how band 71 is used by both FW versions.

  • Nikitao1

    Careful, some people have been reporting their devices become sim locked after latest S10 update from Tmo!

    • Mark

      My wife’s S10e locked – T-Mo store did a temp unlock, which customer care now says is a known issue and the temporary unlock is a permanent fix…. I’m skeptical…

      • Nikitao1

        Temp unlock sounds sketchy as systemically it expires. We’ve had to warranty exchange almost a dozen phones now because nothing really works. Network setting reset helped one customer, everyone else we had to back up phones and factory reset which also didn’t help in every case.

  • Marcelo_L

    So only non-note phones being updated….gotcha…typical.

    • AJ F

      I received the update and I have a Note 10 plus. Fingerprint recognition is so much better.

      • Marcelo_L

        So then let me updated the note 9 isn’t receiving any updates as yet.

  • Alexis Gonzalez

    Note 10 here, got the update this morning.

  • Francisco Peña

    Just updated my S9. Gave me the Oct 1 Security Patch.

  • StoneMan

    S10+ Downloading Now.

  • James Thorne

    T-mobile still has not released the OCTOBER update for the Galaxy Fold even though ATT, Sprint and VZN all have.

  • carloslacend

    Well I haved the update since last weekend. And I received 2 updates. The November patch and camera quality update with the N10+