T-Mobile kicking off holiday deals with Samsung flagship BOGO, other smartphone and smartwatch offers


The holiday season is fast-approaching, and so today T-Mobile announced its holiday deals to help you get a jump on your shopping plans.

Starting this Friday, November 15th, T-Mobile is offering a Buy One, Get One sale on Samsung flagships. Customers who buy a Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e, S10 5G, Note 10, or Note 10+ can get another one for free via monthly bill credits by joining T-Mobile and activating both new phones or adding a voice line on an existing rate plan.

The LG G8 ThinQ will be available with a BOGO deal, too, with T-Mobile offering a free LG G8 via monthly bill credits when you buy one.

T-Mo is also offering the Moto E6, Moto G7 Power, T-Mo REVVLRY, Samsung Galaxy A10e, LG Aristo 4+, or LG K40 for free with monthly bill credits when you activate a new voice line on a qualifying rate plan.

If iOS is more your thing, you can get an iPhone 8 for free or up to $450 off an iPhone 8 Plus when you trade in a qualifying older iPhone and activate a new voice line.


Smartwatches are going on sale at T-Mobile, too. Customers who buy one Samsung Galaxy Watch can get a second of equal or lesser value for free by activating a new smartwatch line. iPhone owners can buy one Apple Watch Series 3, 4, or 5 and get $200 off a second of equal or lesser value when activating a new smartwatch line.

And then there are the tablet deals. T-Mobile is offering the Samsung Galaxy Tab A for free with monthly bill credits when you activate a new 6GB or higher mobile internet plan. The higher-end Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is also going on sale, with T-Mo knocking 50% off its price with monthly bill credits when you activate a 6GB or higher mobile internet plan.

Finally, T-Mobile says that it’s planning to launch more details throughout the month, so stay tuned for details on those as they become available.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • IamDefiler

    How about some deals for existing customers who don’t/can’t add a new line.

    • RealLifeJasonBourne

      Obviously, you mean aside from Netflix, the free line or two, the year of Pandora, Tuesday perks, and all that. (Possibly even a promo account you got as a new customer that new customers can only dream of now.)

      Sure. Why not? Here you go: The LG G8 BOGO requires no new line.

      • mikeZo6

        What do you work for Tmo
        Be nicer on TmoNews
        so negative smile

        • RealLifeJasonBourne

          I’m negative?

          Dude asked for deals for existing customers without adding a line – I detailed those existing and previous and pointed out to him the one that is available in the article above.

          Gotta work for T-Mobile to help people out? And here I’ve just been doing it for free all this time…

        • Android_God

          What a douche canoe

        • RealLifeJasonBourne

          As opposed to the shining beacon of humanity you are. /s

        • Android_God

          Douche canoe

        • RealLifeJasonBourne

          Who hurt you, kiddo?

        • AA-Ron

          I get not offering a bogo deal for existing customers. I feel like they should at least offer some trade in deals for a few bucks off.

        • RealLifeJasonBourne

          I traded in my OG Pixel and only paid $80+taxes for the 3a XL not too long ago. I think I recall my son getting a good trade with the 1+ 6T when they launched on T-Mo as well. Usually the trades aren’t quite this good; but they definitely do some pretty good ones occasionally.

        • IamDefiler

          This is how I got my current 6t. It was a good deal. My original comment probably came off snarky, but it wasn’t meant that way. I don’t mind ponying up some cash for a new phone, was just looking for a deal on one. LG is 100% out of the question though. Thank you for your suggestion.

        • RealLifeJasonBourne

          I get it. LG is, to some people, just not an option. :)

          Loved the V10 when I had it; haven’t been interested in LG since.

          (Fastboot was enabled out of the gate on that device; made customizing it as easy as Pixel/Nexus devices.)

        • Terry Whitt

          My V30 (and my wife’s) has been great. Just passed the 2 year mark on both.

    • King Fro Man

      Looking at other carriers. Current customers can get 200, 400 off on an upgrade over 24 monthly credit installments. It’s a win for customers who don’t plan on changing carriers and a win for TMobile keeping a paying customer for 2 years. Don’t see why everything has to be add a line.

      • PiCASSiMO

        I do like your idea and would welcome it coming from a 10+ year tmobile customer with 7 lines.

      • IamDefiler

        Is this a T-Mo thing? I have 8 lines already and don’t plan on leaving any time soon as no other carrier can touch what I pay.

    • Brandon Robinson

      Check the tmobile deals page. Up to 400 off new samsung phones with out adding a line

  • Phil

    Anyone else getting calls from T-Mobile leaving messages about promotions they want to tell you about? I’m sure it’s T-Mobile from the caller ID, but never had them do this before.

    • gramps28

      Phil is that yew?

      • Phil

        Well, I am a Phil, but perhaps not the Phil?

  • Francisco Peña

    anyone know if JOD will work with these bogos?

    And while I plan to get a Tab A, its not via TMo, as I can get one for $109 on BF elsewhere.

    • djurlegit

      E.I.P. only and wants you to activate 1 new line

      • Francisco Peña

        oh well. I guess I’ll wait for the S11.

  • AA-Ron

    We need some deals on the 5g phones that will work on the new 5g network. How about that.

  • PLee45

    What about existing customers who just need BOGO deal to get new phones??

    • gramps28

      You have the LG G8.

  • Joey

    the LG phones are buy one get one without adding a line or activating service.

    • Andrew

      Don’t interrupt the irrational crying

  • Joe

    Isint it lovely. Although all carriers do this. They don’t really have an insensitive to give existing customers anything if they aren’t loosing many in the first place.

  • Walter Mosley

    Can this deal be purchased at Costco?

  • Brandon Robinson

    I just got 300 dollars for an old s7 with no add a line deal. You guys keep saying this but it’s not true, you just don’t pay attention.

    • Juan Carlos

      And who paid him $ 300 for an s7?

      • Brandon Robinson

        Tmobile, check Tmobiles deals page often instead of whining

  • Don Turner

    I agree tmobile does not have good deals for current customers. Maybe if we go to a new carrier and come back we’ll get a better deal! Smh. Come on TMo. I shouldn’t have to drop $400 to upgrade my Note 8 to a Note 10+ as a 10 plus year customer