OnePlus 7 Pro disappears from T-Mobile’s online store


With the OnePlus 7T coming to T-Mobile soon, it looks like another OnePlus phone is bowing out from T-Mo’s lineup.

The OnePlus 7 Pro recently disappeared from T-Mobile’s online store. TmoNews reader Glen spotted the change, which leaves just the OnePlus 6T on T-Mo’s virtual shelves for now. I’ve contacted T-Mobile to ask about the missing OnePlus 7 Pro, and Phone Arena was told by a customer service rep that T-Mobile “no longer has” the OnePlus 7 Pro.

The disappearance of the OnePlus 7 Pro from T-Mobile’s lineup is kind of strange. While the OnePlus 7T is launching at T-Mo on October 18, most would probably consider that a replacement for the OnePlus 6T that launched nearly one year ago, not the OnePlus 7 Pro that just arrived at T-Mobile five months ago. However, it’s the newer OnePlus 7 Pro that seems to have been pulled from T-Mo shelves.

If you’re still interested in a OnePlus 7 Pro, you might be able to find one at a physical T-Mobile store. You also have the option of buying an unlocked OnePlus 7 Pro direct from OnePlus.

Thanks, Glen!

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Brenden Morris

    I’m wondering if One Plus is behind this move, One Plus may have just pulled the 7Pro from the stores, basically pulling an Apple move (Getting rid of Watch Series 4) and only allow T-Mobile to sell the newer 7T. This is just my opinion but I’d be interested to know the real story behind this.

    • aLdo

      yea if they dont pull the 7pro the 7T will not sell. im sure

    • UBloMe

      Probably due to people not buying or keeping the 7Pro. Tmobile screwed the pooch by not having all of the features at launch. A lot of people returned them because they did not have the features showcased in the Oneplus launch. Add to that the unlocked version received a security update almost immediately and the Tmobile version took months. I returned mine and purchased the unlocked version.

      • JJ

        I agree completely. Tmobile has really messed up the updates on the op phones. Do not buy a oneplus from tmobile.

  • Ben

    Seems like they also pulled the security updates. Still on the July security patch! They were doing so well and then….nothing.

  • carloslacend

    Is common sense. Since the 7Pro is still the phone tu buy and they need to sell the 7T the right thing to do is eliminate the 7pro in order to sell the 7T.

    • IntellectOverEmotion

      But they are different.
      The 7 pro has a curved screen, no notch. That right there is enough to keep them both for sale.
      And anyway, this online, its not like its taking up floor space.
      It doesnt make semse to me

    • aLdo

      2 completely different phones as the one plus 7T pro will be the actual replacement. The 6T should have been the phone eliminated

      • Thing is, the 7T Pro won’t be sold in the U.S. as far as anyone knows.

  • IntellectOverEmotion

    Noticed this 2 days ago.
    I checked bc i wanted to see if it was going to go on sale since the 7t is on the way.

    Edit: my daily driver died on me so i actually bought the 7pro recently, but returned it bc i wasnt paying full price for it.
    I basically rented it for 2wks.
    It was a fantastic phone, just wished it was 50 or 100 off since the 7t is about to release.
    The fingerprint sensor worked everytime. I did miss the notification light, it doesnt have one.

    Tl;dr, if you can get the 7pro on sale, do it

    • UBloMe

      It has a notification light, the sides light up.

      • Brian B.

        Eh, I think he means an LED light. I miss those too but the cool notification lightup on the 7pro is cool.

  • Glenn Gore

    OnePlus has a pretty good track record on long-term support for their phones……if you buy them directly from OnePlus I guess, if this report is correct. You can usually expect to see at least 2 years of Android OS updates and timely Google Security Updates. The 7 Pro I bought unlocked directly from OnePlus and use on T-Mobile is running on the August Security Update. I have not received the Android 10 update yet but it should arrive shortly as OnePlus is currently rolling out that update to users. I guess this is one more reason to not buy a phone from a carrier as they will drop support for the device within 6 months of its going on sale. That is pretty darn sad.

    • UBloMe

      Download oxygen Updater and you can get the update for 10 today. Its the same process as OTA and is the same ROM.

      • Glenn Gore

        Thanks, I will do that.

    • riverhorse

      Rock and a hard place thingie. Conversely, from the manufacturer may not have all the carrier network features.
      XDA forums to the rescue. Rooting a must. IF there’s no evidence the phone can be rooted and all the missing stuff (+ even stuff from other phones) added, not worth buying.

      • Acdc1a

        That’s the issue I have with Moto. Bought a G7 Power from Amazon and couldn’t get support for VoLTE despite both the phone and the carrier supporting it. Moto was only slightly less helpful than T-Mobile. Pure garbage!

        • riverhorse

          I’m so sorry to hear that.

          “Sometimes” independent devs have figured out how to enable, or add to the firmware a chunk of code from another phone or the carrier Rom, or swap out similar model kernels (effectively changing the phone model to a different supporting one).

          I’m sure you’re aware of all that, and i take it XDA offered no solution.

          My condolences again.

  • Logan Roy

    I’d be interested to know what the sales numbers were. If someone isn’t buying Apple or Samsung they’re either an enthusiast or price conscious (or both), I’d bet the 6T was the only one really moving with the much larger latter group.

    • UBloMe

      The issue was Tmobile, not Oneplus. A lot of people were returning the 7Pro to Tmobile because of Tmobiles lack of features and support. I was one of them. When the 7 Pro launched it did not have Fnatic mode, no dual sim support, did not come with the factory screen protector and was missing a couple other features as well. Features that the Standard oneplus 7 pro from Oneplus had at launch. When I called to return mine the Tmobile rep made a comment that a lot of people were returning them for the same reasons I listed. I know on later firmware releases the Tmobile version received Fnatic mode and a SIm tray swap would have allowed for dual sim but between that initial fumble and the fact it was taking longer to get updates I think people just went out and bought them from Oneplus. I ended up with the 12GB version.

      • Limeybastard

        They returned them because the curved edges made their eyes bleed.

  • riverhorse

    This faux pas opens the door for Moto later this month, as long as they don’t repeat previous playbook of good model for overseas, inferior version for Western Hemisphere.

  • Ron Kinsey

    Seems that they did stop support as I am still on July as well. It’s a good phone, however I have had Bluetooth issues at times. I probably will go back to Samsung.

  • Christopher Lee Sims

    I’ve been with T-Mobile for a few years now after being with Big Red for a number of years. And a local carrier called C Spire and I love T-Mobile overall, but something really stinks about this whole situation. I got the 7 Pro about a month or so ago and I love it so I can’t understand why they would randomly pull the 7 Pro and slap the 7T in its place. Not to mention those of us with the Pro are still sitting on the July update with no word about any updates on the way. It seems like T-Mobile has two choices they can make or give their customers their choice if they just aren’t going to offer the 7 Pro anymore. 1. Pay off everyone’s 7 Pro and convert it to the software directly from OnePlus, no questions, no rules. 2. They could offer us the option of giving us the 7T in its place at no cost or they match what we owe on the 7 Pro. This is very concerning to me as a customer and they NEED to talk to us that bought ours from them. You can do better T-Mobile. Also I know all too well they probably don’t give a rip about what a few customers think but still this is a very bad look for them if they won’t support the Pro anymore and just leave us in the dark about what’s going on. That’s my 12 cents about it :)

    • Android_God

      I really appreciate your post! It really makes me ponder just keeping my lgv30 and saving up for a few months to buy the 7t or Pro directly from OnePlus. Or buy via swappa!

      Are you listening T-Mobile? Somehow, I doubt it!

    • Clearly

      Lol your reasoning for tmobile to give you a different phone because they’re not offering it anymore is just dumb -.- you entitled swine

    • g2a5b0e

      What are you even saying? The fact that it’s no longer available for purchase doesn’t mean it won’t get updated anymore. You bought the phone. You got the phone. You’re not entitled to anything from T-Mobile.

      • Glenn Gore

        The idea that your carrier does not owe you anything in the area of updates, whether they are full Android OS updates or the monthly security updates, after you walk out the door of their store is preposterous. You should receive EVERY update that becomes available for your device at least through the full term of your service contract at the very least.

        People should be concerned with their personal privacy and the security of their identif, their medical information and other very personal information they store on their phones, and those updates help protect that.

        • g2a5b0e

          You completely misunderstood my statement. I meant he is not entitled to anything simply because they no longer carry the phone. I’m sure the phone will continue to get updates as well it should. If it doesn’t, he would have the right to be upset, but I doubt that will be the case.

        • Glenn Gore

          OK, that sounds better. Thanks for the reply. The problem lies in all the crapware and bloatware the carriers, including T-Mobile, pile on top of basic Android in the devices they sell. And in the miserable track record of the carriers regarding Android OS updates, or the lack thereof. That’s why if at all possible, I buy a phone directly from the manufacturer. If there are any T-Mobile apps I want, such as the Tuesday freebie app, I will download and install them myself. And my device will be FAR more likely to receive full Android OS updates and the monthly security updates.

  • Android_God

    people are keeping phones longer and this seems to be an issue for all of these manufacturers. My lgv30, despite the delay in Android pie, is a champ after having it for 2 years almost! I did crack the back screen but with my case on it you can’t even notice it..

    The bottom line is, you don’t have to spend $900+ to get a really good Android phone and it will last for many years to come.

  • Android_God

    That is just amazing what I’m reading in the comments! I never would have guessed that T-Mobile would gimp the 7pro!

    the last thing T-Mobile wants his people to buy phones directly from OnePlus! That’s lost revenue to them, even if they don’t make much on phone sales! Not to mention, people are free to jump between carriers!

    I think I’ve made up my mind that I’m going to hang on to my lgv30 until after the first of the year when I’ll have cash to just buy it directly from OnePlus!

  • Kyle Swafford

    The T-Mobile Online Store oddly enough can sometimes be more limited than in-store. For instance, you can often get an iPad or Tab S4 in-store but not online. As reported by Dave 2D, OnePlus has recently changed their strategy. The 6T has a headphone jack and the 7 Pro is a No on the 3.5mm. And if I am not mistaken, T-mobile is the only carrier selling OnePlus. So it will be a bit much to strike and leave, when no other American carrier is even selling OnePlus. But then again in these times we need controversy to become newsworthy.

    –Writing from T-Mobile branded OnePlus 7 Pro.

    • The 6T has a headphone jack

      It does not.

      • Kyle Swafford

        Thanks for the edit.
        I believe the 6T was the first OnePlus to be officially offered by an American carrier. I am surprised that 7T and 8 Pro have done away with the ALL screen display.

  • johnyboyluzig

    I bought the OnePlus 6 unlocked with the 600 band before Tmo even started selling the OnePlus line. It’s an amazing phone!!! I get updates all the time never relying on T-Mobile approval. Unlocked with a OnePlus device is the greatest Android experience. I’m really tired of Tmo always requiring 16 year customers to add a line for a deal… Extreme BS.

  • pda96

    Does anyone care?

    • Aaron Smith

      Yes. OnePlus makes terrific phones, on par with Samsung, Apple, and LG. It’s a shame more isn’t being done to bring awareness to the average consumer. Samsung and Apple carry too much market share, to the detriment of really high-quality phones. I’ve had an iPhone and LG phone before, and I can tell you the OP 7 Pro is by far my favorite phone.

  • David Miller

    Odd that they would pull them from the online store. Luckily I just bought 2 of them in store today and very happy with the phones.

    • David Miller

      Also was told by our sales person that TMobile was having a very hard time keeping them in stock at stores and likely next customers would have to wait for them to be shipped in when available.

  • argenys

    really hoping the next year’s model have fast wireless charging

    • JJ

      They will not. They have already said that wired charging is faster and even fast wireless charging is slow along with heat production which ruins the battery. I don’t think they will do that anytime soon. I loved wireless charging on my note and on my s9 but the heat really beat down my battery. With OP dash charging makes you forget wireless charging.

      • argenys

        I still miss wireless, especially in my car. I get in and out dozens of times a day and my cables get messed up in time and it’s annoying to mess with. With how fast the newest charging is on the Mate Pro I can see OnePlus not far behind.

  • Bryck

    Better off purchasing it from OnePlus regardless if it’s discontinued, sold out or whatever.

  • I went to a T-Mobile store at Orange, CA and they have the OnePlus 7 Pro available, at the same price US$699 not offers nothing. So the specialist told me that he never saw a return of stock phones to the T-Mobile warehouse. So my believe is they will sell the OnePlus 7T and keep the 7Pro like an alternative but at $100 more than the most recent model I doubt they sell them many more. Maybe for Black Friday or Christmas making any offer to sold the stock.

    I prefer the 7Pro design that the 7T, but coming from a 6T is not much difference. If Tmobile will gave a better price or discount I will purchase the 7Pro the blue nebula color is cool!