T-Mobile Essentials Unlimited 55 plan offers two lines for $55, and it’s launching tomorrow


T-Mobile is combining two of its existing plans to make a new option for customers.

Tomorrow, September 6, T-Mobile is launching a new Essentials Unlimited 55 rate plan for customers aged 55 and up. It’s a more aggressively priced version of the Unlimited 55 plan that T-Mo launched two years ago, coming in at $55 per month for two lines with autopay or $40 per month for a single line.

The Essentials Unlimited 55 plan offers unlimited talk, text, and data just like the regular Magenta Unlimited 55 plan, but it does make a few changes to get that lower price tag. There’s no 4G LTE mobile hotspot, only 3G hotspot usage, though you can add 10GB of 4G LTE hotspot for $10 per month. And rather than getting 4GB of 4G data in Mexico and Canada and data and texting abroad like on Magenta Unlimited 55, customers on the Essentials Unlimited 55 plan only get 2G data in Mexico and Canada and texting abroad.

Other features included with the Essentials Unlimited 55 plan are T-Mobile Tuesdays and SD video streaming.

One other thing to note about Essentials Unlimited 55 is that unlike the Magenta Unlimited 55 plan, taxes and fees are not included in the monthly price of the Essentials Unlimited 55 plan.

New T-Mobile customers can sign up for an Essentials Unlimited 55 plan by visiting a T-Mo store. A valid government proof of age is required, like a driver’s license or passport, to prove that you’re over 55. Existing customers can sign up for the new plan in-store or over the phone, though you may still need to provide proof of eligibility if T-Mo doesn’t have your birth date on record.

Like the regular T-Mobile Essentials plan, this new Essentials Unlimited 55 offering is meant for consumers who want to be connected but aren’t super heavy data users. In exchange for features like LTE hotspot, 4G data usage in Mexico and Canada, and free in-flight Wi-Fi, customers can get a plan with a lower monthly price.

T-Mobile says that its Essentials Unlimited 55 plan will only be available for a limited time.

Source: T-Mobile (1), (2)

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  • Acdc1a

    T-Mobile should have a plan like this for everyone. All but power users could benefit.

  • guy thatknows

    Yeah it does its called the $50 or $60 plan on Metro by T-Mobile

  • samsung freud

    In other news, New York City sues tmobile: City of New York et al v T-Mobile USA et al, New York State Supreme Court, New York County, No. 451540/2019.

    • riverhorse

      I used to have maintenance and services contracts with the City. The level of waste, redundancy, and outright corruption is so out of control and at such astronomical levels that no whistleblower would begin to be believed by the public–the things divulged would be so outrageous as to be labeled highly improbable by any outsider.
      And since Cuomo + Deblasio keep finding so many easy ways to raise additional taxes and fees, there’s plenty of money for ridiculous actions like this, especially since the suee will usually pay to settle.
      Everybody eats at the trough.

  • One other thing to note about Essentials Unlimited 55 is that unlike the
    Magenta Unlimited 55 plan, taxes and fees are not included in the
    monthly price of the Essentials Unlimited 55 plan.

    This right there is a sad, sad move for T-Mobile. Rather than keep things simple for people, they’re going back to the old practices of complicating the phone bills. Seniors already have enough to worry about, and the taxes and fees included was a godsend for many of them because it made their bills more straightforward.

    I doubt it will happen, but hopefully the backlash on this point alone will be enough to make T-Mobile reconsider for the sake of these customers.

    • riverhorse

      Congratulations, you’ve just created an additional social justice outrage!
      Maybe we can roust up a few demonstrators to go picket the stores and offices!

      • Pak T

        Condolences on failing to make this into something it is not.
        It is a legitimate complaint. Coming up with plans with everything included and the price on the billboard ad is the price of your actual bill was a very welcome change to everyone (not just seniors). Complaining that they have gone back to the old complicated “plus fees and taxes” which are different in every region, is not “social outrage”. Simply consumer dissatisfaction.

        • riverhorse

          This is for one cheap plan, which no one is forcing anyone. And everyone else’s plan stays the same. No harm, no foul.

        • Pak T

          But this “news” and discussion is not about the old plans people are already on? It is about the new plan just announced. So comments are specific to the new plan.

        • marque2

          You can still get the One plan.

        • riverhorse

          Fair enough brother– but what’s the point? We have lower prices and are grandfathered in.

        • Mark Bickford

          To me the point is that it’s one more nail in the coffin of the Uncarrier. When friends ask about who you’re with because they’re considering switching it was nice to be able to say “and that’s the rate, all-in.” Now they’re going away from that (and some of the fees are just charges that the carriers make up like “Regulatory Compliance Fee”) and it’s painful to see because we were cheering for the company that was trying to change the game.

  • Iphart

    Joke? Taxes and fees would probably be around $15.
    That would make it almost same as the other 55 plan.

    • ASolzhenitsyn


    • dcmanryan

      True. But it looks better on paper when the eyes read $55.

  • JT

    Is all for marketing. It only save few $ compare to Magenta 55, but if you compare to other carriers this is great deal on paper……

  • Amateur_Critic

    One nice thing about T-mobile pricing has been the all-inclusive monthly fee with no add-ons for fees and taxes so a customer could know exactly what he/she would be paying each month. Now they’re blown it.

    • riverhorse

      Yawn. Nothing has changed for anything else. Nor will it for the plan holder’s lifetime.

      • Pak T

        So no one is allowed to talk about the new plan because there are still old plans in existence?

        • riverhorse

          The point is that folks get their panties bunched up over things that don’t affect them. Higher prices are inevitable to cover r&d/equipment/bands/minimum wage raising. Newer customers will pay more to subsidize that and keep original customer plans grandfathered.
          The other panty-twister is original customers beefing that new customer promos don’t apply to them– that would keep lowering their already-low plans progressively down to near zero.
          The money has to come from somewhere.
          Nobody even peeps when their supermarkets and other stores raise prices, yet…

        • Pak T

          And again you are throwing in red herrings, like people beefing about new promos not applying to them, that have nothing to do with the discussion of THIS plan and the change of not included fees & taxes with the plan thus making the actual cost higher than the previous plan, where it looks like the “UNcarrier” days are coming to an end.

        • riverhorse

          It’s overdramatic over one plan that is overly low priced to begin with.
          Especially when there are other promos without the fees in question.

          In spite of those fees and taxes keeping going up and up.
          And the Feds insisting on extra divestitures.
          And individual states extracting free money by suing.

          We’re better off protesting to the Feds and individual states that their adverse actions work against the low pricing they claim they’re protecting.

        • Pak T

          Man now you are just going way off the rails. Time to put down the coffee.

        • riverhorse

          I actually almost said that to you – word for word.
          I thought I was the one trying to calm down the other.

  • Michael Frost

    Best deal in the biz. The wife and I have magenta unlimited 55+ unlimited data, 2 lines and free netflix for $90 total per month.Add 2 bucks for netflix premium and it’s $92 per mo.NO CONTRACT! Not to mention speed test show it’s 2-3 times faster than my old falsely labeled att 5G.I was with att since it was Cingular. They offered NOTHING to keep my biz. BYE!

    • How are you getting Netflix with the 55+ plan. We are on that plan and Netflix is not included.

      • Steve

        Keep in mind that he is paying $90 per month while the 55+ cost is either $60 or $70 for 2 lines so, although Netflix may be billing the account, they are not getting it for free. At least that’s my interpretation.

        • Bob B.

          That is the Magenta Plus Unlimited 55 plan. Netflix is included.

        • Steve

          Besides Netflix, what more does that plan give you over the old 2 for $60 plan? I’m just curious since I never heard of it.

          Hey, I’m still on the old SC Unlim 2 for $100 promo. I have 8 lines, of which 3 of them are free.

        • Bob B.

          All of the details are available at the T-Mobile website.

      • marque2

        Try calling them up. I had similar problems with the Tmobile one because it was a business phone. Called every few months about it and someone finally adjust the account so I could sign up.

  • Bob B.

    My wife and I just celebrated two years of being on the 55+ Plan. We are locked in at $60 a month for life. $70 – $10 for autopay = $60. We also took advantage of an offer last year where we could add another line (for our son) for $30 more a month. Our total bill comes to $90 a month and we can drop that third line anytime and return back to our $60 rate. For Life ! T-Mobile service is great here and we are extremely happy with everything.

    • the martian ambassador

      I’m also under the original 55+ 2 for $60, with One Plus International on one of the lines. Total $85/mo. I like that the fees are included..no surprises.

      • Bob B.

        Exactly. Everything included. All of my contact with all T-Mobile representatives has been very positive also. They really show that they care about their customers. Our only problem we had was porting our numbers over because it seems that someone at T-Mobile did not do something right. But after a couple of days having to use temporary numbers, all was made right and they even gave us a credit on our bill. We also got in on a buy one, get one deal for our Samsung S8 phones. I got an S8+ and my wife’s S8 was free.

    • Bklynman

      I am on it too!! $60.00 a month for 2 lines,plus tablet plan unlimited, $75.00 a month,but they take off $50.00 if u have voice plan with them! $80.00 a month for basically unlimited data for all 3 lines! Last time I call them up,question about my bill,the rep told me I could add another line to it,does anyone else was offer this? Thought it some kind of ploy to make me change my plan.

  • Former YU Guy

    still like our generally $64 for 3 lines of t-mobile one plus (promo) (though can go up to 80 if all 3 lines use over 2GB)

  • Buff Barnaby

    Im still on a crappy Obamaphone that runs on Tmo….people cant hear me , I hear them and it drops a lot.
    When I connect he says it sound like I’m in a pipe or bottom of a well.
    Have cancer so prolly just keep it.

    • marque2

      There are some good cheep phones out there. $100 bucks or less and you just swap the SIM.

    • Bklynman

      Have no idea what your budget is,but you can even get Samsung s8 now for anywhere from $150-$200. Even former flagship phones like the note 8 for a little more,like Buff stated if you don’t mind buying use phones,or Lg phones are real cheap,like the Lg g7.V20,v30 can be hand anywhere from$80-$150.

  • Zephyr

    I suspect Tmo will be trying various offers like this in order to wean users off of having taxes and fees included. In my experience, these have added up to well more than 20% of the bill in several different states I have lived in, and legislators are adding new fees all the time. For me that $55 would be more like $66 or higher per month, so no way I would switch from my grandfathered 55+ plan at $60 for two lines–taxes and fees included.

    • Johnry

      Yeah I was lucky enough to nab the T-Mobile One Unlimited 55 when it was on sale for $60 as well. For free they also gave me One plus Promo which gives me 10GB of 4G LTE hotspot data on both lines mind you. Also was lucky enough to be given Digits for free, VM to text free, McAfee free. Im not trying to brag. All you have to do is threaten to Port your number to another company. Then all of a sudden the deal that wasn’t available now is. Like free s***.