T-Mobile launching new Unlimited 55+ plan with two lines for $60 per month


T-Mobile’s got a new plan, and it’s targeted specifically at older consumers.

The new T-Mobile One Unlimited 55+ plan is launching on August 9th. Available to customers age 55 and older, the plan offers two lines of unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data for $60 per month, taxes and fees included. The first line is $50, the second is $10, and then there’s a $5 per line Autopay discount.

This plan includes T-Mobile One benefits like Simple Global for unlimited text and data roaming (128Kbps) as well as flat-rate roaming in more than 140 countries, Mobile Without Borders for using your plan in Mexico and Canada, 1 hour of free Wi-Fi and unlimited texting in Gogo-equipped flights, and Digits. T-Mobile One Unlimited 55+ customers also get mobile hotspot and T-Mobile Tuesdays.

As with the standard T-Mobile One plan, customers on T-Mobile One Unlimited 55+ will stream video at 480p quality and mobile streaming will max out at 3G speeds. Unlimited 55+ customers can add T-Mobile One Plus for $10 per line per month to get unlimited HD video, 10GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot, and more, or T-Mobile One Plus International for $25 per line per month for unlimited international calling and unlimited 4G LTE mobile hotspot.

Also of note is that there’s a maximum of two voice lines per Unlimited 55+ plan.

T-Mobile is currently offering two lines of T-Mobile One service for $100 per month, so this new Unlimited 55+ plan is a pretty nice deal for those that qualify. T-Mo CEO John Legere says that only 8 percent of postpaid customers 55 and up use T-Mobile while 81 percent are on AT&T or Verizon. With this new plan, T-Mobile is targeting a specific group to help boost its customer base and steal some subscribers from its competition.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Hurlamania

    Can’t add a third line? My mom, dad and uncle are on the same Verizon plan all over 55
    This may be the tipping point for her finally.

    • I’d like to know as well. My Mom has a friend over 55 with two kids and would love this discount. Same with my grandparents on my dad’s side and my cousin.

      • slybacon

        2 voice lines, max, per account. Only the primary account holder needs to be 55+, if that helps out.

    • Alex Wagner

      Fine print says max of two voice lines.

      • Hurlamania

        Thank you

    • slybacon

      If you did three lines, you would need two accounts. You can do a single 55+ line at $50 per month. Total for 3 people would be $110 (on two accounts).

  • TheCudder

    Would have great for my mom and dad, but my niece is also on their account.

    • Andrew Addison

      Would have been great** hey mistypo I see. Might want to rewrite that one sentence to yourself there Friend. :) Just saying.

      • slybacon

        Be nice. Everyone can see what word was missed and it happens to everyone sometimes. Everyone understands the comment without correction.

      • swtrainer

        Hmmm. Is mistypo a word? According to the Urban Dictionary it is, but it doesn’t mean what you’re trying to use it for here. Here’s the Urban Dictionary definition: “accidentally spelling something right, because you forgot to spell it wrong”

        So, you, Andrew are mistaken here.

    • swtrainer

      So, they could get two for that price and pay regular price for the 3rd line. It would still likely be a savings over what they’re paying now.

  • mreveryphone

    Time to stream everything off granny’s phone!

    • John Doe

      …in 480P.

    • alex

      grandpa wont like porn @480

      • mreveryphone


      • Acdc1a

        Grandpa still watches scrambled porn. This is an upgrade for sure.

  • Steve Park

    Whoa, I have 2 lines, + iPad….sign me up

    • I inquired about my DiPad, aka iPad Air 2, and my Gear S2 Classic being on a plan in conjunction with this deal. No can do, 2 voice lines ONLY. No wearables, no tablets. Still thinking about it though.

  • melon3531

    I’m 55, time to embrace my elderly status… :D

    • slybacon

      55 isn’t elderly!! But you do get to save some bucks!

  • NardVa

    I’m guessing most people over 55 that use Verizon and AT&T have probably been with them for years based off name recognition. Switching cell phone providers for the best deal is a young person’s game.

    • Sharti24

      Yes agree 100%

    • slybacon

      But if they switch, they will probably be around for a while.

  • Luis Espinal

    I wonder if i can transfer responsibility to my parents

    • Corey Jalette

      Max 2 lines, but yes you should be able to.

  • Darshan Patel

    it would be awesome if they had something for existing customers. Not like 5 years existing customer but 15 years existing. or possibly something special for an 18-19 year long customer. hint hint……

    • warpwiz

      This PowerTel customer is with Darshan! (-8

  • lomsha

    Ageist much?

    • Sayahh

      Agreed. I should be able to collect social security today even though I just got out of high school.

      All kidding aside, I think our elders deserve a break after living through life with leaded gasoline, leaded paint and asbestos.

  • ck125

    Smart idea. Most older people get something and stick with it, so I guess he is trying to lure them in long term. If only they offered something for customers who have been with them for a certain # of years.

    • AJ2

      Most also aren’t using up data on snap chat & you tube all day.

      • ck125

        Ah the joys of not having that thing some call a job and can stay buried in your phone all day.

    • steveb944

      Most of us longtime customers have grandfathered plans that beat the current offerings, so that’s something at least.

      • ck125

        Understandable, although many of the older plans are actually more expensive than their newer counterparts (obviously not all)

        • swtrainer

          I agree. Being tied to a grandfathered plan that cost more than the new more competitive plan isn’t exactly a winning formula. TMO have spent the last few years coming up with less expensive plans to push the competition. I switched to TMO a couple of years ago from AT&T Wireless and have been very happy with the coverage, service and price.

  • Hank Gehman

    I have the old, now discontinued Simple Choice plan which I think includes full video streaming. How much am I giving up if I transfer to the 55+ plan and then have 480p streaming over 3g?

    • slybacon

      Honestly, I would say not much. Video looks the same on wifi as it does on cellular on my iPhone 7 plus. You could start with the 2 lines for $60, and then add on One Plus for $10 per line if you think you need the higher video definition. You would probably still save some money at $80 for 2 lines, taxes and fees included, over the Simple Choice.

    • swtrainer

      You wouldn’t be giving up much. Also, as I understand it, the 3g limitation isn’t on video streaming but on tethering (using your phone as a wifi hotspot).

  • VernonDozier

    It sounds all well and good; but the reality is that T-Mobile will likely cancel the rateplan similar to what they did to Target Customers. If they can’t hit subscriber numbers or
    employees at the store fraudulently sign millions of grandparents up that don’t qualify for the discount, everyone’s rates will go up in price.

    When T-Mobile cancelled the Target rateplan, my grandma had two weeks to change providers or risk loosing their number.

    You’d be better off signing up with a plan recommended by AARP who has the skills required when dealing with old folks.

    Still, targeting old folks in nursing homes can be a good idea if the service works near the window. Older people don’t use much data which makes them extremely cheap to maintain as customers. Ladyboy Legere is a genius that way..!

    Offering this rateplan is just another sign that T-Mobile’s network is at capacity; so they’re choosing to go for a demographic of low-usage users.

    • slybacon

      T-Mobile’s network is not even close to at-capacity. It would have the slowest speeds if it were, yet they are the fastest. You are correct that older people may not use as much data and may be more profitable, so kudos to Tmo for helping people save money while trying to make money to help expand operations.

    • GreenMonkeyPants

      T-Mobile may eventually cancel the rateplan, but once you have it, you’re grandfathered in for life.
      I’m still on a 4 line plan, for $100. Had it for years. They still haven’t had a plan that can beat it!

    • Anthony S Jennings

      Old people in nursing homes are probably not even interested in a flip phone, much more a talk/text plan with unlimited data.

      The “old” people this is for are not those people. Think more Raquel Welch and less Betty White. But even she probably could use it as busy as she is!

  • Fan_Posting

    Old folks and granny plan, too funny, including several other comments along those lines.

    Simply said, a fairly large number of older adults are Tech savy, mobile smart and have been using phones for a few years (Bill Gates, Apple (Tim Cook, the late Steve Jobs), etc.) and believe it or not, are CEOs, nurses, doctors, engineers, politicians (smile), millionaires, working -upper class citizens and etc.

    For me, I think it is another option to save dollars for all including older adults, LOL, LOL, thanks.

    • swtrainer

      I’m just wondering if Steve Jobs is still on an unlimited calling plan…

      • Fan_Posting

        Fyi, please note, I stated the ‘late’ and deceased Steve Jobs, so hopefully not.

        However, hopefully John Legere (T-mobile CEO) who is 59 years old is on an unlimited plan, LOL, LOL.

        Be well…

      • Anthony S Jennings

        Why not? He was on an “unlimited new car plan without having to buy California license plates” too. And his wife and her boyfriend on that big Steve Jobs yacht … there’s money to burn there!

  • The One

    I like the concept, but the name is confusing. The 55+ plan costs $60, but could be as low as $50 with autopay. The plan should cost $55 to match the 55+ name. Or up the age to 60 if the cost will stay at $60.

    • GreenMonkeyPants

      The $60/ month plan requires autopay. There is not a “could be as low”. The plan is $60 period.

      • rockinrich

        its 50 with autopay

    • Sayahh

      Don’t get old, or you’ll end up paying 100 bucks when you turn 100.

      Less confusing, but less good: The plan should cost $55+tax to match the 55+ name…

      • swtrainer

        TMO plans are all including tax and fees in the stated price..THAT is less confusiing!

        • Sayahh

          Tell that to The One lol

    • swtrainer

      I wasn’t confused at all. It made perfect sense. When I see anything 55+ I automatically think they’re talking age,,,not cost. They didn’t put a $ sign in front of the 55+. So, common sense and not wordsmithing should prevail.

      • rockinrich

        it is age 55 and over not price

    • PhantomOps

      The plan costs $60 TOTAL with autopay, not $50. It’s a great plan. Saves $90 compared to VZW unlimited plan.

      • rockinrich

        it is 50 not 60 with autopay

        • PhantomOps

          It was $50 for ONE line with autopay. For two lines, which is what I have, it was $60. Since then they raised the price $10 for new subscribers. Original subscribers still pay the lower price.

        • rockinrich

          i have the simple choice now and turned 55 in december and if i changed to the 55 plan i save 15.00 is it any different as far as quality than the simple choice?

        • PhantomOps

          Can’t say. I was on VZW previously. The Unlimited 55+ was the reason I switched to TMO. Can’t imagine much is different other than possibly video streaming which is at 480p and tethering at max 3G speed. Your Simple Choice might offer better streaming and tethering. I’d ask at a TMO store or use online Chat.

        • rockinrich

          i changed over just a few minutes ago as i told the guy i dont tether and i mainly use phone for calls and texting and i play pandora while using a golf app at the same time and he said i should notice no difference in quality

        • rockinrich

          also they are saying its 50 for one line now with autopay for me being an existing customer

  • Larry E

    More age discrimination. I thought it was illegal to discriminate based on age? If its supposed to help those with fixed incomes, it should be 67+. Your 50s are generally your highest earning years of your life.

    • swtrainer

      T-Mobile is not hiring here…its a plan. There are still 55+ communities, there are still senior discounts at Denny’s. This doesn’t qualify as “age discrimination.” As far as “those with fixed incomes”…who said it was for those with fixed incomes? Someone said it would help their parents or grandparents who are on fixed incomes. No one said that it was for someone on fixed incomes. You’re just reading more into it than you should be. Two thumbs up to TMO for offering a great savings to anyone over 55! They didn’t go back and raise their rates on people under 55 – so, what’s the beef?

  • Kirk Lange

    Whoever thinks this plan is terrible is crazy. This will save my parents $40/mo who are on a fixed income. It’s wonderful and thank you T-Mobile for looking out for my family.

  • Ty Christensen

    I’d say TMo did this just to get these older folks on an unlimited plan because they don’t use much data, the plan is awesome don’t get me wrong, my parents use 1-2GB a month combined but this new plan would still be cheaper for them, enough said.

    • jozefd14

      Plus the price is VERY reasonable… 60 bucks for 2 lines?!?! lol

    • RealShit

      Exactly, you need to look at the bottom line costs forget how much data they use.

  • steveb944

    Wow I guess T-Mobile really is the young and hip carrier, good for them for trying to change that.

  • Sayahh

    Probably income discrimination and height discrimination at the amusement parks. Also, our government discriminate against people under 21 at the bars!!!

    “Your 50s are generally your highest earning years of your life.” Not challenging the validity of this statement, but I would like to see actual stats that shows actual income distribution based on age.

  • Wow I been trying to get my great grandmother who is 85 to switch from Verizon the last year and this may get her off her 20 year line with them

    • Sharti24

      What is she paying with verizon

      • Too much for 2 lines. I think like 200 dollars a month no unlimited data

  • Rick Johnson

    Half of the seniors I know who would be attracted to this price point still just want a *basic* flip phone that makes calls. That’s it.

    • swtrainer

      They can use whatever phone they want as long as it is compatible with the TMO network. So, if they didn’t use the other features, that’s fine. They would still have two phones with unlimited calling for $60 total.

  • fromtheright

    I am 74 years old. Goodbye Sprint. Hello T-Mobile.

    • Kevin

      you don’t look a day over 50

  • Encino Stan

    We qualify age wise, but need more than 2 lines. Still have kids on our account.

    • Mike Thaler

      If both of you r over 55 – get 2 accounts – each with 1 kid.

  • Alex Pilaia

    Does the $10 kickback for using under 2GB also apply to this new policy??

    • Nobody Special

      Kickbacks are not allowed

  • noh1bvisas


  • stuman19741974 .

    I have my mother in law using an added line on my Simple Choice plan. My father in law does not have a cell phone, but if he did want one and they wanted more data where it made sense for them to branch off to get this 55+ offer (highly doubt it, but possible), would I be negatively impacted if my MIL left from my plan?

    The reason I ask is because I have 2 other free tablet lines and 1 free phone line as well that the family members use and I recall reading way back that if I ever reduced any of my lines, those promo lines would no longer be free. Has anyone else encountered this? Thanks

    • Nobody Special

      If your in laws are using free lines on your account…. It wouldn’t make any cents to push them to a $60 two line plan….

      • stuman19741974 .

        The free lines are being used by other family members. My MIL line is one of the paid add-ons.

  • Michael Wilhelm✊️✊✊

    Anyone know if this an actual new rate plan in TMo’s systems or is this the ONE plan with a 40% (or more) discount?

  • Alex G.

    I thought of my parents when I heard about this. I told my dad and he immediately went to a store to change his existing $100 T1 plan. Needless to say, he is now saving $40 a month.

  • M Wright

    My wife and I are over 55, but in order to take this plan, My Mom is also on our plan. I must drop off my current plan (a lot of family members) and start a new account; that’s a load of BS. So, it’s not so much of rewarding those of us that have been loyal customers over the past 18 years, but generating stats for “new lines”. I’m very disappointed.

  • Rick H

    My TMobile bill went up $10 per month for no reason other than a mess of a billing system. It is so difficult to talk to anyone at Tmobile who can explain it. “It was a kickback on one of your lines that didn’t go thru”. I cancelled one line and went to the over 55 plan. I had to talk to a second rep in retentions to get it set up. I like Tmobile, but their billing practices are making me think twice. A bunch of complicated gimmicks and smoke and mirrors. In the 55+ plan it’s $70 if you don’t auto pay. Why call it $60 plan if there are catches. Come on John Legere, make your billing more transparent.

    • Mike

      Verizon, ATT, and Sprint all require auto pay for their advertised unlimited plans or you have to pay $10 extra a month.

  • Keith

    It is a great deal, and I signed up for it. But…

    You’ll notice that their website will direct you to go to a TM store, you can’t sign up for it online. That’s because they’ll stiff you with a bullshit charge AFTER you agree to sign up with the service.

    I had my and my daughter’s phone on Consumer Cellular (which uses Tmobile towers BTW), and was paying about $85/month total. So I go to the TM store to sign up, the guy there transfers our phone numbers, installs new SIMs in our phones and we’re good to go. It was only after he completed the phone number transfers that he informed us that we had to pay $54 odd (including tax) immediately for two otherwise free SIM cards.

    It’s still a great deal, but the fact that they say NOTHING about charging you $50+tax AFTER the fact is shady at best.

    I’ve been a fan of Tmobile, used to be a subscriber for years until Consumer Cellular offered a cheaper package that fit our usage for the exact same Tmobile service and towers. And this bullshit SIM charge will essentially net out for us in a couple months. But Tmobile’s dishonest business practice in this matter is upsetting and has greatly lowered my opinion of them as a company.

  • Rdfry

    I will be moving from simple choice to this.

  • william murphy

    You need to prove, in person, that you are 55+

  • Brian Sams

    Love the way he talks in this commercial