T-Mobile adds 1.3M customers in Q2 2017, marking 17th straight quarter of 1M+ adds


T-Mobile’s Q2 2017 earnings are in, and it was another big quarter for the Un-carrier.

During the second quarter of 2017, T-Mobile added 1.3 million customers, marking the 17th straight quarter that T-Mo added more than 1 million subscribers in a quarter. Of the 1.3 million customers added, there were 817,000 postpaid adds, 94,000 prepaid adds, and 422,000 wholesale adds.

Also of note is that postpaid churn dropped year-over-year, going from 1.27 percent in Q2 2016 to 1.10 percent in Q2 2017.

T-Mobile finished Q2 2017 with 69.6 million customers. That’s actually down from the 72.6 million customers that T-Mo had at the end of Q1 2017. This is because T-Mobile has excluded 4.4 million customers in the Lifeline program from its wholesale subscriber count. Here’s T-Mo’s explanation on why it’s done this:

“We believe current and future regulatory changes have made the Lifeline program offered by our wholesale partners uneconomical. We will continue to support our wholesale partners offering the Lifeline program, but have excluded the Lifeline customers from our reported wholesale subscriber base resulting in the removal of 4.4 million reported wholesale customers as of the beginning of Q2 2017.”

On the financial side of things, T-Mobile pulled in $7.4 billion in service revenues and $10.2 billion in total revenues for the quarter, both of which are up year-over-year. Net income is up YoY, too, finishing at $581 million for the quarter.

T-Mobile also touched on its network today. 700MHz coverage is now live in 575 markets and is “essentially complete”, says T-Mo, and the first 600MHz sites are expected to go live in August. T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network reached 315 million people in Q2 2017, and that number is expected to grow to 321 million by the end of 2017.

Finally, T-Mo reached a milestone last week by opening its 1,000th new store in 2017, T-Mobile plans to open another 500 stores by the end of 2017. There have also been 1,100 new MetroPCS stores opened so far this year and another 400 planned to open by year’s end. By the end of 2017, T-Mo says it’ll have nearly 17,000 branded locations sprinkled throughout the U.S.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Mark

    Kicking ass

  • Jason

    Look at that revenue and net income! This company is soaring! Close to 4 years of continuous quarterly growth at a minimum rate of 1 million net per q. Amazing!

  • steveb944

    Hmm the subscriber numbers look questionable. I wonder if other carriers exclude Lifeline.
    Hopefully growth continues.

    • Jason

      If they didnt before, they will now just like TMo. Big revelations on Lifeline. Pretty much a scam, just as a lot of us thought. GAO Report was SCATHING, to say the least. They found dead people, tons of duplicates, could not verify a full 35% of current lifeline customers as eligible. Basically its a scam that a subsection of society uses to get cheap mobile service on our dime. The definition of a government solution to a problem. Do it poorly, add in incentives for people to get things for free that they would normally pay for, and stick it on the taxpayers. To the tune of over a billion dollars a year. The scam is over now though with Ajit Pai and the new FCC. Third party verification and a full review and purge of the Lifeline rolls coming.

      • TylerCameron

        This wasn’t meant to be a political discussion, but mobile lifeline should replace landline based lifeline, if it hadn’t already. Landlines are pretty useless unless you have a business.

  • The Waz

    Any updates on next uncarrier? He promised end of Q2

    • Sharti24

      I believe you’re correct. He did say that!

  • moonoverparma

    Saying that the deployment of 700mhz is essentially finished is a little disheartening. Coverage stil has a lot of holes

    • gmo8492

      That’s why 600mhz is there to fill in all the remaining gaps in coverage, unfortunate part is everyone will need to upgrade to a new phone.

      • Acdc1a

        I don’t find it unfortunate. I don’t update my phone as much as others here, but I get at least one phone per year.

        • dtam

          haha, that’s still pretty frequent. I think I average maybe once every 1.5 years? But I really don’t want to pay full flagship price for a new phone…have to wait for them to get cheaper.

    • Tmobile need to do better with 700mhz especially in rural areas where they have 3 bands on lte they need to implement carrier aggregation because your phone will die trying to connect to 3 bands separately when signal is weak in a rural area.

    • Rene Prado

      I agree too. I’ve been with T-mo since 2013 and the build up of service through out most of my area (populated) has been amazing. 3 weeks ago I was at a meeting where I didn’t get signal inside the building, and, wow, now I do. However every time I take the back roads to see clients I’m reminded they are no Verizon. I used to get 2g (edge) and now even that has disappeared completely and get connected to Verizon LTE for (emergency calls only). The worst example is my home. I live over a small hill and get no service unless I have my signal boosters connected in the only corner of the house. There I get one or two bars and signal disappears throughout the day, so I miss calls some days more than others. Verizon put a B13 (700Mhz) antenna over the hill where I live and their signal goes all the way in my house as if it was near me. The Verizon antenna is very close to a T-mo antenna but no band12 on T-mo side, very sporadically I get those B12 sightings but not in or near my home.

  • Thanks AT&T for your $$$ and thank you Verizon for your Bandwidth!

  • Francisco Peña

    Ok now.. where is my freebie!!!

  • Tony Chen

    not even verizon can stop t mobile growth woo hooo.

  • barondebxl

    My girlfriend and I have an appointment at T-mobile, we are leaving Verizon with the get off the red deal. Verizon has treated us like sh*T the past couple of months. We added a phone line a couple of months ago and the sales rep who took care of us offered us a jetpack with unlimited internet for 20 bucks. I didn’t want it but my girlfriend did so we got it. The rep didn’t tell us that gettiing the jetpack would be like adding another line plus we would get throttled after 20 gbs of data used. We literally used the jetpack for 2 days and we were severely throttled. So for the past 2 months we have been fighting verizon to get that jetpack off our line and to get the 175 dollar cancellation fee waved and after 2 months they finally decided to take care of it today July 21st but it’s too late. We are getting the frak out, going to T-mobile and won’t look back. Won’t miss you verizon, eat a big huge veiny sausage!