T-Mobile and Sprint’s deal with Dish Network is reportedly ‘imminent’


One day after a report said that the Justice Department will sue to block the T-Mobile-Sprint merger if an agreement with Dish Network doesn’t happen next week, it’s sounding like a deal will get done.

T-Mobile and Sprint’s deal with Dish is reportedly “imminent”. That’s according to sources speaking to the New York Post, who say that T-Mobile and parent company Deutsche Telekom have agreed to drop their demand that Dish would not sell more than a 5 percent stake in its company to another company.

A recent report said that DT was concerned that a company would buy up Dish and then have access to its network, rapidly building up a formidable competitor in the process. DT reportedly wanted to be able to cut off Dish from its network if such a sale happened, but the Justice Department said that it would not allow that to happen. It’s said that the DOJ threatened to block the merger if T-Mo, Sprint, and Dish didn’t come to an agreement by next week, and today’s report claims that this threat caused the parties to scramble to get the deal done.

Also said to be part of T-Mobile and Sprint’s deal with Dish is a spectrum-hosting deal that’ll allow Dish to offer service using T-Mo’s network within a year of the sale’s closing. This will allow Dish to sell service to consumers while it builds out its own wireless network.

Finally, Dish is expected to purchase wireless assets from T-Mobile and Sprint, including prepaid brand Boost Mobile and possibly some spectrum.

“We have a real deal here and it will be very good for Dish,” a NYPost source said of the agreement.

It’s unclear exactly when T-Mobile, Sprint, and Dish might announce their deal, but it could come as soon as next week. If the three companies do come to an agreement, the DOJ could give the T-Mobile-Sprint merger its approval. The FCC hasn’t yet given the merger the green light, either, but FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has come out in support of the deal.

Even if the DOJ and FCC do approve T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger, it won’t be a totally done deal. The merger is facing a lawsuit from more than 10 state attorneys general who want to block the deal, saying it will reduce competition, raise prices for consumers, and harm jobs.

Source: NYPost

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  • CO DV

    I’m confused to why they are worried that another company might buy out Dish and start a rival network. That is exactly what they are supposed to be doing to ensure the merger goes through(create a proper 4th carrier). I get that they don’t want to compete with a new company but they also have the alternative of not merging. Finish the deal and create a strong 4th carrier. The company and consumers can benefit from this.

  • SirStephenH

    I’m with T-Mobile on this. Allowing Dish to continue to use its network after a major company took it over would be extremely detrimental to New T-Mobile and I don’t see why T-Mobile shouldn’t be able to stipulate that the network sharing deal would be void in that case. Dish’s play this entire time has been to cash out on a buyout of its spectrum and this deal would make that outcome more likely.

  • Fabian Cortez

    As I’ve been saying: Dish will essentially get what they want out of this relationship.

  • RealShit

    Anyone else sick and tired of this merger bullshit? The DOJ and FCC need to stop jerking each other off.

    • Clifton K. Morris

      Yeah, it should have just been denied as an illegal merger; based on market concentration.

      However, T-Mobile wanted to make it happen and agreed to dedicate resources and hired Goldman Sachs to get it done.

  • Kevin

    Merger sucks for customers. Less competition and less choices. Expect prices to go up. Hopefully our government does the job right.

    • Boris Govnic

      You anti merger people are stuck in the same song and dance living like it’s ground hog day never hearing the news that a 4th carrier is going to be created. sprint going to go out of business anyway finally all the Spectrum dish has been hoarding it’s finally going to get utilized. Really you have no argument anymore.

      • Kevin

        It is uncertain Dish would be the 4th carrier. So far, Dish is confusing and hoarding more and more spectrum and has little progress in building network. It is like they are stalling. They could end up reselling spectrum.

        • Boris Govnic

          Read the news a deal has to happen as dish is under a time crunch use it or lose it and T-Mobile has to make a deal with dish otherwise merger done. Please check latest developments before going all grandpa get off my grass mode

        • ugp5

          After the deal, I hope Dish will sell themselves to Amazon. I believe this would be the best outcome for ensuring that wireless competition persists.

  • Robert G

    I wonder if part of the deal is for TMobile to also have access to Dish’s spectrum since Dish will use Tmo’s….if that’s the case Tmo is golden. They’ll have Sprint and Dish’s access. I’m sure there would be stipulation in terms of selling dish at least for a few years. Tmo is blanketing 5G with a slower 5G. With Sprint and Dish putting up their 5g on big markets at a higher spectrum sounds like tmo will have 5g faster and faster than the competition.

    It’ll have a great impact on TVision too.