Get a free Pride water bottle from T-Mobile next Tuesday and enter to win a OnePlus 7 Pro


We told you earlier this week that T-Mobile would soon offer a free Pride collapsible water bottle through T-Mo Tuesdays, and now that giveaway has been confirmed.

On Tuesday, June 25th, T-Mobile customers can get a free Pride Month collapsible water bottle with a carabiner for attaching to a loop or bag. Also coming next month is a free one-night disc rental from Redbox and a Reebok deal that’ll get you 40 percent off your purchase plus free shipping.

Rounding out next week’s deals is a free Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Taco from Taco Bell and a free medium latte from Dunkin’. T-Mobile says that the free Dunkin’ latte offer runs through June 25th, so it sounds like next week will be the final time that this offer is available.

Next week’s T-Mobile Tuesday contest prize will be a OnePlus 7 Pro. Twenty grand prize winners will get a OnePlus 7 Pro plus a $300 check for taxes or other expenses.

Source: T-Mobile Tuesdays

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  • monkeysoup

    Yeah, I don’t think so. Not even if T-Mo reduces my bill by $10 a month for the next 2 years.

  • NardVa

    T-Mobile should have went with a generic T-Mobile water bottle to appeal to a larger number of people.

    • SurvivingSunnyvale

      It’s not even a proper bottle.

      It’s a bag.

      • Reagan1

        As in d bag…or t bag? Hmmm…

  • Deadeye37

    I’m sick of the whole Pride thing. Just be proud of who you are instead of only being LGBT+. While its important that we accept everyone for who they are, I feel like the level of LGBT stuff has gone way overboard. Just have pride in what you are – LGBT or straight, minority race or white Caucasian, Muslim or Christian or other/no religion, male or female, etc. We’re all unique, lets just have pride in that. Why can’t we get a cool banner/sign/insignia signifying that?

    • dickhammer

      Sounds like you’re talking about the American flag.

  • Joe P

    Cue the insecure homophobes crying about Pride Month being a thing. It’s still legal in many places for LGBT+ people to lose their job or apartment or be asked to leave a restaurant or hotel just for being who we are. LGBT+ youth still commit suicide at a much higher rate than their straight counterparts. Just being who we are carries the chance of imprisonment or execution in many parts of the world. We aren’t suddenly equal just because we can marry our chosen partner in many places. Check your privilege and accept the fact that some people celebrate who we are instead of telling us to sit down and shut up. Nobody is making you fly a rainbow flag, and you’re not required to get one of these water bottles.

    • Francisco Peña

      I want a bottle that represents Hispanic Heritage, Black History month, etc…. Heck, there even Masturbation Month…

      Barring that, There should be no bottles for anyone. Either do it for all, or don’t do it for all.

      • Mike Smith

        They ARE “for all”, as long as supplies last!

        • Francisco Peña

          When TMo isn’t giving out to support other months, they aren’t “for all” but for some. If it was a bottle without the rainbow, that is for all. Because you know, if tMo did a Cross on a bottle many would be pissed, but rainbows aren’t going to offend the other side? Stop endorsing the causes and just give out generic stuff. that’s it.

        • Mike Smith

          First, a cross isn’t the “other side” for a rainbow. They aren’t enemies.

          Second, the water bottles are free for ALL customers. If you can’t handle drinking from a rainbow flag bottle you may want to address your own issues?

        • Francisco Peña

          I never said they were enemies, what I said is that there was a cross on a bottle, there would be plenty of people pissed. And TMo isn’t thinking rainbows would offend the other side (there ARE plenty of non-christians that don’t support the LGBTQ movement). That is the other side…

          I can handle drinking from anything, but the point is pandering to a select group. You don’t see specific groups getting their own bottles except LGBTQ. Either do it for all, or don’t do it for any.

          I do find your comment interesting at the end about addressing one’s issues. I guess Atheists that try to remove a religious display should just address their own issues.

    • Mike Smith

      Don’t all water bottles work the same? That’s like worrying about what’s on a stamp.

      If we can do something to recognize a marginalized group how can that be a bad thing?

  • Chops

    Deez nuts have pride on your chin!

  • Nobody Special

    I would be interested in getting a free water bottle for TOT+ people “Thirsty Online Trolls”. We have been ignored for long enough. People online even shame us by posting up images displaying “Don’t Feed The Trolls”… how humiliating. We are just as good as everyone else… many Trolls commit suicide and have low self esteem due to how society view us. Our pride flag coincidentally is also a Rainbow Flag. I will be picking up a water bottle from T-Mobile as long as they state the rainbow colored flag is for TOT+ people too.

  • steveb944

    Well this released the trolls apparently.

    Too bad Dunkin is cutting out, I enjoyed the lattes, found out in the end you could flavor them as well as add shots.

    • AA-Ron

      Agreed, they should do this once a month at least.

  • Lawn Boy

    We honor vets 1 day a year. Celebrate workers 1 day a year….and head cases get a whole month?

  • FYF… Ill pass..

  • the martian ambassador

    No Shell discount next week ?

  • yardie

    I’ll pass. I don’t want a rainbow water bottle. Keep your sexuality to your private life

  • Mike Smith

    If you don’t like the @Tmobile pride water bottles, here’s what you should know. T-Mobile as a company supports the LGBT community. If you don’t, then you can take your business elsewhere… they have considered that you might do that and they did it anyway. Think about that.