T-Mobile Tuesdays will soon offer free Pride water bottles to customers


Looks like T-Mobile is getting another piece of T-Mo swag ready for customers.

T-Mobile is planning to give away Pride flasks with the T-Mo logo on them as part of T-Mobile Tuesdays. A TmoNews tipster sent along the photo you see above, which shows a magenta collapsible water bottle with a carabiner and a lid.

It seems likely that T-Mobile will hand these out to customers next week. There was no mention of these Pride water bottles when T-Mo announced this week’s deals, and since tomorrow is Tuesday, it’d definitely be a surprise if they were offered for this week’s T-Mobile Tuesday. June is Pride Month and next Tuesday is the final Tuesday of June, so June 25th seems to be the most likely date.

If T-Mo is planning to hand out these collapsable water bottles next week, we should hear about it on Wednesday when T-Mobile announces next week’s deals, so stay tuned.

Thanks, Alex!

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  • steveb944

    Looks more like a pouch/bag.

    • Chops


  • Francisco Peña

    Crappy item for a crappy month.

    • Benjamin K.


      • Francisco Peña

        no.. just anti-pandering.
        There is Black History Month
        Hispanic Heritage month
        Autism Awareness month
        Asian Pacific American Heriitage Month


        so unless TMo is putting something out to celebrate some others, then this is pure pandering.

        I don’t see Items in December with a Christian flag, or nativity image on it from Tmo.. yet we get rainbows for the LGBT crowd.

        Athiests are quick to shít all over themselves when there is anything God related, yet everyone is a homophobe when folks want the same treatment (i.e. no hoopla) to the LGBT activists.

      • Pal

        Homophobia is an imaginary condition. What people feel is disgust and disagreement with the political pandering.

    • Kilroy672

      Thank goodness I never picked up one of those water bottles.

      • Francisco Peña

        its next tuesday… so unless you are marty mcfly and can travel in a delorean, you don’t have one yet anyways.

  • AA-Ron

    exactly what everyone was waiting for

  • riverhorse

    OMG. There goes my career, my family will call for an interventionist minister, and i will be deluged by secret texts from all the married guys at work, “you devil, i had no clue- what are you doing tonight?”
    No one will believe my denials.

  • I know what I’m gonna do with my bottle: STRAIGHT UP THE TAILPIPE YEAH