Report: Dish is interested in acquiring T-Mobile & Sprint assets


Ever since T-Mobile and Sprint announced their plans to merge, there have been groups and other companies that strongly showed their opposition. One of those that opposed the merger is satellite TV company, Dish. But now that T-Mobile and Sprint’s prepaid businesses and other assets could be sold off, it looks like Dish has had a change of heart.

Reports circulated today that Dish is currently in talks to “buy prepaid subscribers and wireless spectrum licenses from the merger partners”. The report comes from sources of the Wall Street Journal, after the Department of Justice (DoJ) is said to approve the proposed merger once the two companies sell off these assets. The report shares that the DoJ has shown a preference for a single buyer to acquire these assets. Another option is for a fourth carrier to be created to compete against the big three carriers.

Apart from Dish, other cable companies have been said to show interest in the acquisition. Insiders have shared that both Charter and Altice have shown an interest in Boost Mobile. Once everything gets finalized, it’s possible that the proposed merger could get an approval from the DoJ and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).


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  • Sharti24

    I wonder if US cellular is interested in any of this instead of dish

    • John Doe

      US cellular can’t afford boost…boost is even bigger than US cellular and the DOJ want one buyer so not to split boost up.

      US cellular only has 5 million subscribers while boost has 9 million and boost is a national carrier on sprints network while US cellular is in less than half the states.

      • Acdc1a

        But, US Cellular could instantly become a national provider. Doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen, however it’s not out of the realm of possibilities.

  • John Doe

    Isn’t Amazon also interested?

    They could start a bidding war…god knows the New T-Mobile will need all the cash it can get from the Sprint debt they will take on.

  • Doble-A

    I think I would rather see Dish acquire these two, and merge them into a strong fourth national competitor.

  • Mike McDonald

    This was likely Charley’s strategy all along. Dish could never deploy their own spectrum and just as the licenses were going to expire, voila! Sprint is being forced to unload Boost. Charley was always known as a prize winning poker player and here he is ready to take the pot holding jack high nothing.

    • Reagan1

      Bingo. And Dish-Apollo + Boost brings that legit 4th competitor everyone is $itching about WRT the TMO-Sprint merger. Throw in the cable co’s and potentially Amazon and 5g might get here even faster and better than if none of this took place. This can’t get done soon enough, so TMO knows where they stand and can get to work without this BS going on for another 3-4 years.

  • SirStephenH

    “Reports circulated today that Dish is currently in talks to “buy prepaid subscribers and wireless spectrum licenses from the merger partners”.”

    Dish should not be allowed to acquire additional spectrum until it uses the massive amount of spectrum it’s already been hoarding.