Dish close to paying $6 billion for T-Mobile-Sprint assets as DOJ nears decision, reports say


New reports out today say that T-Mobile and Sprint’s proposed merger continues to inch closer to regulatory approval.

First up, Dish Network is reportedly close to paying at least $6 billion for assets from T-Mobile and Sprint, including wireless spectrum and the Boost Mobile brand. We recently heard that Dish was interested in a deal, but according to Bloomberg sources, an agreement between Dish, T-Mobile, and Sprint could be announced as soon as this week.

While FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has already pledged his support of the T-Mobile-Sprint merger, the Justice Department hasn’t made any announcements regarding its own review of the deal. Rumors have said that in order to gain Justice Department approval, T-Mobile and Sprint must help to create a fourth competitive U.S. carrier to replace the one that we would lose if the merger is completed. Dish already owns some spectrum, and buy snapping up Boost Mobile and some more airwaves, it’d be interesting to see what kind of carrier it could create.

Meanwhile, a report says that the Justice Department could approve T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger by the end of this week or the beginning of next week. That’s according to sources speaking to CNN Business, who caution that negotiations are still ongoing and that the Justice Department is prepared to litigate against the deal if the talks fall through.

Everything is still very much in the air right now, but these recent reports do seem to suggest that T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger will get regulatory approval more than one year after initially being announced. There is a lawsuit from 10 state attorneys general that’s trying to block T-Mobile and Sprint’s deal, but if the Justice Department gives the merger the green light, that lawsuit could be weakened.

Based on what we know now, do you think the deal will be approved?

Sources: Bloomberg, CNN Business

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  • npaladin2000

    Better be approved. Not only can T-Mobile strengthen it’s PCS spectrum, it gets BRS for 5G fixed wireless operations, allowing it to compete in the ISP space with AT&T and Verizon. In the meantime, Dish will finally be forced to build out all the AWS it’s been sitting on (one presumes they’ll get some of T-Mobile’s AWS and all of Sprint’s 800 MHz spectrum out of the deal too, giving them a nice simply low/mid network to build out).

    • Kaulana1989

      Dish has a lot of band 71

      • npaladin2000

        Yeah but T-Mobile would be insane to give up any of their Band 71 licenses.

  • Kevin

    What is TMobile willing to give up for this merger to happen?

  • vrm

    So dish isn’t acquiring the towers that t-mobile wants to dispose of ? That could give them a running start in creating new network. All equipped including back haul- saves them lot of time and trouble.

    • Hurlamania

      That would be a detail not known at this time. new tmo could sell them separately if dish doesn’t take them

    • Albert Orange

      Uh…. No one is getting rid of any towers. That is not how it works. They would be selling spectrum licenses. As a matter of fact, most carriers don’t even own the towers. They lease space on towers owned by someone else and mount their equipment to it. Many towers have equipment from several carriers on 1 tower. Basically, T-Mobile/Sprint would sell unused radio spectrum to Dish… and then Dish could build a network using the radio frequencies (in the places they get the licenses for).

  • Sharti24

    Great. More spectrum for dish to hoard. Once their time is up to deploy all of their current spectrum they will sell it for double/triple what they paid

    • Hurlamania

      Dish will have requirements stricter than what the have had they have boost the will have to use it and will have eyes on them

  • Hurlamania

    Hopefully dish will build out and have 2 way roaming agreements to allow the new TMobile to have greater coverage and bandwidth it can be good if done properly

  • taxandspend

    I don’t know why Dish needs to buy this spectrum. They already have a ton, and probably wouldn’t even use this purchased spectrum when deploying a network.

  • Great news. Bye bye Sprint

  • Brandon

    I don’t like that T-Mobile has to give up spectrum. That’s less for them to put into the network.