T-Mobile’s latest deal will match your carrier’s discount when you switch


The new Magenta plan isn’t the only big announcement that T-Mobile is making today.

T-Mobile announced a new deal to match the plan discount that your carrier is giving you if you switch to T-Mo. The goal with this promo is to tempt consumers who are with another carrier and they want to switch, but they’ve got a corporate, military, or senior discount on their rate plan that they’re afraid of losing if they change to a new carrier.

With this deal, T-Mobile says it will match a corporate, affiliate, military, or senior service discount from another carrier when you switch to T-Mo. The discount will be matched dollar for dollar in $5 increments, up to $15 for one line and $30 total for two or more lines.

This Discount Match promo launches on June 2nd. If you’re interested, you can visit a T-Mobile store on or after that date and bring in your latest bill from AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon. A T-Mobile employee will review and verify your discount and then set you up on a Magenta or Magenta Plus plan with your matching discount.

T-Mobile also highlighted a couple of smartphone deals that it’s currently running. Customers who switch to T-Mobile, add a line, and trade in an eligible device can get up to $750 off a new iPhone, which would make the iPhone XR free. If Android’s more your thing, you can get up to $300 off a Galaxy S10, S10+, or S10e when you trade in an eligible device, or you can get up to $900 off a second S10, S10+, or S10e when you buy one.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • The Waz

    Spoke with a contact at T-Mobile, please remember, IF YOU SWITCH TO THE NEW MAGENTA PLAN YOU WILL LOSE ALL ACCOUNT PROMOTIONS THAT EXIST ON YOUR ACCOUNT (i.e. Free line promos, insider hookup promo, and other discounts). They do not tell you this. If you have promos on your account, DO NOT SWITCH PLANS

    • Acdc1a

      Yup, completely ignored my Facebook post.

    • Jared van Rossum

      That’s nice to know – they will match discounts from other providers but if you switch your simple choice plan to their new plan they won’t honor that LOL

    • Francisco Peña

      They say that in just about every promo they do now to One/Magenta. Pretty common knowledge.

      • The Waz

        When I switched from T-Mobile 2/100 to regular T-Mobile one plan I was able to keep discounts. Not the case in switching to magenta

    • JJ

      Wow, this is sleazy!

  • riverhorse

    OK. Let me bring my Grandfathered Metro $50 Unlimited Everything No Caps Full Tether & HD Promo Plan, aaannndddd let me still upgrade phone with the lower Metro price.

    • JJ

      Metro is tmobile so this will not work. And this is for postpaid not prepaid. Prepaid accounts do not have any corporate discounts. Did you read that article??

      • riverhorse

        Thank you kindly. That was a rolling on the floor laughing. I’m on both Metro and TMO, more than a decade.

        • JJ

          Good for you. Glad to hear. I’m on tmobile and mint since my grandfathered plan doesn’t allow a 2nd line

        • riverhorse

          Have you checked out teltik dot com?

  • matt

    Oh yeah. Sure we will match your discount. But your phone is locked or we don’t like your imei, so you will have to make 2 25 dollar mobile device payments for the next 3 years on a brand new iPhone for your 30 dollar discount !! Oh and we will need 25 dollars each for the SIM cards too

    If you call T-Mobile activation they will try to activate the SIM card for your unlocked sprint iPhone. But if you take that same unlocked sprint iPhone to a retail store. They will try and tell you it’s not compatible because the imei is unknown and sell you a new iPhone

    • JJ

      Yes, sprint phones are not made to be used on tmobile because they are cdma. yes, some of the bands will work but you will not get the full advantage of LTE. If you were bringing a phone from att thats a different story. LOL, it’s not a conspiracy to force you to buy a phone. Instead, why not sell your sprint phone online and then buy a new or used one that is gsm on swappa.

  • Willin Diaz

    They should bring back corporate discount that’s what they need