T-Mobile upgrading select Simple Choice customers to unlimited high-speed smartphone data


Yesterday we got some good news that T-Mobile was letting Simple Choice customers keep their promotional data upgrade forever, and now there’s some more exciting news for Simple Choice subscribers.

Several T-Mobile customers on Simple Choice plans are getting text messages from T-Mo today telling them that on March 16th, they’re being upgraded to unlimited data. The text also includes a link to this webpage with more info on the upgrade.

T-Mobile explains that select Simple Choice customers are being upgraded to unlimited high-speed smartphone data on March 16th at no extra cost. The upgrade is a thanks for “being a loyal T-Mobile customer”. If one line gets this upgrade, all existing voice lines on the account will receive unlimited high-speed smartphone data, but any new lines added in the future will be limited lines at the usual price point.


Tethering data isn’t included in the upgrade, so customers will continue to get the high-speed tethering data allotment that they had before. Another change that’ll come with this upgrade is that your existing Data Stash will no longer be available if you move to unlimited high-speed smartphone data.

If you get this text from T-Mobile and don’t want to be upgraded to unlimited high-speed smartphone data and would prefer to keep your Data Stash, you’ll need to opt out before March 16th. You can opt out by filling out the form on this webpage.

T-Mobile hasn’t made any official announcements about this upgrade, so we don’t yet have all of the details. TmoNews reader Evan got the upgrade today, and they’re on the Simple Choice North America 6GB Family Match plan. Some customers on Reddit chimed in to say that they got the text too, with some folks having the 10GB Simple Choice North America four lines for $120 promo and some on the 6GB Family Match plan. There’s some speculation that the offer could be rolling out to Simple Choice customers that are paying for additional data beyond 4GB.

Getting upgraded to unlimited high-speed smartphone data is a pretty nice surprise, so long as you don’t mind ditching your Data Stash. You can use data in your Data Stash for tethering, so if you tether a lot you may want to think more about this upgrade. For other Simple Choice customers, though, this is an exciting upgrade. If you haven’t gotten the text yet but think you qualify, it sounds like the messages may still be rolling out, so keep an eye on your inbox.

Did you receive a text from T-Mobile telling you that you’re being upgraded to unlimited high-speed smartphone data?

Thanks, Evan!

Source: T-Mobile

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  • steveb944

    Talk about a roller coaster, I got yesterday’s but not this one. Guess being with them since Voicestream isn’t loyal enough.

    • Ash

      Hopefully soon you will get the T-Love you deserve. ;)

    • SuperSt0rm

      If you read the article it stated simple choice customers paying for extra data. Your 4gb is free data.

      • steveb944

        Wife pays for more, no message.

  • lomsha

    Got the text. Single line, sc 6 gb data plan.

  • jj201367

    hope i get it

  • Austin8480

    Still haven’t seen anything

  • Manbearpig

    I got the text but what is the catch really?

    • Sayahh

      I’m guessing you’d lose tethering?l

      • SirStephenH

        You don’t lose tethering. You lose your data stash and the high speed tethering allotment is set at the size of the overall plan’s high speed allotment you had before the upgrade.

        For example, a 6GB/month plan gets unlimited high speed data for the phone and 6GB/month of high speed data for tethering.

    • Ronin

      You lose your data stash which might reduce the amount you can tether. Data stash can be used to tether. With the new plan, the tether limit is the original amount of plan data.

      • kpb321

        Yeah but for that to matter you’d need some sort of intermittent heavy tethering where you tether a bunch of data using up your data for the month and then eating into your stash. Then light usage to refill your stash and repeat. On the new plan you’d also have your entire amount of your monthly plan for tethering as none of your normal phone usage would have counted so while on the previous plan 3 gbs of regular usage + 3gbs of tethering would have hit the stash on a 6gb plan. Under the new plan the 3gbs of regular usage wouldn’t have counted so you’d still get your 6gbs of tethering before being throttled which would have been 9gb of combined usage and would have been 3gb of your stash.

      • Manbearpig

        That’s not that bad since I dont tether often maybe once or twice a year.

    • Angus MacGyver

      I’m wondering, too. In addition to the data stash, another possibility is something changing with the Binge On settings with regard to HD video.

      Right now the fine print says “Video typically streams as 480p unless Binge On is disabled”. Since the new T-Mobile plans require an additional fee to add HD video, everyone on this upgrade we essentially be getting HD video for free, but think eventually they would also get rid of Binge On, since it’s not really necessary if you have unlimited data and all plans default to 480p anyways.

      But T-mobile seems to be good at keeping grandfathered plans, so maybe we can keep the HD video and Binge On setting despite having unlimited data?

  • techfreak243

    I hope I get it

  • mikeZo6

    What about Grandfather unlimited data for $20 ??
    so bill goes down $ 20 NICE

  • Pak T

    I didn’t get this. My family plan was on the 2.5GB with the temporary 4GB boost that ended last month but that now has been made permanent. So as the article said, maybe it is only for those who were paying for plans above the 4GB level?

    If it was just for being a loyal customer, then I should be at the front of the line being that we have been a customer for 19 years now, 22 if you include the time we were on Omnipoint before being acquired by Voicestream which became T-Mobile USA.

  • tshirtguy

    I have 3 lines on the Simple Choice 6GB plan. I got the text last week.
    Still thinking about it and watching comments…

    • Francisco Peña

      you got it with the 6GB plan? Damn. i’ve not gotten it yet.

    • Austin8480

      I am on the family match 6GB plan. From what I have been reading, there are others with the same plan getting it and I have seen nothing yet.

  • Jason

    Nope not me. Been on Simple Choice 2GB really since the Uncarrier started. Have 5 lines with them.


    Checked my account 03/01 and it shows “Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data + 10 GB SMH”, so I assume it’s now carrying over with 4x 10GB Simple Choice plan.

    I’m happy. :)

    • mikeZo6

      How much u paying for ? “Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data + 10 GB SMH”
      cause i have that with 5GB SMH…

      • PiCASSiMO

        Aside from the 4 main lines, I have 3 other lines where I pay just taxes on. So 7 lines are a little over 150 each month

        • mikeZo6

          what i meant was i pay $20 unlimted data 5GB SMH
          how much more u pay for unlimited 10GM SMH $30 ??

        • PiCASSiMO

          $20 per line.

  • Macmanlex

    Just chatted with T-Mobile.. They said if I had not gotten the text yet then I was not part of the chosen ones. I have had the 4GB Simple Choice plan since they introduced it. I’m very disappointed.

  • Magnetic

    I’m also a long-term customer going on 23 years with Voicestream and TMO. I called to inquire since I did not get a text. I was told that our current 6 line promotion, plus one additional line (for a total of 7 lines) is already on a promotion and didn’t qualify. Five lines have 4GB of data and two have the 4.5 GB paid data so that we can stream unlimited Netflix on those two lines. Though I a little disappointed that we didn’t get that unlimited data bump, I’m happy! 7 lines for $154.59 a month is a deal I can’t get anywhere else.

  • Ken C

    Didn’t get a text but reached out to them via twitter. I was told it was for 10GB Simple choice customers only.

    They made sure to add that while I’m a loyal customer they are “always looking to show me how valuable I am”

    • jseaber22

      not true I am main line at old unlimited $60 from years back and my parents are on 3gb simple with stash nd they’re getting updated to unlimited. I also have a free line from Black Friday 3 years back thats getting it too.

  • js

    I’m torn on whether to do this or not. I got the text, but I’m on the simple choice 6GB plan. I’ve never even come close to using it all – maybe get to 4GB a couple of times. So my data stash is maxed at 20GB. Not sure I even really need unlimited data so I’m just worried that by accepting it will somehow adjust other things on my plan…

    • Bonedatt

      Don’t do it.

  • Naxer

    Reached them via Twitter. They say “Beginning on April 16, 2019, some customers will receive an SMS notifying their data plan has been increased to Unlimited at no additional cost. The select customers are chosen automatically to be a part of this promotion and if your selected you will receive a SMS and be opted into the Unlimited data promotion automatically. I do not have a way to put you on the list manually, but you can always [check] if you are a part of that special tomorrow or checking with us to see if we can set you up with a different plan that fits your needs.”

    I’ve got 6 lines on a family plan with 4 GB each for $155 / month all in.

    • Francisco Peña

      I just got my notification today. i had 3 lines total (2@ 6GB/$70 and a 3rd was Thank You freebie) for about $83.

      States it will be upgraded by 5/10. whoohooo.. Would have liked it now, as i’m going on Vacay this month, but oh well.

      Perfect timing though as I have lately been blowing past my 6GB, and eating into my data stash. Have like 3 GB left on that, from 20GB.

  • jseaber22

    Im going to call because im curious with they will update my free mobile internet line from Black Friday three years back, because at the time the data you got was based off your lowest amount of Data line, now they’re updating to unlimited would be nice to see if transition the data line also.

  • Tri Hoang

    I got this SMS text earlier today. Simple choice 10GB plan with 8 lines (3 of which were free during past promotions). I wasn’t really using one line and was debating on whether to cancel that line or leave it…but for $20 for an unlimited line – I’ll go ahead and keep it.

  • netdragon

    Nope. I have 6 Gbs data with data stash and didn’t get it.