OnePlus 7 leaked renders show pop-up front-facing camera


The OnePlus 6T was the first OnePlus phone to be sold by a carrier in the U.S., and it was T-Mobile that partnered with OnePlus on the launch. Now details on the next big OnePlus phone have leaked.

Renders that allegedly show the OnePlus 7 have leaked. The renders come from OnLeaks and PriceBaba, and one thing to keep in mind is that they’re not official renders made by OnePlus but instead are based on factory CADs. Now to dig into them to see what changes the OnePlus 7 might bring.

One of the biggest changes from the OnePlus 6T to this OnePlus 7 involves the front camera. While the OnePlus 6T had a waterdrop notch that house the selfie cam, this OnePlus 7 ditches the notch entirely and instead uses a pop-up mechanism to show and hide the front-facing camera. This would allow OnePlus to slim the bezel at the top of the OnePlus 7’s screen and give the display a cleaner look.

Around back is another big change. While the OnePlus 7 had a dual rear camera setup, this OnePlus 7 has three rear cameras. Details on the features of these cameras aren’t known, though. Other features of this OnePlus 7 include a speaker and USB-C port on the bottom and power and volume buttons on the sides as well as an alert slider. There’s no visible fingerprint reader, suggesting that the OnePlus 7 could use an in-display fingerprint sensor like the OnePlus 6T before it. The display is rumored to be a 6.5-inch panel.

There are no rumors yet on when the OnePlus 7 might be announced or which carriers it might be available from. It’s possible that T-Mobile will carry the OnePlus 7 after launching the OnePlus 6T last year, especially since sales of the OnePlus 6T in its first 30 days were up 249 percent compared to the OnePlus 6, a boost that T-Mobile availability likely played a part in.

What do you think of this leaked OnePlus 7? Would you buy if it was available from T-Mobile?

Source: PriceBaba

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  • dcmanryan

    Please NO! I can see dust and lint and who knows what else getting in there and wrecking havoc. Put a damn small hole in the middle and be done.

  • Dummy Up Meathead

    Uhm, yes please.

  • dgkm

    Don’t drop the phone with the camera extended, OUCH! Put a hole in it like everyone else.

  • Nikitao1

    Yes please. Love it. Please ip rate though!

    • steveb944

      With the pop up not likely.

    • PiCASSiMO

      Guarantee the IP67 or IP68 certification will not be applied on this 7 unit.

  • steveb944

    Love it. I’ve been waiting for the pop up for a while since I rarely use that camera. Hope we get 5G.

    • Peter Smith

      Yeah that’s my thing. We get notch phones or punch hole phones all because of 1 thing. Selfie camera. I mean really. Not all of us use this and in most cases its inferior to the main shooter. Just use the camera the old fashion way and ask someone to take a picture for you lol. Yeah that doesn’t work anymore.

      • steveb944

        Heck people don’t even talk to each other anymore. I haven’t seen call quality as part of reviews in a while.

        /Get off my lawn.

        • Joe

          Yeah I don’t understand why call quality is not mentiond. I’m a millennial and builive it or not I don’t really like texting beyond info about things. If you want to talk call me don’t text me!

  • Walter Kowalski

    The camera may pop up but sales won’t

  • brentparkey

    I almost never use the fingerprint sensor on the 6T because facial recognition is so fast. It seems like that will slow down facial recognition, so I hope they speed up the fingerprint reader considerably.

    Also fixing the mess they have with phantom notifications for regular downloads and play store updates would be nice.


    1+ makes decent phones. I was a 1+ 6 owner (Lava red edition), but there were small things that made me return the phone back to 1+. First of all, everyone gives 1+ props because of it’s price. I understand the Galaxy S phones MSRP is high, but I laways buy them new 3 months after they come out for at least $300 below the MSRP. 1+ keeps telling us their camera has improved, but every time I have used it (6, 6T) I find it over processing the images it captures. I don’t think I will ever get a 1+ device

    • Website Administrator

      You might have your camera settings wrong. My camera on my 6T is one of the best I’ve had in any device (including the Nokia Windows Phones that are extremely powerful). The only issue I’ve ever had with it is when trying to do a Panorama. It sometimes dices up the images at the very end. I’ve submitted this as an issue to OnePlus so hopefully they’ll have a fix soon.

  • Website Administrator

    I would imagine that T-Mobile will carry the OnePlus 7T instead of the 7 like they did last year when they forwent the OnePlus 6 in favor of the OnePlus 6T.

  • Nate

    I think I will be skipping the pop up camera version.

    Hopes for 7T. Bring back the teardrop notch or maybe bring the hole punch, bring back the Headphone jack, bump camera tech, bump finger print sensor tech, bump CPU, bump storage, Ram is fine where it is and call it done.

    • Bryck

      I’m with you. I rather have the tear drop.

    • PiCASSiMO

      I’ve skipped the 6T due to the lack of headphone jack and back finger print scanner. This 7 will further solidify that my 5T will continue to work for another 8-9 months until we get 7T and Pixel 4/4XL.

      Although I’m less likely going to use my phone in water-parks, knowing that I can is a bonus. But this pop-up camera will certainly not be IP67 or IP68 compliant.