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T-Mobile upgrading select Simple Choice customers to unlimited high-speed smartphone data


Yesterday we got some good news that T-Mobile was letting Simple Choice customers keep their promotional data upgrade forever, and now there’s some more exciting news for Simple Choice subscribers.

Several T-Mobile customers on Simple Choice plans are getting text messages from T-Mo today telling them that on March 16th, they’re being upgraded to unlimited data. The text also includes a link to this webpage with more info on the upgrade.

T-Mobile explains that select Simple Choice customers are being upgraded to unlimited high-speed smartphone data on March 16th at no extra cost. The upgrade is a thanks for “being a loyal T-Mobile customer”. If one line gets this upgrade, all existing voice lines on the account will receive unlimited high-speed smartphone data, but any new lines added in the future will be limited lines at the usual price point.

Tethering data isn’t included in the upgrade, so customers will continue to get the high-speed tethering data allotment that they had before. Another change that’ll come with this upgrade is that your existing Data Stash will no longer be available if you move to unlimited high-speed smartphone data.

If you get this text from T-Mobile and don’t want to be upgraded to unlimited high-speed smartphone data and would prefer to keep your Data Stash, you’ll need to opt out before March 16th. You can opt out by filling out the form on this webpage.

T-Mobile hasn’t made any official announcements about this upgrade, so we don’t yet have all of the details. TmoNews reader Evan got the upgrade today, and they’re on the Simple Choice North America 6GB Family Match plan. Some customers on Reddit chimed in to say that they got the text too, with some folks having the 10GB Simple Choice North America four lines for $120 promo and some on the 6GB Family Match plan. There’s some speculation that the offer could be rolling out to Simple Choice customers that are paying for additional data beyond 4GB.

Getting upgraded to unlimited high-speed smartphone data is a pretty nice surprise, so long as you don’t mind ditching your Data Stash. You can use data in your Data Stash for tethering, so if you tether a lot you may want to think more about this upgrade. For other Simple Choice customers, though, this is an exciting upgrade. If you haven’t gotten the text yet but think you qualify, it sounds like the messages may still be rolling out, so keep an eye on your inbox.

Did you receive a text from T-Mobile telling you that you’re being upgraded to unlimited high-speed smartphone data?

Thanks, Evan!

Source: T-Mobile

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