T-Mobile makes Simple Choice promo data bump permanent


Way back in 2016, T-Mobile gifted Simple Choice customers with some extra monthly data. That promotional data was set to expire at the end of February 2019, but it looks like T-Mo decided to just make the added data permanent.

Many T-Mobile customers on Reddit are reporting that their account now shows their promotional data allotment as their regular data allotment. For example, one user says that their account previously said “6GB until 2/28/19 then 4.5GB”, but now it just says “6GB”, and users that had a 10GB allotment got bumped up to unlimited data.

TmoNews reader Sam is seeing something similar, as their account previously had 4GB of promotional data but rather than getting dropped back down to their regular 2.5GB allotment, their account still shows 4GB of data.


T-Mobile confirmed to me that these customers can keep their data bump. The added data won’t expire.

This is a nice little surprise from T-Mo. Some customers that had this promotional data upgrade may have forgotten that they had it which could resulted in some confusion and surprise when those subscribers suddenly had less data when the promo came to an end. Instead, those Simple Choice customers can now carry on with the same amount of data that they’ve had for the past couple of years.

Did you have a Simple Choice promotional data upgrade that’s now turned permanent?

Thanks, Sam!

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  • Brian

    Was praying for this. Definitely did not forget about this

    • Android_God

      You prayed for extra data?

      • flash32738

        yes, he prayed and you answered his prayer.

  • steveb944

    I definitely didn’t forget, I was expecting to drop and we were already exceeding our higher limit.

    Now we have 4GB with data stash per line, free video streaming (3GB or higher plans), and unused data rolls forward (data stash).

    Awesome surprise.

  • jj201367

    Awesome I forgot too I have 4gb

  • Brandon Dean

    Definitely was checking to see what would happen, and this is the best case scenario! No I’m unlimited without worrying about when it will go away

  • Sam

    So happy to get the 4GB, I did double check on the datastash however that is a misprint and we won’t be getting it. Datastash is only for paid data lines.

  • mreveryphone

    Uncarrier move for sure!

  • Ceefu

    I have the 10GB plan, and I see “Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data + 10GB SMH” as an add on. Sweet!

  • mikeZo6

    Yup Awesome thanks Tmo
    Family plan SC 6 lines for $100 stayed 4G permanently

    • ChristianMcC

      Dang, when did that deal come out? I’m at 7 lines for $140 after tax, and I thought that was good, giving us 4gb of data.

  • Anthony Garrett

    Price wise for me it was better to switch to T-Mobile one because with taxes and fees it added another $35 so at least I get Netflix and everyone has unlimited.

  • MurF-A-Zoid

    Mine is even better. Thanks T-Mobile!!! Just got a text today telling me were upgrading all your voice lines to unlimited high-speed smartphone data at no extra cost. Just for being a loyal T-Mobile customer. We had the SC plan with 6GB that was going to go down to 4GB at the end of Feb.

    • Austin8480

      I am on that same plan and never received a phone call. Maybe I am not as loyal. Only been with them for 14 years

      • MurF-A-Zoid

        I would call them up about that. I had some friends who been with them like I have for 20 years plus. They call the 611 line and got there unlimited data lines too

        • Austin8480

          I spoke with my so called team support and they told me that she could give me 10 GB for 1 month and then I would go back to my regular plan.

        • MurF-A-Zoid

          Funk that, I would recall until you get the deal.

        • Austin8480

          I have tried 3 more times with no luck.

  • Lit

    hm. Nice of them to do this but doesnt this cause more network congestion?

    • MisterListerSir

      More people causes network congestion. Faster speeds can actually lessen it. (The movie/song/app takes less time to download; freeing the spectrum up earlier)

    • dtam

      Everyone is used to this data allotment anyways

  • MindFog2287

    Yes, I had the 10GB plan with six lines. Back in mid-Feb I asked a rep if the three-year unlimited would be extended. Three of us average about 15GB a month. Going back to 10GB could be done with a little more WiFi use, but I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do that.
    The rep told me I should probably jump on a ONE plan, so I did. They gave me a bonus of ONE Plus for free.

    When I found out they were making the unlimited permanent, I contacted my “team” to see if they could restore my old plan including the 75% off add a line on one of my lines. Took me going through T-Force, but they were finally able to get me back on my old plan. Sweet!!

  • Homero


  • Francisco Peña

    I have the 2 lines at 6gb with data stash and they haven’t been bumped me up as of now.

  • Cat88L3

    I have 5 lines under the SC Family Plan. We had 10GB of data, but had the unlimited data for 3 years with the promo…I’m very happy to find out that my lines will have unlimited data for an unforseen time! I spoke to a supervisor yesterday and I don’t have an expiration date. God, I love this company! It really was the best decision to leave Verizon for them

  • Nearmsp

    Great news from T-mobile. I have been with T-mobile now for 15+ years. I was against the merger, but I am going to moderate my comments in WSJ and NYT etc., and be neutral or moderately support their move. The latest 4GB data makes me think, they intend to continue their un-carrier ways even after the merger. That said, can anyone please explain what 4GB Data stash per line means? We have 6 lines on our plan. Does it mean, carry forward is only by line, not for all lines combined, right?

  • Willie D

    This is a major issue – I have been told by T-Mobile that this permanent data bump not only is no longer a promo and part of a normal rate plan that is eligible for BingeOn Unlimited Data and Data Stash, but after I tested it, and was charged data, they now refuse to honor what they said, claim this is still a promo though permanent and wont even make good on it or up anyone to the unlimited offering they give to other customers. Considering how long Ive been with them, how they lied and I have it in writing, I decided to send the BBB, CPUC and FTC a lovely letter each notifying them that TMobile is not only baiting and switching customers, but falsely advertising BingeOn and Data Stash (my plan says it comes with it, but it clearly doesnt) but that they are defrauding customers with these lies. Good luck TMo you’re losing a long time customer who has never paid late!

    • OZ

      Did you gen any additional traction on this?