T-Mobile doling out data plan upgrades to select customers


Heads up, folks, because T-Mobile is sending out data plan upgrades to select customers.

Many T-Mobile customers have received a text message from T-Mobile that says that their data plan is being upgraded. The size of the upgrade varies depending on which plan you were originally on. For example, customers with 2.5GB of high-speed data each month are receiving an extra GB of data, as are customers on the 5GB plan. However, customers with a 10GB plan are being bumped up to an unlimited 4G LTE data plan, as you can see in the image below.

According to the T-Mobile web pages that are associated with these upgrades, the texts are being sent between Sept. 7 and Sept. 9. It’s unclear why select customers are getting these upgrades, and T-Mobile says that customers that are confused can contact 611 or @TMobileHelp on Twitter.


Customers that do receive this upgrade will get to keep it through Feb. 28, 2019. After that date, T-Mo says that they’ll revert to their normal plan. However, T-Mobile explains that customers that upgrade will lose their Data Stash “because with Unlimited high speed data there’s no need to roll your data forward.”

These data upgrades are nice, especially if you’re moving from a 10GB plan to Unlimited 4G LTE data. Do keep in mind that this upgrade will result in you losing your Data Stash, though, so if you’ve built up a sizable stash, you won’t have it once March 1, 2019 rolls around.

Have you received a text message from T-Mobile regarding a data plan upgrade?

Thanks, Bryant and @cheeto0!

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  • TedContreras

    How does the unlimited impact my tethering which now I can do with my 10GB + anything in my DataStash? Does DataStash return after the promo end?

    • David Juarez

      This is what the post my wife got says “Your Smartphone Mobile HotSpot (tethering) data amount does not change with this upgrade, however your Data Stash will go away because with Unlimited high speed data there’s no need to roll your data forward. “. I just copied and pasted the part answering your question. This and the article carry state data stash is gone. If you have concerns about data stash I’d call 611 right away.

      • JG

        This is the FULL quote

        “Your Smartphone Mobile HotSpot (tethering) data amount does not change with this upgrade, however your Data Stash will go away because with Unlimited high speed data there’s no need to roll your data forward. Then starting on March 1, 2019, we’ll simply switch your line back to your original plan– no hassle to you.”

        • David Juarez

          Okay. That’s what I posted. The article mentions the rest. But this clearly states the data stash is gone. The plan goes back to what you had. Wether that is 2.5 , 6 or 10gb. The stash is gone.

        • JG

          It’s gone while on unlimited because there is no need for it. My current plan has Data stash. The remainder of the quote states that the plan reverts back to what we have, which includes data stash.
          At this point we can only speculate until T-Mobile reps get up to speed, but the tmo customer service guy I talked to today said data stash would be there when my plan reverts back in 2019.

        • Dude. Don’t be dense. You lose your data and you get a text confirming this.

        • JG

          Lose what data? The text I received states I’ll get my current plan back when the free unlimited promo ends in 2019. What kind of unreliable nonsense are you spreading?

        • David Juarez

          You get your “plan” back . It says you stash is gone. Only your PLAN goes back to what it was. Nothing about your stash coming back. Seriously!!

        • JG

          And do you work for T-Mobile? 2 T-Mobile reps have both said “all features including Data Stash returns”. How do you know that they are wrong? Seriously.

        • Allen

          What he meant is the feature data stash returns, but the data that you’ve stashed will not, come back at 0.

        • richard chuquilin

          This is the response from a TMobile rep:

          T-Mobile Help
          Data Stash will begin again February 2019, And it will start over from Zero. *KnowledgeL

        • JG

          This makes 3 T-Mobile reps so far confirming our original plan will come back with data stash.

          2019 is a long time from now. The T-Mobile world of plans will likely be different from today (aka my hope is for 4g/LTE tethering with tethering data cap instead of the current 3g offerings).

          Let’s all just be watchful over our accounts over the next few months and contact T-Mobile to get things straight if they don’t seem right at that time.

        • richard chuquilin

          Does anybody know is we can turn off Binge off so we can watch streams in HD and not 480p since we have unlimited data?

        • I’m telling you that you lose your Frakking Data Stash!

        • JG

          Hahaha! Duh. There is no need for Data Stash on an unlimited plan.
          But Data Stash comes back in 2019 under the original plan that we are switched back to. Keep it real homie.

        • JFC. You don’t get it back. You lose it. It’s in the T&Cs. I’m trying to help you, man. You just don’t get it.

        • Richard Darrington

          You wouldn’t still have that stash in 2019 anyway ?right

    • JG

      I got the upgrade today. I have same plan you have. It states that tethering is unaffected (although I have yet to confirm the speed).
      It also states that after Feb 2019 the plan will revert back to what I have now. I contacted tmo support and although they weren’t fully up to speed on this surprise they told me data stash would return because that is part of my plan now.

    • JG

      I contacted TMobile again today. The rep I spoke with, I asked…

      Me: “What happens to my Data Stash feature in 2019 when the plan reverts back?”
      His answer: “All features of your current plan (including BingeOn and Data Stash) will return.”

      I then asked, “What speed will my tethering be when I’m on the unlimited promo?”
      His answer: “Your speed will be 4g/LTE because of the current plan you are on.”

      Take that with a grain of salt. I’ve called T-Mobile multiple times for one similar question before and got many conflicting answers. On this one, so far it’s consistent with 2 reps over 2 days.

      I’m done re-confirming it. They can give me unlimited data at my current price I’m paying, and I’ll welcome it. But if, in a couple of months, they slow my tethering speed to 3g from doing it, I’ll be on the phone discussing the unwanted change with them.

  • Al William

    So what about loyal customers like me that are already on the unlimited data plan. There’s no more room for an upgrade. Do we get a discount?

    • Trevnerdio

      More hotspot usage would be a start B-)

      • Bonedatt


  • steveb944

    I hope I’m chosen for once.

  • Willie D

    I have never been upgraded like this, if I want something, I know who to ask. They give it if they can, and if not, then I just ask again a few months later.

  • Roger Sales

    if you get upgraded from 2.5 to 3.5, do you get unlimited binge on streaming since you’re over 3 now?

  • Justin Happel

    Got my unlimited upgrade. So awesome!

  • jj201367

    i hope i get an upgrade

  • MisterSuperGod

    Pretty sweet.
    Verizon, AT&T and Sprint do this sort of thing too.

    Oh, wait, no they don’t!
    Loves my TMO!

    • They do all the time.

      • MisterSuperGod


        • Ha, sorry to tell you. I was a VZW manager for years.

        • Bruce Wayne

          You sound stupid. Verizon has upgraded plans many times.

        • Bradley Karas

          They don’t upgrade anything! They restructure plans they already offer…at a different rate

        • Spanky

          Incorrect. I am with AT&T and, after they added 5GB of data to my monthly plan, am paying the same amount that I was paying previously. In fact, the plan that I have is no longer offered.

        • gmo8492

          For free?

        • MisterSuperGod

          And gave you unlimited for 2+ years at no extra cost?
          Sure Batman, sure!

    • Spanky

      Yes they do. AT&T permanently added 5GB per month to my plan a few months ago.

  • Fabian

    What could this mean?

    “On-device usage is prioritized over tethering usage, which may result in higher speeds for data used on device”

    Are they doing this to the eligible accounts? If that’s the case please don’t send me the text.

    • JMccovery

      I think T-Mobile is doing this across the board, since the wording change came around the same time TOne launched.

      It somewhat makes sense, as now going forward, unlimited users get free 3G tethering.

      It’s possible it may affect accounts that have been upgraded, but I haven’t noticed a change in tethering on my account.

  • Elton

    Makes you wonder if they’re trying to convert the 10 gb customers to throttled video delivery.

    • Curious as if it’s the ONE crap BS fake plan, or the old Simple Choice Unlimited.

    • Acdc1a

      10GB customers like myself are already using BingeOn to watch most videos without touching our bucket. My guess is that’s not the case.

      • Johnny 5

        I never switched and have unlimited stash. I got the notice but everyone on my plan gets the same perk.

    • Fabian

      Looks like they’ll be throttling tethering data: “On-device usage is prioritized over tethering usage, which may result in higher speeds for data used on device.”

      To the upgrading plans or to all plans… Who knows.

  • leo98918

    I have 5 lines on my account and do far only 2 have received this message. I have yet to receive this message and I’m the primary on the account….

    • Bryant

      My account is the same way. 9 total lines, but only 3 of us have got the message. We all have maxed our Data Stashes at 20GB and are on the 10GB per line plan.

    • hank johnson

      I’m the primary and just got the 1GB bump on my 2.5GB line. Not sure about the other 4 lines on my account yet. This is awesome. Love t-mob. Now I just wish they would increase the free 200MB tablet plan to 1GB! ;-)

      Update: Confirmed 2 more lines got the increase!

  • lomsha

    I probably won’t get jack sh*t lol.

  • Well, I already have unlimited on my line, but I recently added my mom to my account, she only has 3GB data per month

  • They want to end Simple Choice along with JUMP! & JUMP On Demand.

    This is a PR friendly way to do so.

    • Bradley Karas

      How would that end it?

    • Deihmos

      Do they even have jump on demand anymore ? I have a phone from jump on demand but it seems it no longer exist as an option.

      • Bonedatt

        Yes they do. Did you try to do a jump and were refused?

        • Deihmos

          Yes they said it no longer exist. It was discontinued.

        • Bonedatt

          That’s weird. When was it discontinued as my wife just jumped her LG G4 to the “time bomb” Note7 before the recall?

      • Nobody knows. You have to have a store manager approve it, and unless you’re persuasive, they will not. Care or Executuve care can’t process it, so yes, for all intents and purposes it is dead. Even the original Jump! Is no longer being offered.

  • Leah S.

    T-Mobile is probably only picking customers with a lot of data stash. So they can convert them into unlimited. Once you go back to your regular plan you have no more data stash and your back at 10 gb, which you then probably will want to go back to unlimited. Then you have no choice but to upgrade to the new plans. Very sneaky of T-Mobile.

    • Fabian

      They are deprioritizing tethered data. Check the fine print people.

      Think bad….

      • Leah S.

        That’s what I meant. It is bad. I totally agree with you.

        • Fabian

          In the fine print it say “This offer…”, hopefully that means we can either accept or deny it.

          It also says “On-device usage is prioritized over tethering usage, which may result in higher speeds for data used on device.”. What I don’t know is if this will be for the accounts that get the upgrade offer or they are doing this to all accounts including Simple Choice.

    • Bryant

      That’s 2 and a half years down the road! I’m sure T-Mo will have released 5 new plans in that time frame. I’m not worried about it. Unlimited till then for me! FYI, my Data Stash was maxed out at 20GB. I’ve never dipped into it either.

    • Francisco Peña

      I’m at 20GB of Data Stash on the 2lines/6GB/$70 deal. Was on the 2/10gb/$100 but downgraded to get two free tablets. Now those are paid off, but still have 20GB of stash left, since most music/video streaming is BingeOn now. Biggest offenders were Youtube and DI.fm and TuneIn Radio. all those are BingeOn now.

      Haven’t gotten any text. In fact, just called yesterday to cancel the tablet data lines. Was going to pitch me to the retention department but after being on hold for what seemed like 10 minutes (this is at 9pm ET), I quit and hungup.

    • bradastan

      If they put you back on your old plan, you would also start building up a new data stash. I don’t see where they are saying you won’t have data stash once you go back on your old plan.

  • Adrayven

    They’ve tried to get me to do this a few times. I’ve refused because I think they are trying to get me off Data Stash for some reason.. I’ve maxed out mine..

    • Bryant

      Mine is maxed out too, and I have never once dippped into it. I am on the 10GB plan, and usually never use more than 5GB. So, I kinda don’t care about Data Stash anymore…

    • Johnny 5

      The plan is supposed to revert to your original plan once Feb 2019 hits. You can always build your stash up again.

  • Acdc1a

    Just a way to get you used to using more data to convert to the One plans come 2019. Mark my words. If I’m getting 10GB on each line to tether I may consider it.

  • I got it. I wonder if video streaming is optimized or not.

    • SirStephenH

      It’s pretty much guaranteed at this point. The question is whether it’s the old style Binge On which can be disabled for free or if it’s the new style pay to play.

  • Ray

    I noticed on my account this morning that each of my lines only have 1MB of data stash. I did not receive any texts from T-Mobile. Anyone know why this appears that way? I am currently on a 4/10GB promo plan and have no plans of switching plans.

  • Randy Allen

    Ok why is everyone thinking this is some sort of deep dark underground shame on t-mobile thing going on. It’s pretty cool we are getting unlimited data for the same price we were paying and it’s for 3 years

    • Just want clarity on how BingeOn and tethering are handled under this “upgrade” is all.

  • noh1bvisas

    i’ve been getting upgraded to unlimited from simple choice for at least 3 years.

  • pda96

    I’m struggling to use 2GB from my 10GB plan since TMO lets me stream just about everything for “free”. So bumping me up to unlimited is pointless. But it’s a nice gesture, nevertheless.

    • blakedunc235

      well itll come in handy for when you finally hit 22GB of streaming. Once you hit that it doesnt matter if you have Binge On turned on, they will “deprioritize” you. It’s honestly not too bad. I use about 30-50GB each month and you only get throttled during peak hours AND in a congested area. So if youre in an area thats not congested like I am most of the time then youll never be throttled. It does suck that they say unlimited whenever they talk about binge on but they have a ‘total data used on network’ meter so even if its binge on once you hit 22GB they throttle you. I agree with others that its fairly misleading

      • pda96

        30-50GB of streaming per month???? Somebody needs a new hobby :)

        • blakedunc235

          Lol I’m pretty much always on my phone

        • Phone Guy

          How often do you have to charge your phone. Curious

        • blakedunc235

          With the note 7 I’ve between getting like 8 to 9 hours of screen on time but usually around once or twice a day. I’m often always on the charger

        • Phone Guy

          With my Note 5, I charge it like 5 times a day. Battery is abysmal, but the phone is awesome. Looking forward to the Note 7. So it appears you have to charge it during the day as well. Hmmm.

        • blakedunc235

          I don’t have to charge it during the day though. Like I said with 8-9 hours of screen on time I can make it home before I have to charge. And my phone can go for days if I’m not too heavy on it

        • domatau

          note 7? did you get yours replaced yet?

        • blakedunc235

          No, but if I’m being completely honest I’m not too worried about it. First, it is an EXTREMELY small chance that it would happen to me. Second, they don’t have all of the parts in just yet to issue me another phone thats not (possibly) faulty. Third, it’s been such a great phone that I wouldn’t downgrade to something else. The soonest that Samsung said that they would have everything in order to replace all of the phones would be next week. But Tmobile will email me whn they have everything in order after that. In the meantime Samsung would be liable for damages if there were any since it is a recall and their fault that they explode.

      • tomas castillo

        If I got upgraded to unlimited, and I turn off my binge on setting will I still get unlimited video streaming but in higher quality?

        • JG

          This is a good question that I would like to know the answer to also. My speculation is ‘no’ we wouldn’t get HD streaming because their unlimited plan now doesn’t include it. But, with our current plans, this could be an unspoken feature that we could have (since our tethering is 4g/LTE and not 3g and Data Stash will return after 2019 if we keep our existing plan). Guess it would take a call into T-Mobile support to find out.

        • Yeah, I didn’t see anything about this in the fine print. All five lines got “upgraded” to unlimited this morning.

        • blakedunc235

          You will get unlimited yes but it will bring you up to that 22GB (or 26GB if you are on tmobile one) ‘deprioritization’ limit. This basically means that yes its truly unlimited in HD streaming. but once you hit that limit you can be throttled IF and only if you are in a congested area during peak times. if you arent in a congested area then you can just stream to your hearts content. The only reason why I have binge on turned on is so that it puts it at 480 automatically so I dont manually have to do it. because if i dont ill forget it on 1080 or worse… 1440p and kill data extremely quickly. There have been days where Ive used over 12GB in one work day. (9 hours)

        • tomas castillo

          Alright that makes sense thank

      • Jerry Rich

        30 to 50GB per month with all the free streaming available? Dude you need to get a life!

        • blakedunc235

          it’s really not that hard to hit 30 GB… I don’t have wifi available most places that I go other than my house. I watch the news and YouTube while I’m out, and movies on my lunch break

        • Darryl Mylrea

          JR is still right…get a life! While you’re out and at lunch, how about hanging out with friends, meeting new ones, taking a walk, you know…experiencing life. News only depresses you and the ‘Tube only gives you an unrealistic view of the world. Free advice. :)

        • joshhyde

          Try uploading video with Facebook Live. It gobles data.

    • JayQ330

      You go to unlimited & then they’ll get you with the 480p video streaming bs & you’ll have to pay an extra $20 to watch anything over HD to 4K. Those that are still under 23 GB’s data will have first priority on all towers congested or not. I kept my old contract binding them & kept it because it’s unrestricted data use. These “no contract” plans allows them to change your plan as they please, it sucks because everyone is following these plans now….

  • Fabian

    Fine print:

    “This offer is only for customers who received a text message between 9/7/16 and 9/9/16 notifying them. After 2/28/19, your current plan allotments will apply. For questions about the offer call Customer Care at 1-877-453-1304.Offer rate plan name will be reflected on your bill within the next 2 bill cycles.Coverage not available in some areas. Network Management: Service may be slowed, suspended, terminated, or restricted for misuse, abnormal use, interference with our network or ability to provide quality service to other users, or significant roaming. On-device usage is prioritized over tethering usage, which may result in higher speeds for data used on device. See T-Mobile.com/OpenInternet for data management details.”

  • Rob P

    I’m in the 10gb plan. If I get a text saying I’m moved to unlimited, can I decline? I want to keep my data stash and I want my teathering speeds to stay the same.

    • Darkbob

      It’s an offer you can’t refuse.

    • SirStephenH

      What’s the point in keeping your stash? It would all be expired by the time you switched back anyways.

      • Rob P

        It expires after a year and then you stash some more. I don’t understand what you mean.

  • vplaza

    I just got the text. Going from 10GB to unlimited. Per the fine print:

    “Your Smartphone Mobile Hotspot (tethering) data amount does not change with this upgrade, however your Data Stash will go away because with Unlimited high speed data there’s no need to roll your data forward. Then starting on March 1, 2019, we’ll simply switch your line back to your original plan – no hassle to you.”


    I could be wrong, but I think the texts are sent to customers that use less or way less than their data limits. I have been with T-Mo for 12 years now and all my lines have the 2.5GB and I never received the text. I wouldn’t mind a 1 GB data upgrade though

  • Jeremy Brown

    Went from the 10GB plan to now receiving unlimited. I’m sure this is them hoping I will now use more data, and be forced to switch to the “better” new, unlimited plan. As all 4 lines on my account may not approach 10GB total, I’ll stay at the current plan. I switched early on when they had 4 lines for $120 for 10GB each. Now with Binge On and multiple music sites having free streaming, why pay for unlimited?

    • Darkbob

      You will revert to A normal plan but maybe not your CURRENT plan. I’d be very cautious about accepting this free “upgrade”.

      • vplaza

        In the fine print, they explicitly said “Then starting on March 1, 2019, we’ll simply switch your line back to your original plan”.

        They don’t say they will switch you to the current available plan.

        Unless I’m reading this incorrectly, this is not changing the plan but rather upgrading the amount of data on the plan.

        • JG

          I choose to believe as you do on this one. Especially after I called T-Mobile twice to get clarification on it.
          But… I’m cautiously optimistic here.

        • vplaza

          Like the original poster, I am also on the 4 lines for $120 with 10GB each. That was a promotional plan that was supposed to only last two years, but here I am, still with it. NO WAY was I going to one of the new “unlimited” plans that started this month.

          As long as they put me back on my original plan in two years, I’m good. The way I’m reading this promo, that’s what I should be back on.

        • SirStephenH

          As far as I know promotional plans never expire. The price might go up after two years but you keep your plan forever unless it’s a promotional extra like a temporary data increase, then you just drop back down.

    • Allen

      In 2.5 years you will switch to their One plan (or whatever number it is by then). You’ll be too hooked on streaming unlimited 4k videos. You’ll need a 40GB plan by then.

  • juanster4u

    Man, and here I thought I was special, getting a treat for being a loyal customer for about 14 years now! pfft… But thanks for the bump up to unlimited!

    • Chris Drudge

      Pfft. I’ve been a subscriber since they were still VoiceStream. And I’ll I got was a lousy 1GB bump. I’ll take it!

  • bradastan

    Can they really do this? I don’t use much data and would rather have my stash for a time I really need it, which has grown quite large. Makes me think they just want to reset stashes so they don’t have all that data obligation on the books.

    • Christopher Olson

      I think the data stash only goes away if you’re getting the unlimited upgrade in which case your stash would expire well before this offer dies.

      • bradastan

        I got the text message today, and I’ll admit I thought it said Feb 2017, but now I see it is 2019! So you are likely right. However, if I regularly use 2 GB out of 10, and I’m banking 8GB each month and the stash stays for one year, you can actually have a rather large balance built up, with no reduction in speed. Something tells me T-Mobile is like a casino, you think you are going to win, but somehow the house always wins in the end. ;-)

        • Christopher Olson

          Well the data bucket maxes out at 20 gb so after three months you wouldn’t be saving any data until you dug into it again. I’ve been at my max ever since they started the data stash and never once came close to using it.

        • bradastan

          You are right, although I was thinking earlier when they rolled everything with no limit. One of my kids who burned through the initial 20gb of stash stated using Wi-Fi at home and then built a mammoth stash of 80 gigs.

        • Allen

          I think this is part of the reason this offer doesn’t end until 2019. By then you can’t complain that they took away your data stash. They would just point to that it had expired already.

  • NardVa

    T-mobile is giving 10GB lines and upgrade to unlimited for 3 years. It seems like a nice gesture, but I’m sure T-Mobile has something up their sleeve. When you are a muti-billion dollar company like T-mobile it’s about the long game.

    • Albert Mendoza

      Since there’s no contract, the “comped” upgrade may very well be a way to keep us hooked in. No complaints here though!!

      • Allen

        They already got you with the EIP. I’m not trusting this either. It’s obvious they want to get rid of the data stash liability from their books. But there is something else in the work as well. Maybe tethering will be deprioritised as well.

  • TL

    Does anyone know if you get upgraded to unlimited data does it mean data with HD video or same quality video as T-mobile One? Also any info on tethering/hotspot data allow? Thx!

    • vplaza

      It doesn’t look like they’re moving you to one of the new T-Mobile One plans, just adding data to your current plan. I take that as not affecting current data use for HD video on your current plan. Their fine print also explicitly says that tethering is not changed.

      • Fabian

        Tethering will be deprioritised.

  • Anthony Valdez

    where’s my free unlimited internet upgrade text message >={

  • Christopher Olson

    Just received the text today, I was confused at first. I thought they were switching me the new one plan but when I saw it was for a limited time I realized they were hooking me up.

  • purenupe1

    I got the upgrade to unlimited. I never fully used the 10GB so im sure this a ploy to try to change my usuage behavior so that on the revert date id be more inclined to need unlimited.

  • richard chuquilin

    Does anybody know if we can turn Binge off so we can stream HD with this upgrade to unlimited?

    • bradastan

      You can disable Binge-On in your account settings on the t-mobile website. I have had it disabled for sometime now.

    • SirStephenH

      The word is that it should be like pre-T-Mobile One unlimited so yes.

  • jkdawson

    no text message but I contacted T-Mobile Hep via twitter as suggested. First was told I qualified for unlimited and was good to go. Got no notification and saw no change in my plan on T-Mobile.com so reached again on Twitter. Now am being told what the first person meant was that I could upgrade for $15 per line (although the reply said nothing about a fee).

    Now I have gone from checking to see if I qualify for a nice to have to being kind of pissed off.

  • Crommentz

    I’m a little leery of the offer. I’ve been offered Unlimited from my 10GB-for-All family plan. I have a significant amount of stockpiled Data Stash, and I opted-out of the 20GB Data Stash cap in December 2015. I have what’s called Legacy Data Stash.

    I appreciate the extra data; it’s a nice gesture, but like they say, there’s no free lunch. I suspect that the people who have gotten the offers are people that T-Mobile has identified as people who’s plans contain something that T-Mobile wants to get rid of.

    I tether a lot, so that might be it. I have Legacy Data Stash so that might be it. I have stockpiled data in my Data Stash(es), so that might be it.

    I’ve read and re-read the invite and here’s what occurs to me, right or wrong: Data Stash goes away for now. In 2-1/2 years I get my 10GB-for-All plan back if I want and the Data Stash will be empty. Hopefully, I’ll retain my Legacy Data Stash without the 20GB cap… but I doubt it. I expect to hear, “Oh, we don’t offer Data Stash anymore…” or “Yes, you get Data Stash but it’s capped at 20GB.”

    2-1/2 years is forever in the mobile industry. I worked hard to configure my family plan so that I had it tuned to my liking. I made sure I read the fine print, I got on this board a lot to read comments from all of you, and I tried to think of the angles.

    I may get 10GB-for-All back, but I don’t think I’ll get my Data Stash back in the same form as I have it now, and I may also find that my tethering is somehow affected. I’ll still have the 10GB-for-All promo, but all the cool stuff will be changed. That’s my bet.

    The reason for my cynicism is that T-Mobile and other carriers are struggling with capacity issues. I’m guessing you and I use more data than the carriers expected. I also suspect that 10GB-for-All and other promos were more successful than T-Mobile thought they’d be. Someone in T-Mobile did the math and determined that at the current rate, the company would be at some kind of competitive disadvantage in the future.

    I’m hoping I can undo this latest offer and hold on to my prized 10GB-for-All plan with its nice perks “forever”, as T-Mobile marketers like to say, but I’m expecting push-back and hassle if I try. I’ll psych-up and give it a whirl, but my good thing looks like it’s coming to an end at some point in the distant (2-1/2 year) future.

    • Fabian

      There are going to deprioritized tethering data. Check the fine print.

      • Crommentz

        Yes, indeed, but I have always been confused by deprioritizing. Some say it only occurs when the network is congested, others say it’s a download limit from 4G LTE to 3G. I think the tethering thing is something the carriers really dislike.

        Can you set me straight on what deprioritized tethering might mean for me? FYI: I usually only tether via Wi-Fi between mobile devices (e.g., from a phone to a big tablet for watching movies). I rarely use it for my desktop computer, but I do on occasion. I don’t stream much of anything in the way of movies; I usually buy them and download them, then watch them. Thanks for any info you can provide. Just when I think I understand the terminology someone says something that makes me go, “Wait. What?”

        • Fabian

          It’s my interpretation of this from the fine print: “On-device usage is prioritized over tethering usage, which may result in higher speeds for data used on device.”

          This is new to me and it’s different from the deprioritization you get on all data when your overall data consumption reaches 26GB and you’re in a congested area.

          I think this feature makes tethering data a second or lesser priority on the network always regarless of congestion or no congestion. I think it’s similar with the T-Mobile ONE plan.

          Right now I think only T-Mobile knows the details and parameters of the priorities. We’ll have to wait and see or experience the results.

        • JG

          You both seem to be the most sensible over this whole ordeal. The correct thinking is ‘right now only T-Mobile knows the details…’. That’s the frustrating part and why so many are left ‘wondering’.

          I will say this… I have been on the ‘free upgrade to unlimited’ promo for 3 days now. I use tethering in short spurts of time for my laptop for work. So far my tethering has been 4g/LTE. I have not seen any speed degradation. This is the area that I’m especially cautious with also. I won’t do unlimited if it’s going to neuter my tethering speed by default of the plan. I’m monitoring my speed for the next few months. The good news is, this is only a promo, I didn’t ask for it, and I can resist it if I don’t want it.

          I have the same plan (10GB N America) as you do, Crommentz

          Last… I agree 2.5 yrs is a long time in the industry. The way I look at this promo is I’ll keep it as long as there isn’t any ‘downgrade’ feeling to my current plan. And by 2019, there will likely be a different option that I will like anyway.

          That’s a frustrating thing for you to loose all that Data Stash after you’ve built it all up. Because as it stands, the current plan we are on is better, more cost effective, than the TMo One plan in my opinion.

        • Fabian

          I think they are going to deprioritize tethering on all plans.

        • After letting this set in, I agree. However I bought my 10GB plan to do exactly the one use case you describe.

          Would it really have broken the bank just to convert these plans into full-on One+ plans and not played mickey-mouse with hotspot after 10GB? I had 88GB of Data Stash. You can bet I will now hammer that 10GB of hotspot each month – it’s now a priority for sure.

        • Allen

          In 2.5 years they will probably give you back your 10GB plan without legacy data stash. By then data usage would have gone up and 10GB wouldn’t be able to stream all the 4k you want. They also got you hooked on unlimited data so you’ll now have to get the new T-Mobile One plan (it’ll probably be T-Mobile Six by then).

      • Adam

        I think T-Mobile is deprioritizing tethering whether or not you accept this free upgrade. The same disclaimer appears on the general data terms page. Also, when T-Mobile lists real world download speeds tethering has a lower average speed.

        • Fabian

          That’s what I think too, they are going to deprioritize tethering on all plans and this upgrade is just a smoke screen.

    • Spot on. I’m burning through 30GB a month just to get my 88GB Data Stash back now. T-Mobile owes me that data, and they shouldn’t be allowed to just terminate Data Stash and design their own compromise, and shove it down our throats.

      Which it sounds like is exactly what they did, so I fully expect to use enough bandwidth to make them regret it in my case. This is a raw deal meant to force people out of their sweet older plans.

  • SirStephenH
  • RE

    What happens to the users who are paying an extra 30$ per month for unlimited LTE and 14GB hotspot on the 4/120 10gb north america? If i remove the add-on 30$, will my line have the promo applied like all of my other lines?

    • Jose

      I thought on that plan it was 15$ unlimited add on

  • stuman19741974 .

    On my older family plan, with 5 lines, the 4 lines that had the $10/2.5gb plan all got text messages today notifying them of the extra 1.0gb though the end of Feb 2019!

    Of course, mine did not since I have the grandfathered $20 unlimited add-on.

  • King Tony

    None of my 15 lines got this . Majority of them are on 2.5

    • pengko

      Johanna D: This offer is pretty much system generated and based on the plan itself. I believe the reason why the other reps are unable
      to actually provide the reason for the ineligibility of your current plan is to avoid jargons. But to put it simply, each of our plans have
      codes on them, the Data Bump program is eligible for certain plans with specific codes. I regret that the plan you are in is not listed
      under the plans that are eligible for the said program.

      You: ohh so what code does my plan have?

      Johanna D: Your plan code is SCFUTT6, while the plan codes that qualify are the following: SCFUTT4, PRSCFUTT4, GOVUTTP4,

      bullshiet from t-mobile if you ask me. those with the SCFUTT6 which is the 6+lines 2.5gb data wont get the data bump but the people 4+lines (4 and up to two more) gets the data bump…

      i have 9 lines total…

      • King Tony

        That’s a better response than I got. I was told the system randomly generated people to give the free upgrade too and there was no way they could replicate it over the phone.

  • zp

    I didn’t get it either. Not on my phone or tablet.

  • My concern is that people who did this seem to have been enrolled in DATAROLL.

    After March 2017, are we going to get our unlimited Data Stash back? Or are we going to be capped at 20GB under the new non-grandfathered Binge On terms?

  • Mike in KC

    I got the text a couple days ago. We’re on the 2.5GB family plan, so I got the additional 1GB.

    • Marek

      Does your account now say 3.5 GB? mine does not (was on 2.5 too, got te message on 9/8)

      • stuman19741974 .

        4 lines in my family got the text on Thursday. But I do not yet see any indication of it on my account via web login nor the iPhone TMobile app. Not nervous, but just not showing yet.

        • Marek

          FYI I got switched to 4 GB automatically about 3 weeks ago with the beginning of new billing period

  • Insight Spinner

    Tmo is a business, so I’m suspicious, but my take is simple. Unlimited Data is a means to easy customer loyalty while reducing reliance data hoarding and managing tethering — something I bet most people have not a clue how to use.

    I think T-Mobile is looking for an easy way to make good with users and minimize brand switching among those who are industry savvy (like people who post about free gifts from companies with suspicion…you know, us). Why else effectively get people to “sign-on” for 2.5 more years? If you look at income figures associated with a group who is now unlikely to switch, they get all kinds of economic benefits from saying they have a big group of people unlikely to leave. AND I think that data stash may be kind of like vacation days where the company might have to book that as a cash liability in that it is a product booked to be provided in the future. It’s gotta make them look better not to be on the hook for all the maxed out and open data stashes folks like us have.

    For all the uncarrier noise, and some strong third party ratings, T-mo is not taking tops in market share. Did I recently hear them listed as 4th in customer service or something? Not fact checking, but they could use a boost in that area.

    BTW, speed is atrocious in parts of Baltimore and, shockingly, in Chicago where I just dropped one of my kids for college (downs often under 1Mbps). I have the 10gb family plan with 5 lines, but I have been thinking about leaving for better network quality. This is the kind of carrot that will make me wait through the latest network growing pains and I think that has got to be their game.

    • jeffp3456

      Tethering is specifically excluded from the upgrade by TMO :-(

      • Insight Spinner

        Exactly. Your tethering does not upgrade

        • jkdawson

          My tethering we up to 10GB from 2

      • JMccovery

        From what I can understand, the 10GB plan people that are being upgraded to Unlimited are getting a hotspot limit of 10GB.

        Essentially, people are getting the Unlimited + 14GB hotspot add-on for free.

  • jkdawson

    Never got the text but after some confusing Twitter exchanges with T-Mobile I was told that they had bumped our 10GB family plan to the unlimited level.

    Oddly, when I look at my plan on the T-Mobile app or on the website my plan is unchanged.

    The one change is my data stash now says it has a one-time pass on it.

    Anyone else seen an actual change to their plan after the data bump?

  • Charmed79

    Does anyone know when this is supposed to kick in? We got the texts Thursday, as of today still shows us all with 10 gigs, yet noticed the stash now shows a pass that expires.

    • Dennis Mak

      If I remember correctly, it is supposed to be on the 23rd

      • Charmed79


  • liquidtheorems

    I received an upsell notice that my data plan, that worked yesterday does not work on my device, galaxy lite. I know have to upgrade my data plan and I can’t utilize any data services. How is this allowable?

    • Keith

      Call them and ask for a new phone that works.

  • jj201367

    I have 6 lines all on 2.5gb I was told that I would get extra 1gb on 9/23 but some CS say I don’t qualify. I guess I’ll wait tell 9/23 to find out if I get it or not

  • Mike Thaler

    We are on the 2G data (slowed after that). Our 6 lines rarely hit even 1G of data. Have been w. TM since they started in U.S. No offers.
    We pay 50+30+10+10+10+10. NA plan w. intl roaming.

  • i ahve 5 lines..
    4 lines of 2.5 are being moved to 3.5….but my line cause i have 6gb is not getting anything.. not fair

  • Nobody Special

    I was thinking that… due to this generous upgrade, those that are chosen to receive the upgraded unlimited plan may also be eligible to get the free monthly $3.99 Vudu credit.

  • stuman74

    I got that text notification a few weeks back, but has anyone actually seen the extra 1.0 GB showing on their plan when they login (web or app)?

    • johna

      not yet

      • stuman19741974 .

        Mine actually just showed up on my acct. Each of the lines that used to have 2.5 GB now have 4.0 GB (little more than I had expected). Not bad since when I initially signed up on this plan a few years ago, each of those lines only came with 1.0 GB (and no price change!).

        • Randy Green

          Me too, it was a pleasant surprise, I never received a text notification of an upgrade, but it shows 4.0 GB on each line now.

        • jj201367

          Mine showed 4gb today from 2.5gb and didn’t get a txt

        • Amit Shah

          I also got upgraded to 4.0 gb from 2.5 and did not get any text notifications.
          Are these plans eligible for the Binge on Video?

        • jj201367

          no they are not but i still watch it youtube anyways since i have 4gb of data

        • Randy Green

          It is eligible for binge on, I can toggle it on and off in my account.

        • Blue Mi

          Same here for me :) I am happy!

  • skywalkr2

    I just got my text that data stash was removed. Sucks becuase I never use the 10gb I have, and lost 20gb of data stash.

    • dsstrainer

      Yea I just got this as well.. what does this mean for us? looks like they changed from 10GB + 20GB in stash at full LTE speed, to 10GB at full LTE speed and anything over is at 3G speed. That’s some bull.

  • blokeinusa

    So I got upgraded from 2.5gb to 4gb on each of my line. We are on vacation and to entertain my kid we had him watch youtube during meal time. And from what I suspected binge on services aren’t included. I talked to tech today and they confirmed this was the case, whatever your base plan is, is what you actually get. So no binge on and data stash for us, but I’m ok with that since we don’t normally use a lot of data in our normal day to day activities.

    • dtam

      thanks for your post, I was wondering this and was hoping someone would confirm