T-Mobile Galaxy S9 and S9+ now receiving Android Pie update


Yesterday was a bit of a rollercoster for Galaxy S9 and S9+ owners on T-Mobile, as it looked like the Android Pie had been released, but then T-Mo said that the update was on hold. Now it looks like the rollout has actually begun.

Several users on Reddit and T-Mobile’s support forums are now getting Android Pie on their T-Mo Galaxy S9 and S9+ models. The updates appear to be the same version numbers as T-Mobile announced yesterday, with the Galaxy S9 getting version G960USQU3CSAB and the S9+ getting version G965USQU3CSAB.


These are major updates for the Galaxy S9 and S9+. Along with Android 9.0 Pie, they include Samsung’s new One UI, which moves interactive elements toward the bottom of the screen so they’re easier to reach. The update also brings a night mode to Samsung’s UI, which can help to stop you from being blinded by a bright white screen at night and save a bit of battery life, too.

T-Mobile has said that these updates also bring RCS Universal Profile 1.0, which offers an improved messaging experience when you’re chatting with another RCS user with features like typing and read indicators and larger file transfers. The updates also bring Band 28 roaming support and “various bug fixes and system improvements”, says T-Mo.

It’s unclear why T-Mobile announced these updates yesterday, then said that they were on hold, only to begin rolling them out to users shortly after. There are quite a few people getting the update now, though, so if you’ve got a T-Mobile Galaxy S9 or S9+, head into Settings > Software update > Download updates manually to check for your slice of Pie.

Sources: T-Mobile: Galaxy S9, S9+

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  • Reagan1

    Yep, just downloaded and installed it on my S9.

    • henryoyoung

      We’re you on the 9.0 beta or coming from O?

      • Mike Taylor

        I am on the beta and I haven’t got any notification that I can update.

        • Alix8821

          Watch us Beta Testers are forced to wait…..

        • henryoyoung

          Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, sounds like you have to deregister from the One UI beta program and then revert back to Oreo. And yes, it will do a factory reset… :^(

        • Alix8821

          Where did you see this? and that’s INSANE if true… Why have BETA then?!

        • henryoyoung
        • Alix8821

          CRAP, I don’t see the option to un-register myself in Samsung+ app…

        • djurlegit

          Samsung Members app

        • William Turner

          You can also force a downgrade with the Smart Switch application from a PC or MAC.

        • Wenjun Yu

          It is not necessary to roll back to Oreo. Just use Odin to flash the TMO Pie update with Home CSC. Won’t affect anything on your phone.

        • William Turner

          I had to use Smart Switch to roll back to Oreo. Once on Oreo and I checked for updates, it was right there. Unfortuantely Samsung Members doesn’t run on non-beta so I cannot update that community about the work around.

      • Reagan1

        Came from O.

  • beachtrax

    Downloaded it about 4 hrs ago on my S9 Plus. I was not on the beta. I had stock Oreo. Phone seems very snappy :)

  • D G.

    downloaded..only thing I’m not liking so far is that the embedded .gif software that use to come up in keyboard is gone now. it use to have the standard giphy/tenor one when you select gif but also another, better one, when you hit the stickers button on right side of message line..now instead of stickers and gifs..just stickers there and link to buy more stickers in galaxy store :(

    • Alix8821

      Assuming your using Samsung’s keyboard? Because that’s a non-issue with GBoard….

      • D G.

        yup same keyboard..only 1 selectable

        • Hector Rivera

          You need to Download GBoard from Google Play. The phone does not come with it…then you will see either option in input select

  • I installed it this morning. 0ne UI is phenomenal and along with dark Mode and many other improvements, i’m really happy with it so far. i just wish Dark Mode worked with themes….. hopefully they will rectify that soon.

    • David Coleman

      Very pleased with the response!

  • Francisco Peña

    I downloaded it, but didn’t install it yet. Waiting for tonight.

    Did any of you back anything up? Did you do factory resets before/after?

    • Hurlamania

      Didn’t back up anything but it’s your option incase things go wrong

      • Francisco Peña

        Other than the SMS Backup doing its thing earlier in the day, I didn’t back anything up and looks fine. I had told it to postpone, and at 1am, it decided to start it. Not happy that it did.

        that said, I’m not impressed with OneUI. Too cartoon-ish.

  • scruff317

    Always on display not working for me.

    • Hawkd90

      It works, there’s just new settings. Right now it defaults to tap to wake always on display. Go ahead and tap your black off screen you’ll see. Goto your always on display settings to make it like it used to be.

      • scruff317

        That did the trick, thank you Sir!!

  • Marcelo_L

    Again….I ask …… where is the Note 9 update?
    TMo… where?

    • Hurlamania

      The note 9 was released later so it should be updated later. One at a time…

      • Marcelo_L

        And it was released AFTER Pie was out and stable, it should’ve released with it.

        As much as I love my Note (I’ve owned 3 models so far), Samsung ALWAYS misses the boat to overtake the rest of the competition in this regard.

        It spends its time differentiating so much that lags behind ensuring the core experience benefits from Googles advances.

        • Alize Jen Alfonso Martinez

          You’ve had 3 Notes and never noticed the Note gets updated after the S line.

        • Marcelo_L

          I didnt say I didn’t realize it does…you’re missing the point that the newer the device, the more correct that presumption that it be in line with the releases of the OS.

          Those are 2 completely distinct things. It’s not as if Samsung has no insights into when a GM of an OS is going to be released by Google.

          My point is that Samsung, to do the right thing (After all it’s not as if it’s a stretch that Samsung has a bad rap for lagging on OS updates.), should and can do better with releasing updates to its OS builds to its Flagship devices. Period.

          It has absolutely nothing to with whether the S9 came out before the Note 9 or not. The Note 8 came out before the S9…if your logic were valid let’s update the Note 8 (No! The S7) to Pie first. Please. Get real.

  • Aaron Lafferty

    RCS is not enabled as of this release. T-Mobile is going to be pushing this out in a separate OTA update. Bummer

    • Hurlamania

      It states rcs is included it the update text as also stated above

      • Aaron Lafferty

        The profile might be on the device but it is not enabled at this time.

        • Wenjun Yu

          I can see my gf’s message status such as typing. I’m on S9+ she is on S9.

        • Paul Smackage

          Go into settings in Messaging-Chat settings, check Share typing indicators.

  • Tmo_User

    What??? No STIR/SHAKEN??? (Like the Note 9 just got.)

    • Hurlamania

      I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but when you get a call it says it’s a legit call now

  • Hurlamania

    Battery drains fast, some issues with messaging alerts and other alerts also some buffering with video and Twitter failing to refresh at times and Google play update checking hanging and need to keep checking until it shows updates. I’m sure a second update will be soon to follow

    • Paul Smackage

      Twitter seems a lot smoother for me. Spotify keeps crashing when I close the screen. Probably need to reinstall apps that are giving us issues.

    • Romdude

      No problems here, my 9+ is like before but now I don’t have to theme it for dark mode layout. I do like the navigation bars done the way they were.

  • Francisco Peña

    I’m not impressed with OneUI. Too cartoon-ish. I don’t like the clock on the notification bar on the left. Clicking the Recent Apps button, I don’t like the having to scroll across to get to the apps. I do like that I can see more of it than the scroll wheel look as previous, but I just don’t like scrolling to the side. i’m sure i’ll get used to it.

    Not a fan of rounded edges. DO like the dark theme. Be interesting to see its effect on my battery life.

    • Kev

      The clock on left and recent apps being horizontal is an android pie thing, not one ui.

      • Francisco Peña

        then I don’t like Pie.

  • Sans

    was able to download and install Pie update on my S9+, was trying to explore features…
    unable to find App Dashboard,Wind down and app timer options.. Is there a place where we can find the guide or settings list ?

  • Paul Smackage

    Does anyone know what the new messaging size limit is?

  • CAL_08

    Apparently the Samsung theme I was using isn’t compatible with the new upgrade and the new layout is a bit too cartoonish for my liking. I hope the software upgrades are worthwhile, but for now I’ve switched over to using Nova Launcher again to have more control over the looks.

  • the martian ambassador

    I’m reading some bad stuff about battery life for Note 9 with Pie. Will probably hold off on installing the update when it comes out.

  • Steve

    Anyone notice that you can’t tell whether or not WiFi Calling is actually active unless you go into the keypad and see the green wifi calling icon that you press to make the call?

  • Alex

    I don’t see any RCS features in Samsung messaging or android messaging. Why do they keep telling me I have RCS, cause I don’t. I have already checked my chat settings and there is no RCS features happening with our phones.