T-Mobile promo allows eligible Unlimited 55+ customers to add third voice line


Since its launch more than one year ago, T-Mobile’s Unlimited 55+ plan has had a limit of two voice lines per account. For a limited time, though, T-Mo is raising that limit.

T-Mobile is now allowing Unlimited 55+ customers with two voice lines to add a third voice line to their account. The promo began on November 7, according to a leaked document shared with TmoNews, and it’ll be available for a limited time. The total cost of three lines on an Unlimited 55+ account would be $90 per month with autopay, or $120 per month for three lines on Unlimited 55+ with the T-Mobile One Plus add-on.


To qualify for this promo, customers must have two voice lines on an Unlimited 55+ plan prior to November 2. Eligible customers should see a message in the Account Memo section of their account if they’re qualified. T-Mobile is also sending out text messages to alert customers to the offer, as you can see below.


T-Mobile’s Unlimited 55+ plan includes the features of T-Mobile One, like unlimited talk, text, and data, T-Mobile Tuesdays, usage in Mexico and Canada, and Simple Global texting and data, though it’s not eligible for the Netflix On Us offer. Normally the Unlimited 55+ plan tops out at two lines, so this promo could be a nice way to get another friend or loved one onto your Unlimited 55+ plan, especially since its $30 per month cheaper than three lines on a standard T-Mobile One plan.

Did you receive an alert from T-Mobile telling you that you’re eligible to add a third line to an Unlimited 55+ plan?

Thanks, anonymous and Conrado!

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  • Hurlamania

    That’s based on new pricing what about people that were on Old pricing with $10 for a second line instead of $20, they would be paying $30 for a third line not $20 or $10???
    Will there be different pricing depending on which plan you have the original or the one with the raised price???

    My mom has this with two lines she was wanting to add a third but I don’t think she’ll pay $30 more dollars for it. 10 yes 20 perhaps 30 no way that’s my guess just by knowing her

    • Ray

      Seriously? It’s $30 a line for excellent service. It’s not one of the budget carriers with sub-par service….it’s tmobile. My service is always excellent and my speeds are way faster than any other network i’ve been with. $30 a line is a steal. Check out the prices of the budget services and they are double! They didn’t have to offer a third line it’s a promotion.

      • Hurlamania

        Well it’s a 55 plus plan for older people people that might not have a lot of money and to pay an extra $30 for a line for a grandchild is a lot of money and she’s already paying $60 so you might want to consider before you make a comment people’s financial situation and what they pay and what they’re able to pay this wasn’t about me.

        • riverhorse

          Oh, please. The elections are over. Everything for almost nothing is done.
          And to give truth to your statement that someone has commented on her financial situation, here goes: Social Security is going up to almost 3k monthly next year.
          There are 3 major companies– Assurance is one, the other names escape me, that will give seniors and those with any Medicaid or Benefits card a free smartphone with free monthly Unlimited plus some data. $0 a month.
          Ditto Freedom Wireless promos from time to time.
          For a data step up, there are tons of Tmo mvnos like Mint, Republic, Ultra, etc. ad nauseam that have Unlimited plans plus a handful gb data between $15-$20 for one line, then a further multiple lines discount.
          It defies logic that yous wouldn’t be aware of all that.
          All this time she could’ve had more lines, free phones, and been paying less monthly.
          Even if Tmo magically adds a third unlimited everything line option for $10, you can still get more lines more cheaply elsewhere…as long as it’s not everything & unlimited at that.

    • riverhorse

      eeeekkkk! It’s Unlimited everything, plus international, plus free Tuesdays, no tax, plus a free limo ride to the store to pay the bill.

    • Brett S

      I’m with you, my mom is on the original 55+ pricing.

    • LaxerFL

      It comes out to $100 for 3 lines, all with unlimited talk text and 4G LTE data. That price includes all the taxes and fees and what not. Only thing extra you might have to pay is if you financed a phone to go with the plan.
      To get a similar setup on Verizon is like $20 more and that is BEFORE taxes and “fees”!!!

      It really is a very good deal!

  • the martian ambassador

    The 55+ plan is now $35/line so you are saving $5/line if you add the third line.

    I have 2 lines under the original price scheme which was $50 for the first line, $10 for the second, for a total of $60, and I also have the no longer available One Plus International on one line ($25).

    Later on, they raised the price to $70 for 2 lines at $35 each. That is a better deal if you are only interested in one line.

  • teaReactor

    My grandmother is grandfathered into a cheaper plan. Also the data is throttled at 3G which kind of sucks.

    • Whiskers

      BS . I am on the 55 + plan with my wife and it’s Not throttled at 3G .
      My wife and I get LTE service all the time with our Iphone XS phones and we have never been throttled even while hogging up data with the hotspots on .

      • teaReactor

        That’s what the T-mobile rep told me when I called. *shrugs*

    • LaxerFL

      Only the Mobile Hotspot data is limited to 3G. The phones themselves get full 4G LTE data speeds (where available of course).

  • jo fersel

    What nonsense. I too pay $60 for two lines on 55+. $50 for the 1st & $10 for the second. I was told by a rep that if they hadn’t laid this out. It would of only cost $10 extra. At most an extra line would be is $20 so, It’s kind of a kick in the face. I have only been with Tmobile for 8 months or so. Everytime I turn around there is some problem. I was better off prepaid with cricket

    • jo fersel

      But I guess I shouldn’t complain since I’m only 35. Haha