T-Mobile launching Global Plus add-on on November 9, leaked document shows


T-Mobile will soon roll out a new plan add-on aimed at customers who do a lot of international travel.

T-Mobile will launch a Global Plus add-on tomorrow, November 9, according to internal documents shared with TmoNews. Pricing will be set at $50, and Global Plus will be available for customers on a T-Mobile One plan.

With Global Plus, customers get unlimited high-speed data while roaming in a Simple Global country and 5GB of high-speed tethering usage in Simple Global countries. Also included is unlimited Simple Global to Simple Global calling at $0.00 per minute and unlimited messaging. Unlimited Stateside International Talk and Text is in there, too, which normally costs $15 per month and includes unlimited calls from the U.S., Mexico, and Canada to mobile numbers in more than 30 countries and landlines in more than 70 countries as well as unlimited texting to any country in the world where texting is available.


Finally, the leaked doc says that Global Plus includes all of the features of the T-Mobile One Plus International add-on, which was retired earlier this year. That add-on included features like unlimited 4G LTE usage in Mexico and Canada, unlimited 4G LTE mobile hotspot, HD video streaming, unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi, Voicemail to Text, and Name ID.

This Global Plus add-on is only available to T-Mobile One voice plans. According to the leaked document, business, government, No Credit Check, and prepaid accounts are not eligible. Also of note is that Global Plus is not designed as an add/remove feature and must be in place for the full bill cycle.

While the Global Plus add-on may not be cheap, it sounds like it could be a nice asset for T-Mobile customers who do a lot of traveling to Simple Global countries. Normally, Simple Global only offers unlimited 2G data, and adding T-Mobile One Plus for $15 only bumps you up to 256kbps speeds, but Global Plus will get you high-speed data to help get things done more quickly. As a reminder, Simple Global includes more than 210 countries and destinations around the globe. You can find the full list of Simple Global countries right here.

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  • Jonathan Glabman

    How is it different from the one plus international that I have?

    • JiGSaW525

      This maybe?

      Normally, Simple Global only offers unlimited 2G data, and adding T-Mobile One Plus for $15 only bumps you up to 256kbps speeds, but Global Plus will get you high-speed data to help get things done more quickly.

  • PC_Tool

    “That add-on included features like unlimited 4G LTE usage in Mexico and Canada, HD video streaming, unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi, Voicemail to Text, and Name ID.”

    Wow, way to drop the lede…

    The biggest feature of One Plus Int’l, was the unlimited LTE tethering. (I will not be giving that up any time soon…)

    • ChiTownT3x

      Yeah I noticed that too. Unlimited high speed in foreign countries is nice but not worth it if you have to drop the unlimited LTE tethering from the previous plan.

    • Alex Wagner

      Just added in a mention of that, too.

      • PC_Tool


        It’s just something that literally no other carrier in the US offered. I was so disappointed when they dropped it. It was one pretty major thing you could point to and claim “This is something only T-Mobile offers.”

    • the martian ambassador

      Yeah, I have One Plus International on one of my lines and it was a great deal at $25 with the tethering and unlimited Go Go inflight. It is, however, still subject to the deprioritization thresholds so it can be throttled when your combined phone data and 4G LTE tethering data reach the limit.

      • PC_Tool

        Yeah, but that limit is 50GB, and it only occurs when you are on a congested network.

        I surpass 50GB monthly and have yet to be throttled (I’m not trying to imply it doesn’t happen, I am simply offering an example proving that hitting that 50GB limit isn’t the equivalent of a network death-sentence.)

        • Andrew Prescott

          I regularly use over 100+ GB but never seem to be get reprioritized.
          I won’t be giving up my One Plus International anytime soon.

  • francob911 .

    Black Friday BOGO DEAL on any phone without. AAL and trade in credit

    • dcmanryan

      Keep dreaming.

  • pda96

    Why only available to One customers? Seems like TMO can make $$ by selling this to all customers.

    • Deadeye37

      Probably so that those that really need/want this will get off of their grandfathered plan.

      • pda96

        You would think so. To tell you the truth, I’m one of those. I have a Simple Choice plan and have been looking into switching to One. TMO has a $35/line One promo (4 lines for $140) that it offers now and then. But they won’t let me switch. I can only switch to the $40/line One plan. So that sucks. I don’t think TMO is that keen on moving all the legacy customers to the new One.

        • steveb944

          Have you threatened with leaving? Considering it’s an offer, and there’s no legal language/terms to exclude you, they should allow you to.

        • pda96

          No, I haven’t. I don’t want to go that route. It’s too aggravating. Going to the One plan would be a downgrade for me. I only want to do it because of the simplified billing and for all the promos. But I can stay with a SC plan forever if necessary.

    • Arnold Shoon

      I kinda agree – would love to see this offered as a simple choice add-on!!!

  • steveb944

    Great if you need/want a fully global device. But instead you get a double sim device or bring a backup phone to pop in pay as you go SIMs.
    More hassle, but I’m sure you’ll save especially if you frequent the same areas.

  • Joe2050

    Am I able to add this feature for one full bill cycle and turn if off before the next bill cycle?

    “Also of note is that Global Plus is not designed as an add/remove feature and must be in place for the full bill cycle.”

    • Trevnerdio

      Probably just means they don’t pro-rate.

    • Joe2050

      Looks like this will require changing to an entirely new plan altogether and you would lose any perks that you had when changing. Unfortunately its not worth it for me if that’s the case. I rather they update the international pass with unlimited high speed data that you can turn on/off each bill cycle.

  • Marcos

    ? so does this global plus plan offer back the unlimited lte teathering in the usa? like the older plus international plan that was discountinued? As i read this on the bottom it says includes all features of the one plus international.

  • Axel I

    Does it include unlimited calls to all numbers in SimpleGlobal countries when you are NOT roaming (since it apparently includes Stateside calling) or are we still split with landline/mobile for each individual country?

  • Nearmsp

    The current one day pass is $5 per day. So for a month the $50 plan would be cheaper. But who goes for months on end. Better to add and drop. Or better still buy a local SIM and for local data. With WhatsApp calls being free, who needs to use the phone network to make international calls? Essentially data is the name of the game.

  • JC

    I think the big question with this new plan is whether more than 50% of your usage has to be in the US for data and voice like current plans. If it does, then this plan is way to expensive because at least for me while in the US, I primarily use data on wifi so have limited data on the T-Mobile network. While abroad, I am more likely to use data because I am in unfamiliar areas so using maps more frequently, looking up locations of things, and just out and about far more than in a location with wifi access. That is the biggest downside to the current T-Mobile plans. I just received my first threat of being kicked off T-Mobile for using 55% of my data internationally over the prior 3 months which I had totally forgot about when opting for the T-Mobile One plus for $10 a month which offers 256 kbs speeds (2X the regular T-Mobile One Plan) in Simple Choice countries.

  • SirStephenH

    So basically T-Mobile ended a $15 international add-on in order for them to sell you a new, more expensive $50 international add-on with a couple added bells and whistles. T-Mobile’s been slowly jacking up prices over the past year, imagine prices if the Sprint merger is approved and it is on equal footing with Verizon and AT&T, thereby eliminating any reason to be price competitive.

  • Alex Diacre

    NOTE that if you have any kind of employee discount program on your account such as “Amplified” then you cannot get this plan which is disappointing.

  • I’m glad they added the unlimited 4G LTE hotspot back, as that was the most important part of the OnePlus International plan to me. Considering most high-speed internet services are $40-60, I think the pricing is still competitive, though I’m going to hold onto my $15 OnePlus International for dear life.

  • J.P. Avila

    It looks like we can sign up for the plan already – I had the option thru my TMobile App under the manage add ons for my phone line.

    I travel between the U.S. and France A LOT and I’m really curious to see how this plan will work out. Like many of you I have the great One Plus International and I didn’t want to get rid of it. So I ended up adding a line for $10 bucks and adding the Global Plus to the new line. Let’s see how it turns out…

    One thing, the CS agent that helped me told me that not all features of the One Plus International are included. However, she wasn’t able to tell me exactly which ones are/are not….

    • J.P. Avila

      So I’m in France and I can report that the high speed data is working fine after a few tweaks. In Switzerland everything worked ok, just needed to restart my phone like 2 times.

      In France the problem was with the APN. The Fast.t-mobile.com APN doesn’t register properly in France – I’m guessing it’s because they don’t have REAL LTE. When I changed the APN to epc.tmobile.com everything switched on. I’m getting about 7 mbps down, and like 3 up with a lag of 354ms. I know the lag is a bit crazy, but facetime is working fine and everything I need to do is working…

  • J.P. Avila

    Update: been in France for a week… LTE stopped working. Called T-Mobile and they’ve opened an engineering ticket… I used about 5 gigs of data and 6 gigs of tethering before the slowness… I’m back to 0.20 mbps down (similar to what I would get with the TMo One Plus)