T-Mobile One Plus International add-on will be discontinued on August 10th


August 10th will bring with it the launch of T-Mobile Essentials, T-Mo’s new plan for people who “just want the basics.” It’s now been confirmed that T-Mobile has another rate plan change planned for that date.

T-Mobile will discontinue its T-Mobile One Plus International add-on on August 10th. The carrier confirmed the news to me today, with the following statement:

“We simplified and made almost all of the features from ONE Plus International available on ONE Plus. We still offer Stateside International Talk as its own separate add-on option for customers and customers who have ONE Plus International can keep it for as long as they keep their plan.”

T-Mobile One Plus International includes unlimited international calls, unlimited 4G LTE data in Mexico and Canada, 256kbps data speeds in 210 countries and destinations, and unlimited Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi on flights to, from, and within the U.S. It also includes unlimited 4G LTE mobile hotspot, HD video streaming, Voicemail to Text, and Name ID. The add-on costs $25 per line per month.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile One Plus includes HD streaming, 10GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot data, 256kbps data speeds in 210 countries and destinations, Voicemail to Text, Name ID, and unlimited Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi on flights to, from, and within the U.S. That add-on currently costs $10 per line per month, but on August 10th, it’ll increase to $15 per month for a single line or $10 per month per line on a family plan, and it’ll also be bumped up to 20GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot usage.

Finally, the Stateside International Talk add-on that T-Mo offers is $15 per line per month. It gets you unlimited calls from the U.S., Mexico, and Canada to mobile numbers in more than 30 countries and landlines in more than 70 countries.


It’s always disappointing to see carriers eliminate rate plan options because it means fewer choices for consumers, and that’s the case with T-Mobile One Plus International, too. While the One Plus add-in is gaining more 4G LTE hotspot data on the 10th, customers who do a lot of traveling will likely miss One Plus International. The good news is that we learned about the add-on’s retirement early, so if it interests you, you should sign up for One Plus International before it goes away on August 10th.

Via: Reddit, Mobile Internet Resource Center

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  • The Borg

    Getting to the point that T Mobile and Verizon are becoming the same


      and this will make it easy for T-Mo customers to switch to Verizon. If my T-Mo bill goes up to match what Verizon charges (even if it’s $30 a month less), I will switch to Verizon in a heartbeat.

      • riverhorse

        What are you two smoking? How can your bill go up if you get grandfathered in?
        And how can your bill match Verizon’s IF it’s $30 less?
        Unless if account goes on delinquent status. Here’s a thought– if you give up drugs, you’ll have more money.


          First of all, a company can always change its rules and agreements. Worst case they can “sell” the company to another company just to scrap all it’s agreements. But what I meant is, if TMobile ever increases my fees (not saying they will, but if they do) them I would be pushed to go with a better wireless service. T-Mobile service for me used to be good, but now it’s too congested and show. Still works, but not as fast not the same coverage as Verizon. The low price is the only reason I am still with them.

        • SirStephenH

          Prices are a two year guarantee.

      • MrJohnDoe

        Your bill will never go up, unless you add on extras. Your basic bill (T-Mobile One) will never increase and you are grandfathered in.

        • SirStephenH

          Prices are only a two year guarantee.

    • Jason Caprio

      I hate to say this, but I told you so. I’ve been observing T-Mobile’s exponential growth and all of this doesn’t come for free. T-Mobile needs to pay their bills. Expect to see more price hikes in the future.

  • Hurlamania

    I don’t understand the point in discontinuing a add-on when T-Mobile is at a point where they want approval on a merger with Sprint and they’re already cutting customer choices and changing their plans with Sprint offering more than T-Mobile at this point also basically if you break it down T-Mobile one with the international add-on was $95 if you get T-Mobile one plus and add stateside you’ll get everything you would get with the one plus International and it would cost $100 and your hotspot would go from unlimited to 20 GB would be the only difference and you’d be paying $5 more. Doesn’t seem logical when you’re trying to merge to cut service and have things cost more when you say things are going to go down I guess things could go down if the merger does happen your rates will be doubled and then you could say will lower rates by $10 after you’ve raised him by $50 Pryor.
    I just see these moves with Sprint offering low plans with more than T-Mobile and T-Mobile changing their plans taking away things and having it cost more is more reason for the merger to be denied. I thought the merger would be a good thing but the recent actions of T-Mobile are showing that it probably would be a bad thing and these moves by T-Mobile and the goods moves by Sprint is showing great reasons that this merger should not happen.

  • icwhatudidthere

    “That add-on currently costs $10 per line per month, but on August 10th, it’ll increase to $15 per month for a single line or $10 per month per line on a family plan, and it’ll also be bumped up to 20GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot usage.”

    So no price increase for One Plus on family plans?

    • Terry Whitt

      That’s the way I interpret it. And no increase for those of us already locked into a promo rate.

  • Lit

    Really hoping that 20GB bump on hotspot applies to free one plus promo. :)

    • MrJohnDoe

      Same here. I have the $5 One Plus add-on.

    • Robert Roll

      it wont i already asked them you have to opt into the new plus option nothing prior will change

      • Asael Ramirez

        Robert is right – You will be grandfathered in with the current features of One Plus – and would have to opt in for the new One Plus that includes the 20GB that has the $5 increase fee.

    • Max

      It’s been awhile since anything new applies to the One Plus Promo. They practically froze it so you have to move out of it if you want any new add-on, promo, etc.

    • Terry Whitt

      I have the $5 One Plus promo. The way I interpret all this is that my LTE hot spot allowance will increase from 10 GB to 20 GB per month. The cost will remain the same as long as I don’t change my promo plan. The only issue for me is whether or not to lock in the One Plus International plan today (before it becomes unavailable) with unlimited hot spot (and unlimited Canada/Mexico LTE) in case I one day want to cut the cord and make regular use of the hot spot.

      The key for me in this decision is the company’s terminology. T-Mobile is specific that both Plus plans apply to LTE data, not what is to come in the future. When 5G comes it will undoubtedly come with new plans and new costs. With whatever Plus plan we have, we will need to decide whether or not to give up our current good deal for whatever 5G deal is offered next.

      For the time being, I’ll stick with my $5 One Plus promo and be grateful for the bump to 20 GB mobile hot spot use (if I ever decide to make use of it) and grateful my promo rate isn’t going away.

      • the martian ambassador

        The hotspot is not truly unlimited on One Plus International. Tethering data is combined with the data usage on the primary device and is subject to the same prioritization when total usage exceeds 50GB, plus data above 50GB must be primarily on the phone or tablet, not tethered devices.

    • Robert Roll

      i have 7 lines with taxes and fees included on my account 5 of them have the One Plus Promo and the other 2 has the soon to be expired One Plus International and one of my lines is free from the add a line get a line if i need hot spot data for anything major i just grab one of those lines i live in rural America i have access to nothing else for high speed and what is available cost more for slower speeds.. i understand they are a business but at least keep the Unlimited Hot spot option around even if its a add-on for the One Plus for like 30$ more for just that only

  • Uri

    I am on T-Mobile one plus promo 2/100$ A month with international calls unlimited now with that plan would that change my plan or am I grandfather in on my plan?

    • Whatever plan you currently have, you’ll be grandfathered in. This is what T-Mobile has always done, so don’t see an issue unless stated otherwise somewhere….

  • Ryan

    The only thing I’m seeing is that T-Mobile is effectively discontinuing any option to have unlimited 4G hotspot…

    • Robert Roll

      why i am hanging onto that feature

    • TaskForce141

      Unlimited LTE wi-fi hotspot = people cancelling their home internet and using T-Mo for everything. Now that’s real cord-cutting !!!
      I bet you too many people were doing that and causing traffic problems for T-Mo.

  • GoFarKid

    What a re-carrier move!

  • So what’s actually going away? I’m seeing a lot of duplicate features listed between the One Plus and International plans listed in the article text? Would have been much more helpful to specifically call out what the actual change is. At least put the features in the same order…

    T-Mobile One Plus International includes unlimited international calls, unlimited 4G LTE data in Mexico and Canada, 256kbps data speeds in 210 countries and destinations, and unlimited Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi on flights to, from, and within the U.S. It also includes unlimited 4G LTE mobile hotspot, HD video streaming, Voicemail to Text, and Name ID. The add-on costs $25 per line per month.

    Meanwhile, T-Mobile One Plus includes HD streaming, 10GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot data, 256kbps data speeds in 210 countries and destinations, Voicemail to Text, Name ID, and unlimited Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi on flights to, from, and within the U.S. That add-on currently costs $10 per line per month, but on August 10th, it’ll increase to $15 per month for a single line or $10 per month per line on a family plan, and it’ll also be bumped up to 20GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot usage.

    One Plus:
    1) HD streaming
    2) 10GB LTE hotspot (soon 20GB)
    3) 256kbps in 210 countries
    4) voicemail to text
    5) name id
    6) unlimited gogo
    $10 (soon $15 if only one line)

    One Plus International (deprecated):
    – unlimited international calls
    – unlimited LTE mexico/canada
    – 256kbps (3, but is this even accurate?)
    – gogo (6)
    – unlimited LTE hotspot (upgrade to 2)
    – HD video streaming (1?)
    – voicemail to text (4)
    – name ID (5)

    That’s the best I can do right now without looking anything up.

    • SirStephenH

      -Unlimited international calls
      -Unlimited LTE in Canada and Mexico
      -Unlimited LTE hotspot (the only unlimited LTE hotspot option available among all carriers)

      International calling is available via an add-on.

  • Asael Ramirez

    What’s going on with T-Mobile — I have the $25 One Plus International — because I call Europe often, travel to Mexico and use Unlimited LTE and use the my hotspot often for school. I hope they are going forward and not backwards. They already increased rates for the regular One Plus by $5. They are doing it again.

    • KMB877

      May I suggest you to switch to Ultramobile (actually a T-mobile MVNO)? Except Switzerland cellphones and Netherlands cellphones, all calls to Europe, Mexico, Canada (77 countries) are included. During international travel, 25 c/min all calls. Wifi calling works too. Unlimited (inside US) LTE = $45/month.
      I’m an international traveler too, I’m using a cell with 2 SIMs and all possible LTE bands (ZTE Axon 7). My 2nd SIM card is from Project Fi, I’m using this SIM for LTE, no additional cost in international roaming. Project Fi service can be suspended for 120 consecutive days…

      • Asael Ramirez

        No, I have the T-Mobile Military Plan with 5 lines – so T Mobile is beneficial to me.

  • Kevna

    So T-Mobile said they’re not raising rates. But they’re raising the price of add ons. I still have one plus for $5/month and it’s going to be $15 now. So I’m paying a $120 less a year then a new customer will for same service!

    • MrJohnDoe

      So what? Add-ons are just that, add-ons, which are optional. No one said you have to get it.

      • Kevna

        Yeah obviously they’re optional, but if you want to watch videos in higher then 480p without buffering then you need this add-on. Doesn’t bother me I’m locked in at the $5/month!

    • Robert Roll

      i have the One Plus Promo on all my lines.

  • MrJohnDoe

    With T-mobile One, yes.

  • PC_Tool

    Good lord; they are getting rid of the one thing that, in my mind, truimped every other carrier in the states.

    No other carrier had any way for you to get unlimited LTE hotspot. T-Mo was it – your only option.

    They are sliding downhill fast. Why do they keep bleeding away what made them stand out? Taxes and fees paid? Not on Essential. Unlimited LTE otspot? Sorry, we no longer offer that.

    Hopefully their upcoming announcement stems the slide.

    • Jason Caprio

      I’ve been predicting this for years. As soon as T-Mobile has equal footing as Verizon and AT&T, you will see more “carrier” moves, not “un-carrier”.

      Once T-Mobile is no longer an underdog, they are going to keep raising prices and getting rid of perks that attracted customers to them in the first place.

      • PC_Tool

        Lets not hold out any hope or anything…

  • pda96

    The Un-Carrier is regressing, it seems. TMO will get worse as they grow. Soon, the Evil Twins with become the Evil Three.

    • Asael Ramirez

      Not only that — these low price plans and add-ons are not sustainable in the long run. John already knew that when he took over T-Mobile – desperate times called for desperate measures. Something has to pay for the contract buy outs, mergers, spectrum buys, upgrades, and etc…

  • Austin-Wyatt Petersen

    Im hoping that this has to do with the upcoming uncarrier event. Then again, John Legere has turned into a total asshole who doesn’t care about his customers anymore. T-Mobile Tuesdays is the biggest bullshit gamble ever. The same deals you get on there, you can get without T-Mobile Tuesdays. I feel like the deals from Sprint are way better and should the merger go through, we should all switch to Sprint right before they finalize the deal.

    • Asael Ramirez

      I have to agree – people could of emailed him to fix problems and things would get fixed — now, it’s like calling Customer Service.

    • SirStephenH

      “The same deals you get on there, you can get without T-Mobile Tuesdays.”

      Really? How are you able to regularly get free food, $5.50 in VUDU credits, free or $5 (including 3D and any day of the week) movies, year long magazine subscriptions, etc without T-Mobile Tuesdays?

      • Austin-Wyatt Petersen

        $2 at Dunkin’ Donuts is a sugar packet. You don’t need Vudu credits, you can find anything online for free somewhere. Magazine subscriptions that no one has ever heard of or care about. They don’t even do free movie tickets… they give you $5 off for it. Theatres want to fill seats so badly, that unless it’s a blockbuster movie, you can either get in free or find promo codes online. Even that stupid 8 week class subscription that they did, it was the companies primary trial offer for anyone. And do I look like I want to wear a dog scarf or a t-mobile apron. They should give that shit to good will. The whole thing has gotten so stingy that opening the app is just a waste of my time now.

        • Nobody Special

          I get $2 dunkin donuts x 8 …. so i get $16 of dunkin donuts (FYI: you can buy other things other than donuts… they sell T-shirts, coffee mugs, etc., even if there are no dunkin donuts nearby, you can use the credit via their website. And another thing i should warn you about, watching pirated movies online is illegal. Kids read these post too, I wouldn’t want you to blindly encourage someone to endulge in illegal practices.

          I subscribed to Popular Mechanics, Car and Driver, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Esquire, Men’s Health, Women’s Health…. those are the most popular magazines out there…. have you never heard of these magazines my friend?

        • the martian ambassador

          I like the Tuesday promotions. I’ve gotten free magazines, free MLB, free movie tickets, free coffee, what’s wrong with that ?

    • decisivemoment

      I wouldn’t say he’s turned into a jerk….he’s just noticed that Trump has staffed the FCC with total patsies, so he and his management team have dialed back on the Uncarrier theme and are proposing to take over Sprint and flip a few switches in Kansas City as opposed to actually having to work for a living and building a network up by, you know, building it up. If this merger goes through, make no mistake…..our rates will go up, new network build-out will slow down, and our service will be cut back. Now, let’s suppose Dish, who have objected to the merger proposal along with employees, consumer groups and customers both large and small, got to take Sprint over instead? Then you’d have a financially viable fourth network, all four networks would have adequate low-band spectrum, and T-Mobile could go back to Uncarrier-ing their way to the head of the table the way they’ve done so well the past few years….then we’d have real mobile and internet service for competitive rates.

  • Melissa Cardenas

    This is still okay for me because it works in armenia . I used Verizon in Armenia and came home to a 2,000 dollar bill . Tmobile may be 256kbps in armenia but at least they don’t charge ,I’ll take that anyday over Verizon’s high roaming charges in armenia since they have no option for use over there . Verizon don’t even include armenia in their travel pass countries. So your straight up paying 50 dollars each roaming gig .

  • pmichos

    I have an unadvertised promotion from years ago for state side international calling abroad to landlines and cellular lines for $10 for all 10 of my lines. $10 total not $10 per line. I’ll never give that up!!!

    • pseudoswede

      It was briefly advertised when it was first introduced. I think you only had a two week window to get that offer. I’m so glad I did. Simple Choice for life.

      • pmichos

        T-Mobile called me for that promotion and asked me if I wanted it.

        • Nobody Special

          T-Mobile called me too!!!! THE Rep started to tell me she can save me money…. i told her “No thank you”, because usually a rep or salesman use that line and you end up paying more than you bargained for. But in my case my wife already had the only line with statside international calling and texting for $15 dollars. The rep stated I can get it on my phone too for only $10 a month. I told her “No thank you”. She was very persistent and delightfully caring and calmy explained that I would be charged only $10 for all the lines on my account to have Statside International calling and text. i was speechless…. i then stated “Sign me up”….

          now i have 5 lines with unlimited 4G data and Family Stateside International calling for a total of $110 + taxes + fees. (WIN win x 5)

    • Rene Shabastari

      I had that and upgraded it to $5 (mind blown!) for all 5 of my lines! [Fam Stateside Intl T&T Promo]
      I wanted to change to the no tax plans but this feature alone will literally make it impossible to ever change carrier or plan. I guess that’s a win-win for T-Mo and myself

    • CravingMender9

      I have that too. Never going to let that go. That’s the ONE thing that is keeping me from switching!

    • Phone Guy

      I have that same promotion for $5 for all of my lines but I gave it up because you don’t get any of the new features whatsoever. You are left in the Dark Ages. You probably won’t get any 5G when it comes out. You don’t get the international in Canada and Mexico and you don’t get a lot of other stuff. But if you really make a lot of international calls everybody then I guess it’s worth it.

    • OZ

      I called them to get it as soon as I learned, and got the $5 plan for local phones, for all 10 lines. The issue I have is with Mobile Without Borders, which I also have in my plan, and any call originated from MX or CA to international local destination, get charged $3 per minute. I need to contact support via twitter everytime to get this fixed. Once I got charge $105 for just 1 call originated from MX.

    • steveb944

      They brought it up here on TmoNews years ago and a few of us snatched it up. We’ll never see anything like it again.

  • Asael Ramirez

    I am saving roughing $20-25 a month in taxes for all my lines.

  • the martian ambassador

    This was announced with less than 2 days notice, I suspect it is related to what’s coming on the 15th. Implementing draconian restrictions on tethering doesn’t sound very Uncarrier to me, but let’s see what the announcement entails before Judge Judy issues her ruling.

  • conservative_motorcyclist

    wish I saw this earlier…I am on a simple choice unlimited plan which includes unlimited streaming at full resolution. I have two tablets. One is on the $20 2 gb plan, and the other is on the old $20 5 GB plan. I never sprung for one plus because of the extra $25. Guess I should have…

  • decisivemoment

    Not early enough. T-Mobile’s shotgun short notice on the International plus plan meant when I took my eye off the ball for a few days — I’d been waiting to switch from Verizon until the new flagship phones came out — I was caught out. So I am going to AT&T instead, as at least they have a promotion in my market that’s been running for a few months heavily and permanently discounting home internet service by $40 which will enable me to ditch Comcast, break the 1TB cap again and get decent TV back again, all at a lower rate. That promotion ends August 31….I’ll just have to stick with Google voice for calls to the UK, and I’ll have to be careful on the hotspot, but T-Mobile just vaporized their own competitive advantage, so it is what it is.