T-Mobile Essentials is a new rate plan that’s launching August 10th


It’s not often that T-Mobile introduces a whole new rate plan, but today that’s exactly what the carrier has done.

T-Mobile Essentials is a new plan that aims to offer just the basics of a smartphone plan. It’s got unlimited talk, text, and smartphone data, as well as some benefits like unlimited 3G mobile hotspot and T-Mobile Tuesdays. Customers also get unlimited talk, text, and 2G data in Mexico and Canada as well unlimited texting and $0.25 per minute calling in other international destinations.

What’s not included in T-Mobile Essentials are features like free Netflix for family plans. T-Mo also says that if you switch to the new plan, you will lose discounts on service like free line promotions, but you can keep most device promos when you’re getting monthly bill credits. Also of note is that taxes and fees are extra with T-Mobile Essentials. Video streaming on the new plan is limited to 480p quality, and during times of network congestion, T-Mobile Essentials customers may encounter slower speeds.

T-Mobile Essentials will be available beginning August 10th. Pricing starts at $60 per month for a single line and goes up to $30 per month for the second line and $15 per month for lines 3-6. These prices do include autopay. If you decide to skip autopay, you’ll have to pony up $5 more per month.

There will be some extras available for the T-Mobile Essentials plan for customers who need them. A $5 24-hour Global Pass will give 512MB of up to 4G LTE data plus unlimited calling in Mexico, Canada, and other international destinations. If you’d like to upgrade to 4G LTE mobile hotspot, you can pay $10 per month to get 10GB at LTE speeds.

Having more options is always a good thing, and that’s what T-Mobile Essentials gives T-Mo customers. If you just want a plan for your smartphone and don’t need extras like Netflix or add-ons for heavy international usage, the new T-Mobile Essentials plan can help you save a little cash each month.

One other tidbit in today’s announcement is that T-Mobile is increasing the high-speed mobile hotspot allotment included with T-Mobile One Plus. The add-on currently offers 10GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot data, but that’ll be bumped up to 20GB starting August 10th. The price of T-Mobile One Plus will also be increasing, going to $15 per month for a single line. Family plans can get One Plus for $10 per month per line.

Source: T-Mobile


  • The Borg

    Sounds like they’re copying Verizon for a change

  • johnny1421

    4 lines cost $120/month on this new plan before taxes. $160 with T-Mobile one with taxes included. Taxes on 4 lines where I lived was roughly $27. Add free netflix and it’s basically the same price. Nice deal T-Mobile

    • pda96

      You’re right. Taxes/fees are NOT included. This is a BS plan.

      • johnny1421

        From the press release “T-Mobile Essentials will be available in T-Mobile stores nationwide starting August 10 and starts at $60 for a single line, $30 for the second line and just $15 per line for lines 3-6, plus taxes and fees with autopay”

    • PC_Tool

      Kinda crap they aren’t including taxes/fees. That was their big thing.

      Well, at least it’s just an option – one we can ignore.

      • Sayahh

        We were all expecting Sprint to become more like T-Mobile; turns out, T-Mobile is trying to become more like Sprint.

    • yankeesusa

      Only issue is that you cannot pay to get full hd video which makes a difference when watching netflix or youtube.

  • Joe2050

    Is this the new Un-carrier announcement?

    • pda96

      No. That’s on the 15th of this month.

    • GoFarKid

      More like the re-carrier announcement

  • Acdc1a

    So now they can go carrier and advertise 4 lines for $120 when in reality it will be $132+

    • pda96

      I have the 10GB/line Simple Choice plan. Since I have 4 lines, I’m paying $120. When taxes/fees are included, my total bill is $137. Since no one in my family is a heavy data user, switching to this new plan would be a downgrade because we’ll lose the 5GB 4G LTE data in Canada/Mex and the hot spot. No thanks, TMO. Try harder!!

      • yankeesusa

        So true. This plan would be great if they would let you add the full hd video option but they don’t. I currently have the select choice 1 line unlimited plan with employer discount still attached and 7gb hotspot and after taxes it’s $41.35 a month, i am unable to add a line so my wife is on cricket on the 5gb plan so it’s only $82 a month for both of us and i have 2 different services that i can use while traveling in case one has better coverage in a certain area.

        • Acdc1a

          The last 2 for $100 promo would have been a good deal to jump on.

  • dl_crash

    No deal here. If essentials was taxes included, they may have something worth talking about. If you use the free Netflix on T-Mobile One this will cost the same and get you a lot less. At least they cleaned up plan confusion with Simple Choice, TMO One, One Plus, One 55+, One Military, One taxes excluded, One no credit check, One wearable, One tablet, Essentials…………………shoot, never-mind it’s more confusing than ever.

  • pda96

    Also, with the introduction of this new Essential plan, there won’t be the $140 for 4 One lines ($35/line) promo they had a while back. It would defeat the purpose of having the Essential plan.

    • Andrew Singleton


  • Joe2050

    Anyone know if this applies to existing OnePlus members getting the bump from 10 to 20 GB hotspot? or is this only for new members?

    • riverhorse


      • Joe2050


        • Andrew Singleton

          He’s wrong. Please ignore.

      • Andrew Singleton

        Absolutely not. Delete this comment. T-Mobile would never do that.

        • The One

          Why not?! This way, T-mobile would have one less plan to manage and could impose the same limits across the board.

        • Andrew Singleton

          Sorry I thought he was referring to the price increase. Managing more than one version of a plan or product is pretty normal at this point. 3 jumps, 5 tmobile ones, 7 trillion simple choices.

      • the9thlion

        Is the price increase for everyone as well or only new customers? If you know

  • Deihmos

    So happy I got that one line free and One Promo plan. 3 lines all at unlimited for $100 a month with tax included. I also get a credit of $10 for a line that does not use much data. That’s the best deal.

    • Sharti24

      Looks like you didnt get in on the 20% hookup discount they offered at the time

      • Deihmos

        I was already a T-Mobile customer.

      • The One

        That hookup was a game changer. I switched from AT&T the same day I found out about it. Went from 2 lines of capped data at 15gb/mo (total, not each line) @ $140/mo (before taxes) to 3 lines, with unlimited data (one plus), for only $80/mo.


  • NapoleonSol0

    I pay my bill early every month. Why am I penalized $5 just because I don’t want T-mobile sticking their hand in my bank account every month?

    • SirStephenH

      Auto-pay saves companies money. I don’t understand why someone would complain when a company passes on some of their own savings along to their customers.

      • Startswithaj

        I think there might be legitimate complaints about auto pay “discounts”. Last I checked, their smart watch plan is at least $5 more than Verizon & AT&T at $15/month before the so called auto pay discount. Why are they charging more? It seems to me because it’s really a hidden fee. Reminds me of stores that raise prices and then call selling it for the normal price a “sale”.

    • Genecio

      What you can do is set up a prepaid card to your T-mobile account as autopay e.g. (Cash App Card, Amex Serve, etc.) then pay your bill the same way you’ve been paying it. As long as it is paid in full 3 days before the due date, T-mobile won’t auto-draft the balance. That way they don’t have your Real Banking Information and you still take advantage of the AutoPay discount.

  • SirStephenH

    “The price of T-Mobile One Plus will also be increasing, going to $15 per month for a single line.”

    Didn’t T-Mobile just say a few days ago that they weren’t going to be increasing prices on unlimited plans? Didn’t take them long at all to go back on that promise.

    • Richard Finzel

      Just a preview of the merger. So long as it goes through.
      I guess Tmobile is like AT&T after all (using its customers to finance their buyouts through price hikes)

      • Andrew Singleton

        *eye roll* this is an additional offering that human beings with free will may choose to take advantage of, or not. it is literally a budget plan, so, what?

    • Yonatan Ben Magen

      The T-Mobile One Plus is an optional add-on and not an Unlimted plan offering by itself.

      Its mainly a Data pool of 4G hotspots for your TV/Laptop. They are doubling the amount of Data (10GB -> 20GB for 50% more a month $10->$15 – you also get other perks, HD streaming instead of 480 SD, free unlimited inflight Wi-Fi, VM to SMS, Name ID, 2X Data speed internationally.

      If I can add a 2nd line (out of six) for $20 a month (but they may require it on all lines for $10).

  • NardVa

    Offering an unlimited plan that caps video at 480P is basically an over priced talk and text plan because video is useless. Most people don’t mind because they stay on wifi most of the time.

    This whole wave of adding extras (that some people don’t want) to justify the price is what the cable companies do. Give you a channel package with 150 + channels (you only care for 15 to 20 channels) and charge you all this money. Making you pay for channels you don’t want.

    • the9thlion

      480p is perfectly fine on a mobile screen for the vast majority of users. Personally, I do notice the difference but I’d hardly call it useless. It’s acceptable.

    • Andrew Singleton

      As a professional customer complaint receiver, noone has ever once complained about 480p ever. Also you’ve just assumed that video is the only thing on a smartphone that uses data? A la carte pricing saves people money because they aren’t forced to buy what they don’t need, so I’m just gonna disagree with alllllll of this.

    • matt

      with 480 p enabled, i don’t really notice a video quality issue, but it seems to take longer for the video to start playing

  • Sharti24

    Not including taxes and fee’s into the new plan is a joke. With enough backlash tmobile might change it before the plan launches.

  • Andrew Singleton

    1-line plans have never included Netflix. $90 for 2 lines versus $120 is substantial savings.

    • JG

      It’ll be cheaper, but not “substantial”… Don’t forget it’s $90+ taxes, while the $120 already has taxes factored in.

      Google says the average national tax rate is just over 17%, so depending on where you sign up, the bill for 2 likes should come out to somewhere in the neighborhood of $105.30, so you’d only be saving $14.70 (or $9.70 if you don’t opt for auto-pay).

  • JG

    According to Google, the national average for taxes on a mobile plan is 17%. 17% of $60 is $10.20, so you’re looking at a bill of $70.20. If you have a significantly lower tax rate it might work. But for single lines, for what it’s worth, I’d probably recommend sticking with the standard One plan myself.

    • stuman19741974 .

      17% would be a break for me! In Chicago suburbs, I’m paying about 23-24% over the service cost (taxes, fees, 911, etc) per line.

  • Hurlamania

    you would think T-Mobile would go the other way with Sprint offering such great deals right now for bring your own phone you can get it for as low as $45 and it’s better than T-Mobile one plus so I don’t know why they would put this plan in they need to do a promo on a one plus to compete with Sprint you’re better off to go get the Sprint offer and wait for the merger and then you’ll be a T-Mobile customer with a lot more for a lot less. Also I didn’t see any mentioned but normally when they increase the hotspot allotment they also increase it on grandfathered plans as well I guess we’ll find out together

  • coakl

    re: “During congestion, Essentials customers may notice speeds lower than other customers, and further reduction if using >50GB/month”

    That means Essentials customers will be the first ones to have their data slowed, if the tower is congested. Priority De-prioritization…this is Uncarrier?
    More like Un-caring. I thought the Metro PCS folks were slowed first.

    Then as a Phase 2 slow-down, speeds drop even more on that congested tower, if they’ve been heavy data consumers.

    • It’s more likely that MetroPCS customers are deprioritized first, then essential customers, then ONE customers.

  • The Borg

    Kinda wonder who’s bright idea this was. Totally worthless

    • Phone Guy

      It’s ingenious for marketing. It’s not a great rate plan at all but it will definitely help them to Salt rate plans

  • Lit

    Those with the free one plus promo will get the 20GB bump? Anyone know?

    • Joe2050

      It looks like it’s only 10GB for the one plus promo

  • Phone Guy

    Everyone is missing the one takeaway! T-Mobile is doing this so they can post a new big flyer in the window of every T-Mobile store with lower rates–the “I got ya”. Every carrier has “unlimited from $40” on a big sign in the window, then in fine print, with 4 lines plus taxes and fees. T-Mobile needs a trolling poster as well to get people to walk into the store. Then up-sell them to the fairly solid T-Mobile One plan. Most VZ and AT and SP customer don’t realize TM includes taxes, so when you are out to dinner and you see a $40 T-Mo poster and a $40 VZ poster, they look similar even though VZ is really much more expensive when the bill comes.

    T-Mobile always has a disadvantage with the other carriers that don’t include taxes because their posters / ads are more appealing until the real bill comes in. Now, for the super price sensitive customers, they will see the lower taxes-not-included plan in a magazine or web site, and come on in. Its not really trickery as the are already having to add on taxes and fees with their home phone and existing mobile plan.

    • matt

      the new essentials plan DOES NOT INCLUDE TAXES AND FEES

      • Phone Guy

        That is exactly what I said. That’s why they can advertise it with a lower price. Well I love taxes and fees included most people have no clue that anybody offers back so they will now have a lower price listing for an upfront price. It’s not a great deal but yes of course it does not include taxes and therefore it is now on the same playing field as all the other plans.

  • squiggleslash

    It’s actually much better if you’re doing multiple lines. Two lines on Essentials is $90 + taxes (call it $100-110 with), rather than $120 inc taxes Three lines? $105 ($115-125) rather than $140.

    Not a huge saving, but not that awful.

  • EF

    Still not enough to lure me in since I would lose a free tablet plan and one free phone line + digits beta line out of 4 regular lines on my 2 Gb grandfathered plan: $90 per month plus tax vs $120+ for just 4 lines, no tablet. In a pinch, I use my tablet data on rare occasions that I run out of phone data while on the road.