Samsung Galaxy A6 and Galaxy Tab S4 launching at T-Mobile this Friday with deals in tow


T-Mobile has a couple new Samsung devices launching this week.

The Samsung Galaxy A6 and Galaxy Tab S4 are launching at T-Mobile this Friday, November 9. Pricing for the Galaxy A6 will be set at $16 down and $16 per month for 24 months, or $400 full retail. The Galaxy Tab S4 will cost $28 down and $28 per month for 24 months, or $700 full retail.

T-Mo will also offer discounts on both devices. Customers interested in the Galaxy A6 can save $144 when they add a new line and enroll in autopay, which would bring the price to $16 down and $10 per month for 24 months.

T-Mobile is also offering a deal that’ll get customers half off the Galaxy Tab S4 when they buy the tablet on EIP with a new 6GB or higher Simple Choice or T-Mobile One mobile internet plan. With that discount, the Tab S4 will be priced at $28 down and $13.42 per month for 24 months with bill credits and autopay.

When it comes to specs, the Samsung Galaxy A6 has a 5.6-inch 1480×720 Super AMOLED screen, 1.6GHz octa-core Exynos 7884 processor, and 3GB of RAM. There’s 32GB of built-in storage, but you can add more with a microSD card if you’d like. Samsung has included 16MP cameras on both the front and back of the Galaxy A6, and there’s NFC, facial recognition, a fingerprint reader, Android Oreo, and a 3300mAh battery included as well.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is equipped with a 10.5-inch 2560×1600 Super AMOLED display as well as a 13MP rear camera for your quick tablet photo captures and an 8MP front camera for video calling. Also included is an octa-core Snapdragon 835 processor paired with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of built-in storage, and there’s a 7300mAh battery powering the whole package. Like the Galaxy A6, there’s a microSD slot for adding more storage if you need it.

Rounding out the Galaxy Tab S4’s feature set is Android Oreo, facial recognition and an iris scanner, quad speakers for an improved entertainment experience, and an included S Pen stylus. Also of note is that Samsung sells an optional keyboard cover for $149.99 that’ll give you a physical keyboard so that you can more easily get work done.

One other detail worth mentioning is that both the Galaxy A6 and Galaxy Tab S4 support T-Mobile’s 600MHz LTE coverage, which is now live in more than 1,500 cities and towns. 600MHz LTE reaches farther and is better at penetrating buildings compared to mid-band LTE.

It’s good to see T-Mobile continue to expand its roster of 600MHz LTE devices, especially when that includes another tablet. We don’t see many new, high-end Android tablets anyumore, so the Galaxy Tab S4 could be worth a look if you like to get work done on your tablet. That’s especially true if you can take advantage of T-Mo’s deal to help get the price down a bit.

What do you think of the Galaxy A6 and Galaxy Tab S4? Are you thinking about picking either one up later this week?

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  • resource

    Would’ve liked to have seen some trade-ins for these devices. Maybe Black Friday will bring some better deals

    • CasperTFG

      Exactly. I have a OnePlus device I’d like to trade-in.

      • Iphart

        Let me know if anybody anywhere is offering any trade-in for the OnePlus devices!

        • Contradude

          If you go today, you will get $300 off the oneplus 6t with any oneplus trade in. Today is the last day though.

      • Contradude

        If you go today, you will get $300 off the oneplus 6t with any oneplus trade in. Today is the last day though.

        • CasperTFG

          I’m doing it. Trading in my beloved mint OnePlus One with the bamboo styleswap cover.

  • icwhatudidthere

    Sucks that they’re using a year old SOC in this supposedly “premium” tablet, but only being $50 more for LTE kinda softens the blow.

  • CasperTFG

    So the $13.42 per month for the S4 includes the data plan?

    • riverhorse

      Yeh, plus free car service to go pay the bill in the store.

  • riverhorse

    $400 for another 5½”,720p,32gb phone? No thanks.
    The S4, with those starter specs(for 2019) of 4&64gb should have that A6 $400 price tops. Tablets need more GB in order to virtual run other OS apps, what would make them real useful is ability to also get work done on them- ergo Windows/Linux/Chrome/Mac software.

    • Acdc1a

      My Z3 Play blows this out of the water. Some people have to have their TouchWiz though…

  • teaReactor

    64GB minimum.

    • riverhorse

      And that bare 64 minimum at an equally bare price. Instead of present 32 at 128+ price

  • pda96

    Why the hell would I want to add a new line for a meager discount on a cheapie phone? Talk about dreaming big, TMO.

    • Iphart

      Yep what a joke.

    • Acdc1a

      If you’re adding anyway and MUST have a Samsung why not?

      • Pak T

        Ya, for example, my youngest daughter is about the age where I might want to get her a line. Currently she uses one of our old S5 on WiFi only, so she is already used to Samsung. Since I would need to get her a line anyway AND wouldn’t get her a premium phone at her age, this is not a bad deal.

  • KeepU

    Do I get the discount if I replace an older tablet with data or does it have to be on a new line?

    • the martian ambassador

      It says you need to add a line, so probably not. Adding the line at $20/mo offsets the discount. You end up paying full price for the tablet, but get the line discounted to 5.42/month for 2 years, well that’s one way to look at it.

      These bill credit discounts are annoying to me. Why make people purchase the tablet on an EIP to get the discount if they are willing to pay for the device up-front ? They can still make you agree to keep the new line for 24 months.

      I like putting these device purchases on my credit card because it extends the manufacturer’s warranty to 3 years. Buying it on the EIP precludes that option.

  • Deihmos

    I think android tablets are a complete waste of time. I bought 2 of them and never again, Get an ipad if you want a tablet. That’s just my opinion,

    • riverhorse

      Or any kind of LTE tablet sufficiently hardware specced, either code supporting or able to virtual run most other OSes.
      Sometimes you need to work with other OS apps, and the ability to also have Android and Google apps there is another plus.

    • metalspy8

      iPads are amazing but are boring because of ios.

  • metalspy8

    The galaxy tab s4 is okay.. the screen is better than any ipad .. but the specs aren’t that great and the app selection is not in the same level as apple. I love my galaxy s8 …ipad will always win on the tablet department.. and samsung always wins on screen tech.

  • Andrew Singleton

    The Tab S4 needed 128gb, 6GB RAM and at least a snap 845 processor to price at $650. My tab S2 might actually have a nicer screen :(

    • the martian ambassador

      I still have the original Tab S 10.5. It works great and since it has been used almost exclusively on A/C power, the battery capacity has hardly degraded. The negatives are that it’s the Wi-Fi only version and it only has 16GB of storage, so a micro SD is mandatory.

  • the martian ambassador

    Does anyone know if you can mount the Tab S4 on the 2nd Generation Dex pad ? Theoretically, it should work.