T-Mobile TV service expected to launch on mobile devices next year


When T-Mobile announced its acquisition of Layer3 TV late last year, it hinted at offering a television service that’d work on TVs, tablets, and smartphones. T-Mo later said it expected to launch its pay TV service in 2018, but it sounds like you’ll have to wait a bit longer to watch T-Mobile’s television offering on the go.

During yesterday’s Q3 2018 earnings call, T-Mobile COO Mike Sievert suggested that we’ll be waiting until 2019 for T-Mobile’s mobile TV service. “We have our heads down creating the first TV service for the 5G era,” Sievert said. “The journey will start later this year. We’re very excited about that. And the second phase of the journey, next year, will be expanding into mobile. Because 5G is about mobility, not just fixed,” the exec added. “The TV service will also follow, with a mobile TV service next year.”

Sievert went on to share a few more details about T-Mobile’s upcoming TV service, saying that it’ll offer “hundreds of high definition choices”.

We recently learned that T-Mobile stores in select markets have been selling Layer3 TV service at different pricing with discounts for T-Mobile customers, possibly as a way to see how much customers are willing to pay for T-Mobile’s TV service before rolling it out publicly. That offering includes more than 275 channels, DVR, and on-demand 4K content.

Details on T-Mobile’s own TV service are still pretty light, as T-Mo hasn’t announced much in the way of what the features, price, or name might be when the service launches to the public. Rumors have suggested that it’ll be called T-Mobile TV and will roll out in November.

Whenever it does launch, it sounds like T-Mobile’s TV service will only be available for in-home use at first. That may be disappointing for folks that were hoping to begin streaming T-Mobile’s TV service on the go this year, but considering that Layer3 TV already has an in-home TV solution, this is probably an easy way for T-Mo to meet its goal of launching its new TV service this year.

Based on what we’ve heard of it so far, are you interested in T-Mobile’s TV service?

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  • Matt Macaluso

    I *may* be interested if it comes to AZ.

    • riverhorse

      NY. For years I saw your surname in my mom’s building directory, then recently noticed no more…

  • MarkMcCoskeyTech

    $90/month is WAY too much. Hope they end up having an APK, and hopefully a Global offering. They have to do something BIG in order to remain #UnCarrier.

    • slybacon

      Where did they say that T-Mobile TV will be $90 per month? Layer3 might be selling their service for that, but I doubt T-Mobile TV will be that much.

    • Brett S

      Hard to imagine why ANYONE would have subscribed to the Level3 service at that price huh? Even cable is cheaper.

  • pda96

    I only want the 3 major networks to watch the local news and maybe 10 other selected channels. If TMO can offer something like that for $25/mo max, I’m in.

  • Acdc1a

    It’s the price they were selling the service for when it was purchased. Service needs to start with a free option for subscribers like AT&T has.

  • CasperTFG

    And that doesn’t include the price of home internet.

  • Larry Griffin

    If it’s not a streaming service I’m not interested…. I’ll stick to my directv now

  • gorilla

    Can we get it free with the T-Mobile ONE plan?

  • ugp5

    I already get the majors OTA for free.

    I would like a mobile streaming service that allows me to select five other channels for a single user for $15/month for HD, or $10/month for SD (don’t want them to repeat the directv now debacle) if they think their network can’t handle HD.

    Otherwise I will stay with Sling TV.

  • Red

    Want to really blow away the TV world? Offer TRUE a la carte service at a good price!

    • Matt

      Or just stop watching so much TV. I found myself so much happier without TV.