T-Mobile completes Layer3 TV acquisition


A little more than a month after T-Mobile announced its plans to get into the TV business, it’s made progress toward that goal.

T-Mobile says that it has completed its acquisition of Layer3 TV. Nearly 200 Layer3 TV employees will be joining T-Mobile, including several executives. Layer3 CEO Jeff Binder will become an Executive Vice President and member of the Senior Leadership Team in addition to leading T-Mobile’s TV team.

The existing Layer3 TV product will become available in select T-Mobile stores in the coming weeks. The service will be offered for demo and purchase in stores in Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.

While today’s news doesn’t bring much in the way of new information about T-Mobile’s TV service, it does mean that T-Mo is one step closer to launching its new offering. T-Mobile TV will offer a combo of traditional cable TV channels and online video in a single interface. The pay TV service is expected to launch sometime in 2018.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • AA-Ron

    5 bucks a month and I’m in

    • Mschmal

      I just want to be free of Comcast. Possibly one of the most evil companies in America today.

    • Iphart

      Me too, and include HBO and Showtime ands Starz for that price. lol

      • AA-Ron

        Lol now you are stretching it a little too much. But it can’t hurt to ask.

      • Sayahh

        At 5 bucks a month, they’ll either have to fire Khaleesi or put Jon Snow on ice again.

    • Frankwhitess

      $5 bucks is too much … $4.99 is better .

  • bman893

    Try more like 75 a month with no extras with starz hbo cinamax showtime your looking at 145 a month easy then theres the $10 each box you want a month this service is not cheap its high tec advanced its true 4k per channel not 720p an no downtime works off internet not satellite . So people saying yess… i can get tv cheaper think again this isnt for you if your a 4k high tec $$$ kinda person well welcome to layer 3

    • Rocksleeper

      I didn’t realize T-Mobile released the prices yet..

      When AT&T obtained Direct TV…they launched a new streaming service called DirecTV NOW that offered very affordable streaming packages (and only $5 for HBO).

      T-Mobile didn’t acquire Layer3 just to sell Layer3 as is.

      • Sean sorlie


    • Christopher Hoy

      bman you have no idea what T-Mobiles prices will be. The pricing that you are referring to is Layer3 before the T-Mobile acquisition. It would be foolish to suspect that T-Mobile will be offering the exact same package I bet the pricing and package will be better than anything we could expect.

    • Brian

      Way to speculate there bud. Can I get you F.O.S. sign?

    • Chilehead

      bman893…Why so presumptuous and negative about this acquisition? Did you leave Magenta and are going through withdrawals? I’m quite certain that the pricing will be reduced since “we all bundle” ;) All kidding aside you’d be a fool to think T-Mobile customers won’t realize a substantial discount for this new offering. Why so bitter bro?

  • Sharti24

    Will they include this service in their One plan?

    • Mike

      Probably a basic package tv plan with tmobile one similar to directv now basic package on ATT unlimited.

  • Melvin Wylie

    I’m looking forward to this and seeing what they have to offer.

  • riverhorse

    Thinking out loud…if the box has wireless option and can be taken on the road.
    Also, option to use phone INSTEAD of box– with the necessary Unlimited & Unthrottled features of course.
    Would make the service very valuable, assuming it included a top tier package with everything. Nothing worse than to have to subscribe to multiple streaming services in order to get all the channels you want.

    And with the same company you get all your cellular, tv, data, home & road internet— with no limits of speed or data amount.