T-Mobile meets with FCC to talk 5G network model and Sprint merger


T-Mobile is working to persuade the FCC that its proposed merger with Sprint should be approved, and recently the carrier put together a presentation about what its 5G network would be like if T-Mo and Sprint do come together.

T-Mobile’s presentation is pretty heavily redacted, but there are some interesting tidbits still available. For example, T-Mobile estimates that by 2024, the New T-Mobile’s 5G network would handle 21 exabytes of traffic every month.

T-Mo also says that by 2024, its peak 5G throughput would be 4.2Gbps, compared to 2.8Gbps for T-Mobile and 0.7Gbps for Sprint if they remain separate. The New T-Mobile’s average 5G throughput in 2024 will be 451Mbps, T-Mo estimates, and its 5G coverage would include 293 million people with a throughput greater than 100Mbps. The presentation also suggests that with 5G, spectral efficiency will be higher for both 4×2 MIMO and 4×4 MIMO compared to LTE.

Finally, T-Mobile claims that 5G handset adoption will be significant beginning in 2021, with the New T-Mobile driving 10 percent faster 5G handset adoption when compared to standalone T-Mobile and Sprint networks. T-Mo has said that it plans to begin selling 5G smartphones in 2019.


In its meeting with the FCC, T-Mobile talked about how a combined T-Mo-Sprint would be able to combine its spectrum in the low, mid, and high bands to offer a “robust, nationwide 5G cnetwork to the benefit of consumers.” T-Mobile went on to say that the deal would allow for a boost in capacity thanks to an increase in the number of cell sites, the amount of spectrum for each site, and increased spectal efficiency. “The aggregation of these resources would enable New T-Mobile to deliver unprecedented capacity and performance,” the carrier claimed.

The FCC is in the process of reviewing the proposed merger of T-Mobile and Sprint. The agency paused its informal shot clock on the review more than one month ago, saying that it needed more time to allow staff to thoroughly review new documents that’d been submitted by T-Mobile and Sprint, including a “substantially revised network engineering model.” T-Mobile and Sprint have previously said that they expect the merger to close in the first half of 2019.

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Source: FCC


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