John Legere and Marcelo Claure talk 5G, jobs, and more at T-Mobile-Sprint town hall meeting


Earlier this month, T-Mobile executives like John Legere and Mike Sievert conducted a town hall meeting with former Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure and Sprint employees in Kansas City. Now the transcript for the event has made its way online.

Claure talked up the 5G network potential that a combined T-Mobile and Sprint would have thanks to Sprint’s 200 megahertz of 2.5GHz spectrum as well as T-Mo’s 30 megahertz of 600MHz spectrum as well as its millimeter wave spectrum. “So when you put them together — it’s when you combine this spectrum that’s going to allow us to have — not — by — by far the best spectrum to build the world’s most advanced 5G network that’s going to serve customers all over America,” Claure told the crowd of Sprint workers.

Jobs were also a major focus of the talk, with Claure saying that he and Legere are committed to adding jobs. Legere later admitted that there will be “retail consolidation” but that “store jobs are a function of your share of gross add aspirations and your foot traffic.” “So if you have an area where stores are competing and there’s a lot of traffic, and you create one bigger one out of the two of them,” Legere explained, “it doesn’t necessarily mean you need fewer people.”

Legere also touched on the combined T-Mobile-Sprint’s hopes for adding jobs if the merger is approved. “Two is those come in different varieties, but year one, you can expect 3,000 more jobs. Right? By 2024, 11,000 more jobs,” the T-Mo CEO said. “We need at least 5,000 new Care positions. We’re going to build new retail stores. Okay? A lot of network investment in jobs. New businesses that we’re entering into that we don’t have the talent or capability from.”

“Now, I’m not ducking the point that there is, right now, until we figure out exactly how to map it, there’s two headquarters. And there definitely are two of some things. There may not be two of everybody that wants to be here and do things,” Legere said. “We’ve got to map that. But we know we need the talent and capability. We know we’ve got available space and opportunity here to build new things. So we’re working on: What are those?”

Claure talked jobs, too, saying that in talking about the merger with Legere, he wanted to ensure that just because T-Mobile will be a bigger shareholder, that doesn’t guarantee that all of the jobs will go to T-Mo employees. “T-Mobile employees doesn’t automatically get a job; Sprint employees don’t automatically get a job. We are going to choose who is the best person that is suited to do specific jobs, and that is a big deal. That, to me, was the most important part when doing this merger,” Claure said.

There were lots of other topics touched on during the town hall, including when Legere first met Claure at a restaurant in New Jersey and the correct pronunciation of Legere’s last name. If you’d like to read more about what was talked about during the town hall, you can find the full transcript at the SEC link below.

Via: FierceWireless
Source: SEC

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  • Mike McDonald

    I’ll bite. During my bout of insomnia I just read the transcript. The whole thing. And you, dear reader, should do the same. My takeaway is both Sprint’s & TMo’s senior execs are serious about their employees in the post-merger world. Neither John or Marcelo want to see people simply dumped on the street. People get the network synergies between the two but I read that beyond all the numbers was what happens to real people. Not sure VZN or ATT can say that.

    • KOLIO

      Well,of course it sounds nice,the two of ’em are gonna kiss as many babies & asses as necessary to get the deal OK’d.

      Talk is cheap,we’ll see how many people are kicked to the curb. An eventual neutral or even net job gain means nothing if the new positions don’t exist in your area.

      Retail outlets will take a hit,there’s no way the new combined company is gonna keep all the brick & mortar overlap open,resulting in job losses.

      Hoping the affected employees get a decent severance package……

      • JStatt

        Sprint has been shrinking for years, and with this merger being announced (by the time its over) for well over a year, any employee who isn’t looking for a new job was not very bright.

        • KOLIO

          So,the answer is a 100% walkout by the entire Sprint workforce?
          Brilliant………….,yeah,that’ll learn ’em.

        • slybacon

          You are so dramatic!! You would do well in Hollywood.
          You can’t absorb an entire company and not take any of their employees with you. If Sprint employees truly believed they were going to get thrown to the curb, they would be finding other jobs (if they are bright).

        • KOLIO

          You must be one of those cowboy astronaut brain surgeons who’ve never had a care in the world regarding job security….. CONGRATULATIONS!

        • slybacon

          Structural engineer. I’ve worked hard for my job security. 6 years of schooling and lots of extra hours in the office. You reap what you sow.

        • KOLIO

          Close enough,I suppose,congrats are in order…..

        • slybacon

          Nothing does last forever. Training and studying to become a commercial pilot right now.

        • KOLIO

          Nice choice,I wish the best for you in your future endeavor(s).
          Great pay,travel (natch,LOL) & a relatively decent amount of job security.
          Considering getting back into the aviation sector myself (A&P Mech).
          Just got burned out,needed a change of scenery,may get back into it w/US Military contractors overseas,the pay is tempting………

        • Jay Holm

          Since you are an engineer, can you help me understand why some cell towers have tri-band carrier aggregation, but most don’t? I have gotten 200+Mbps in only two places in Houston, if tri-band carrier aggregation was on each and every cell tower, 100-200mbps would be quite common.

        • slybacon

          I engineer structures. I can build the tower for you.

  • Christian Flores

    I’m excited to see tmobile phones in more outlets, such as best buy etc…I hate going to retail stores.

    • Acdc1a

      I’ve adapted to the unlocked model. Still, more options are better than less.

    • Prode

      If this goes though, why would do you think T-Mobile would start selling at places like Best Buy again. I can see them pulling Sprint from their and just selling in house like they do now. There is a reason they did this to start and I do not see them changing back after the merger.

      • Christian Flores

        Simple fact that their competition is sold there as well. Why wouldn’t other brick and mortar sell Tmobile services? and from my understanding, it was the stores that stop selling tmobile services because of EIP, I could be wrong though.

        • (J²)

          You’re right, it wasn’t until just recently Apple accepting T-Mobile orders.

        • Prode

          That is correct. When I worked for TMO, they stopped selling at ie. Target/Best Buy mainly because of EIP. We also guessed it was because of some kind of Customer Service as well. The number of Customers that came in because their accounts were some how messed up from a brick and mortar store were pretty high.

  • Jon

    In this phase the execs are going to say all the right things to gain approval from the government and the public. The true test is seeing if the companies follow through on their promises after all the dust has settled should this be approved in the end.

    • slybacon

      Metro PCS is a good example and I think this merger will be similar.

  • Jay Holm

    The prospects of how immensley robust the combined spectrum 5G network will be so exciting!!!

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  • the martian ambassador

    Wait a minute. Didn’t John say he would fling his mashed potatoes across the table at Marcelo ?

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  • Clintoncrat_for_Palin

    The #3 and #4 carriers by size combined will become… the #3 carrier in size. KAGA, PUMA.

  • none

    SEC = Shortseller Enrichment Commission