T-Mobile launches Team of Experts for better customer service


T-Mobile’s next Un-carrier move is all about customer service.

T-Mobile Team of Experts is a group of 30 to 40 customer care employees that serves a city. These customer service reps sit together and are trained on a wide range of topics so that you don’t have to get bounced around from one person to another. These reps can also work with specialists in T-Mobile’s retail stores and engineering for more specialized issues.

When you need to contact your Team of Experts, you can do so over the phone, through iMessage using Apple Business Chat, or messaging through the T-Mobile app. You can also schedule a call, and soon, T-Mobile says that you’ll be able to tell Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to have your Team of Experts call you. You can contact your Team of Experts 24/7, but the U.S.-based support will be available from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. Outside of those hours, you’ll get the global customer support, but T-Mobile does say that it’s expanding its Team of Experts effort to its global partners and will have Team of Experts available 24/7 everywhere by early 2019.

T-Mobile says Team of Experts is now live for postpaid customers. It’s being rolled out to all business and public sector customers, too.

The goal of Team of Experts is to improve the customer service experience by eliminating Interactive Voice Response (IVR), robots, and bouncing callers around to several different support reps. There’s no question that it can be frustrating being bounced around to multiple support reps and being asked by a robot to press buttons, and Team of Experts sounds like it could be an improvement. We’ll have to see how the service works in practice, though. The good news is that it’s going live today, so the next time that you need some help with your T-Mobile bill or service, you should be able to give Team of Experts a try for yourself.

Source: T-Mobile

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