T-Mobile to offer Live Nation concert deals and free Pandora Plus


Team of Experts isn’t the only announcement that T-Mobile made today.

T-Mobile says that it’s giving customers “Rockstar Status” with two music perks. First, T-Mo has entered into a multi-year partnership with Live Nation to give subscribers perks to concerts. Customers can get access to last-minute seats at shows, and soon, T-Mo subscribers will also get access to reserved seats in sold out sections of concerts. These tickets will be available in “hundreds of concerts” 30 days before select shows begin.

Another perk is access to two $25 tickets (taxes and fees included) to select Live Nation amphiteater shows. Starting August 21st, these discounted tickets will be offered through the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. The shows that’ll be included in this offer include Charlie Puth, Counting Crows, Dierks Bentley, Wiz Khalifa and Rae Sremmurd, Lady Antebellum and Darius Rucker, and Niall Horan.

Rounding out the Live Nation benefits are perks at select amphitheater shows. Starting next year, T-Mo customers can get fast lane entry to skip the line, an exclusive concession line including a Signature Magenta Cocktail at select locations, and magenta lawn chairs for free.

T-Mobile today also says that on August 28th, customers can score a free year of Pandora Plus music streaming. The offer will be available in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app.

Pandora Plus offers ad-free listening with unlimited replays and unlimited skips. The service includes offline listening, too. Pandora Plus normally costs $4.99 per month.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Deadeye37

    Pandora Plus for a year? I have a feeling that may be for new subscribers only, but it would be really nice if they offer it for current subscribers.

    • ChiTownT3x

      Said it’s for all people including current subs. Have to get it through the Tmo Tuesday app next Tuesday (21st) though.

    • Sayahh

      Just one year or forever as long as you’re with Tmo (or the program ends or Pandora folds) like Napster?

  • PC_Tool

    So the pandora thing…can you use an existing account (already on “plus” with them) to get a year free?

    Need more info on this, guys.

    • Pook

      I bet you’ll be able to link your account just like with Netflix.

  • The One

    Today’s Un-Carrier Announcement was WAY over-hyped. #LAME

    • riverhorse

      I was waiting for free included worldwide calling(parent company is in all other continents), free included Level TV bundled with a combo router/hotspot/dvr box and free Unlimited Hotspot(up to the minimum unthrottled cap of 50gb), and the next REVVL worldwide Band phone @: 6½-7″ QHD 128/256GB & 6/8 Ram.

  • the martian ambassador

    The customer service stuff is fine. I’m definitely happy about the free year of Pandora Plus. I watched the stream for a while. John was trashing Verizon for wasting money on AOL and Yahoo. Good stuff.

    I think they are being conservative with the Uncarrier moves until the issue of the merger with Sprint is resolved, one way or the other.

    • riverhorse

      Yes, we’re lucky John didn’t purchase Best Buy and foist the Geek Squad on us.

  • Edwin Rodriguez

    What a joke , now I know why this want to charge you high on a down payment now because they have to found someone to pay for there so call live customer service

    • Neoprimal

      High up-front payment = Low/No credit customer. Simple.

      • riverhorse

        Post of the Year!

  • Nivek

    WOW. this is a lame announcement. I would have been happier with a free pen.

  • the martian ambassador

    We come in peace. Do not run !

    • SirStephenH

      Ack! Ack! Ack!

  • Android_God

    So he’s hilarious when middle-aged white guys overuse the Rockstar term . So 1990’s

    • Louise Lonsdale

      Don’t worry. You’ll be there soon if you’re lucky enough to get older

      • riverhorse

        He is middle-aged, remembers the 90’s perceptively.

    • ryan

      Again with the racism? That’s right, liberals can hand it out and be racist all day long because it’s okay and accepted

  • Philip

    Dont go to games, concerts and movies. I dont mind giving mine away. I prefer other things.

    • riverhorse

      I can just imagine….LOL

  • riverhorse

    Baby you can drive my car…guess i’m gonna be a star…

  • the martian ambassador

    T-Mobile could have bought Slacker Radio and offered the service free or at low cost to customers. Slacker has all of the necessary music licensing established, and it was sold to another company for just 50 million in November of last year.
    That is chump change for a telecom. I’ve been a paid subscriber for a few years, it’s a great service.

  • the martian ambassador

    Breaking: T-Mobile is advertising Level 3 television service for Chicago on their website.
    $ 89/mo plus tax/fees, 150 4K channels, first set-top box included.

    • frankinnoho

      For $90 bucks unless it includes unlimited “Unlimited” data and free HBO, they can go fuck themselves.

    • SirStephenH

      You still have to get internet though and most people can get both TV and internet for that price.

      • the martian ambassador

        I haven’t had cable for many years, and have no interest in subscribing to streaming cable, so I really don’t have any opinion on this.

        I am old enough to remember that I had my Verizon DSL speeds significantly degraded after Verizon became a content provider and they started to prioritize their tv traffic over other users. I would hate to see that happen in the wireless industry.
        I think they are using 5G technology for this and will only roll it out where they have 5G deployed.

  • The One

    “The shows that’ll be included in this offer include Charlie Puth, Counting Crows, Dierks Bentley, Wiz Khalifa and Rae Sremmurd, Lady Antebellum and Darius Rucker, and Niall Horan”


    In other words, No A-List performers. The tickets to these concerts are plentiful and already cheap. Make an announcement when you start offering lower deck Jay-Z/Beyonce tickets for less than $300 a piece.

  • the martian ambassador

    Rolling Stone has an article about this as well. Pandora’s CEO hinted that this was just a first step in their partnership and that listeners should expect to hear more.

    Could this be a recurring perk like the MLB At Bat ?

  • info411man

    Did anybody catch this in the details of pandora giveaway?
    “We’re hooking up every T-Mobile account with a free Pandora Plus subscription! Primary account holders can grab a code to unlock their free subscription on August 28th.”

    • Scott

      Just saw that too. So not for each line, huh?