T-Mobile will give customers a free T-Mo zip pouch next Tuesday


The gifts for next week’s T-Mobile Tuesday have been revealed, and they include another piece of T-Mo-branded gear.

On Tuesday, August 21st, T-Mobile customers can get a free T-Mobile zip pouch. The pouch itself is black, but it includes a magenta stripe and a T-Mobile logo. It’s unclear exactly how large the pouch is, but it could come in handy for carrying around stuff like chargers and cables.

Also coming next week is a $2 Baskin-Robbins promo card and 40 percent off plus free shipping at Puma.com.

Next week will also continue T-Mobile’s fantasy baseball tournament. In it, you’ll put together a fantasy baseball team at Fan Duel and try to score the more points than anyone else. There are several prizes available for finishing at certain positions:

Position Level: 1st Place
Prize Awarded: $1000

Position Level: 2nd Place
Prize Awarded: $500

Position Level: 3rd Place
Prize Awarded: $250

Position Level: 4th-5th Place
Prize Awarded: $10

Position Level: 6th-7th Place
Prize Awarded: $8

Position Level: 8th-10th Place
Prize Awarded: $6

Position Level: 11th-15th Place
Prize Awarded: $4

Position Level: 16th-25th Place
Prize Awarded: $3

Position Level: 26th-50th Place
Prize Awarded: $2

Position Level: 51st-95th Place
Prize Awarded: $1

Position Level: 96th-494th Place
Prize Awarded: $0.50

Position Level: 495th-2500th Place
Prize Awarded: $0.25

Source: T-Mobile Tuesdays

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  • izick

    Wooo! Another “$2 Baskin Robbins,” aka I’m definitely using it at the Dunkin Donuts across the street, gift card!

    • Francisco Peña

      the problem with the BR promo is that you can’t merge the balances to one card in their app. Used $15 worth of promo cards 2 weeks ago, and just kept cycling through the cards.

      • steveb944

        The cashier must have hated you.

    • steveb944

      I keep forgetting that. Last time I used it at BR, with the $20 total the offer didn’t even matter. Overpriced milk is what I got baited into.

  • Ricky_R

    It’s looks like a wallet sized zip

  • pda96

    I don’t give a damn about these little gifts. I’d rather see them work on improving coverage, especially in North Island, CA. There are lots of military service people there and TMO coverage there sucks monkey balls!!

  • pda96

    I’d rather have better coverage over silly freebies. TMO coverage still sucks in many places. North Island, CA, where there are lots of military folks, has terrible coverage. Add another tower or two there, TMO!!

    • Francisco Peña

      you are free to go to another carrier too.

    • Sharti24

      On the naval station North island military golf course i had zero coverage with my Iphone 6s plus. The 32nd street base sucked too. This was in feb. 2017 though

      I know there is a tmobile tower located at the Coronado Municipal Golf Course on the driving range but it doesnt reach north to the Naval base

    • Jason Caprio

      I checked North Island, CA on various sources. T-Mobile coverage map shows that area painted with magenta. Zooming in, it shows the majority of that most of the central and western portions of the island as “fair” coverage, which actually means you’ll get no signal. On RootMetric’s coverage map, Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint have a decent signal on most of the island, where T-Mobile measures very low. T-Mobile’s coverage map grossly overstates coverage everywhere. I’ve personally have been in areas where T-Mobile says a “fair” signal, and my fiancee’s Pixel XL on T-Mobile has no signal or 2G/Edge.

      I just can’t take T-Mobile serious anymore. They seem more concerned with overhyped uncarrier movements and stupid rewards/gifts that nobody wants. If T-Mobile wants to be like the big dogs, they need to start taking their network reliability more seriously.

      • pda96

        VZ and ATT customers have good 4G LTE reception outside/inside buildings there. But for TMO customers, it’s piss poor. Most of the time, you can’t even stream music. So I agree with you, TMO coverage map grossly exaggerates their coverage. There are still lots of holes that need to be plugged.

        I’m in favor of getting rid of those stupid Tuesday gifts. Totally waste of money!

    • James

      More freebies for me :) coverage is great in CA

  • Nearmsp

    I have never used this. I just installed the App on my phone. We have multiple phones on my account. Can each phone line access the pouch gift or is it limited to the main account holder only?

    • Dennis lane

      Each line

    • the martian ambassador

      Some rewards are per line like Dunkin Donuts, and tangible items. Other offers are per account, usually service subscriptions. Here’s an example. Last month they gave away a free 3 month subscription to Sirius XM streaming. I downloaded the app on Google Play and I have it installed on 3 devices under the same Google Play account. 2 T-Mobile phones and a wi-fi tablet. It will work on all 3 devices, however, it will only run one instance at a time. They usually don’t go into that kind of detail when announcing an offer, you just have to find out on your own how it works.

      • JG

        I stupidly forgot to claim the Sirius/XM offer so I can’t verify it’s limitations… But based off of how I’m reading your comments….

        Are you trying to use the same account on all of your devices? A lot of services have concurrent stream limitations, primarily to stop people from sharing their accounts. So if you’re listening on your phone, then start a stream on your tablet, it potentially could cause Sirius to kill the phone’s access so the tablet can play, assuming they only allow a single stream per account.

        Next week, with the Pandora offer, make sure you launch the T-Mobile Tuesday app and claim the offer on both phones, creating unique Pandora accounts for each. That’ll allow you to stream on both phones simultaneously. Whichever phone is linked to the account on the tablet may stop when you start to play on it, but the other phone shouldn’t be affected.

        • icwhatudidthere

          The Pandora offer is only for the primary account holder. It shows up in the T-Mobile Tuesday app now and says “one per account”.

        • JG

          Ah… Yeah, it also specifically states the primary account holder can get a code…. That’s a bummer…

    • JG

      It’s generally per line. I have my mother on my plan and we both got our own water bottles a few weeks ago, we also got our own MLB At Bat accounts and Bayern FC accounts earlier this year to. When we meet up for dinner, we’re going to stop by the T-Mobile store and each pick up a bag today to…

      You’ll have to have T-Mobile Tuesday app on all of your devices and take them into the store to claim the loot. They’ll start the 5min timer and hand you the bags (or whatever the case may be).