T-Mobile offering 30-day free trial of its network


T-Mobile wants to make it easy for non-customers to see what its network is all about.

T-Mobile is offering a 30-day free trial that lets you try out its network for 30 days or 30GB, whichever comes first. If you sign up, T-Mo will send you a mobile hotspot with free 2-day shipping, and you just connect your current phone to the hotspot and give the T-Mobile network a spin.

At this time, T-Mobile’s 30-day free trial is only available in three markets: Boston, MA; Austin, TX; and Atlanta, GA. The offer is only available to non-T-Mobile customers, meaning that it excludes T-Mobile for Business customers, MetroPCS subscribers, and customers of T-Mobile partners using the T-Mobile network.

Anyone interested in taking advantage of T-Mobile’s 30-day free trial can visit T-Mo’s website and register. Once your eligibility is confirmed, T-Mobile will send the hotspot your way. There’s a limit of one free trial device per household, and once you participate, you’re not eligible for the trial for 6 months. When you’re done with your trial, your device becomes inactive and you can either return it to a T-Mobile store or give it to a friend who can then register with T-Mobile and get a SIM card to participate in the trial.

T-Mobile has offered test drives of its network in the past, and this latest offer looks like a nice one for anyone that’s been thinking about making the switch. By using a hotspot to try out T-Mo’s network, you don’t have to worry about swapping a different SIM into your phone or anything like that. And by letting you pass your hotspot onto a friend when you’re done with the trial, T-Mobile is hoping that you might convince some of your friends or family to make the switch, too.

Via: Reddit
Source: T-Mobile

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  • Sayahh

    Uncarrier 15 (or whatever they’re up to now)? Will it expand to other markets?

    • Frankwhitess

      Naa … T Mobile Uncarrier will be that moving forward your get free coffee when you walk into a T Mobile Store …. they are also going the distance and having public bathrooms in there stores ….. take that Verizon , At&t and the Deli down the street that doesn’t have a public Bathroom …. T Mobile is changing the entire game !!!!

  • Francisco Peña

    i hope this isn’t all that the Uncarrier 15 was about.

    • Fan_Posting

      Well Stated, LOL, LOL, LOL

    • pseudoswede

      I wish they announced this today instead of the 45+ minute drivel (so far) of how they’re changing customer service. #yawn

  • Philip

    Can I put my phone SIM into this hotspot and be of some use with the data? I have 14GB per mth of hotspot on my phone.

    • SirStephenH

      Phone SIMs are normally locked to phones, tablet SIMs to tablets, hotspot SIMs to hotspots, etc. Why would you even need to do that anyways when you can just tether to your phone?

  • Eric A

    I can hear Verizon and ATT quaking in their boots over this announcement. Sprint not so much because Sprint allows you to test their network for 1 YEAR for free.

  • slybacon

    Wrong article, buddy.
    But to respond to your topic, T-Mobile always states that they get their ideas from customers on social media.

    • Nobody Special

      Sorry, i didnt realize I was making comments to the wrong article. Not sure how that happened. I will delete that comment if this site allows me to.

  • cdshukla

    It’s a misleading article. Please specify in title that only in 3 cities.

  • SirStephenH

    Good to see test-drive coming back even if it’s in this wierd way. Doing this through a hotspot won’t give as good of results as if done directly through a phone itself.

    T-Mobile test-drive helped convince the last undecided member of our family to dump Verizon and switch our family to T-Mobile. Verizon had ended their unlimited plan and was chipping away at our grandfathered unlimited plan in order to get us to switch to a more expensive limited plan so we were looking to switch. AT&T was just as expensive and evil as Verizon so it was down to Sprint and T-Mobile and after quite a bit of research we decided that T-Mobile would be the better of the two. 3 out if 4 of us were convinced to change and T-Mobile had just started the one week free test-drive with the loaner iPhone so we signed up. During the period we each tried the phone and I did a ton of side-by-side speed tests and mapping and found T-Mobile’s overall speeds to be slightly better than Verizon’s and the coverage to be overall equal with T-Mobile maybe slightly ahead. That was all that was needed to assure us that we were making the correct choice and we haven’t looked back since. This was all before band 12 and wideband on T-Mobile, Verizon would probably be crushed in a side-by-side comparison today.

  • James Smith

    Well at least you will know their network is crap prior to getting locked in.

  • YABD

    Tmobile network in rural areas is a joke.