T-Mobile 600MHz LTE now available in nearly 1,000 cities and towns


After releasing several more 600MHz LTE smartphones in recent weeks, T-Mobile today gave an update on its 600MHz LTE coverage.

T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray has confirmed that T-Mo’s 600MHz LTE is now live in 992 markets across 33 states. You can see the full list of 600MHz LTE cities and towns right here. This number is up from the “more than 900 cities and towns” and 32 states that T-Mo said its 600MHZ LTE covered back in early June.

When it comes to devices that can actually access that 600MHz LTE coverage, T-Mo currently offers 12 different models. This includes high-end phones like the LG G7 ThinQ, Samsung Galaxy S9, and Samsung Galaxy S9+ as well as more affordable devices like the Moto E5 Play, Moto E5 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy J3 Star. Leaks have hinted that T-Mo will have another 600MHz LTE phone, the LG Q7+, launching later this week.

600MHz LTE is a big deal because it can travel farther and is better at penetrating buildings that mid-band LTE. T-Mobile only sold a few 600MHz LTE phones at the start of 2018, so it’s good to see it aggressively expanding its 600MHz LTE lineup with a variety of devices across price points. This gives more customers the ability to access this 600MHz LTE coverage, whether they’re looking for a flagship smartphone or an affordable model.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Noremacam

    Looks like Indiana isn’t even on the list…

    • riverhorse

      That’s Larry Byrd’s fault.

    • SirStephenH

      Indiana will be a while. Band 71 is blocked by incumbent TV stations that will be cleared during phase 6 (2019/09/07 -2019/10/18). Deployment will begin after the spectrum has been cleared.

  • Sharti24

    No Ohio love at all?

    • SirStephenH

      It’ll be a while. Band 71 is blocked by incumbent TV stations that will be cleared during phases 2 (2018/12/01 – 2019/04/12), 4 (2019/06/22 – 2019/08/02), 6 (2019/09/07 -2019/10/18), and 8 (2020/01/18 – 2020/03/13), depending on the area, but mostly phase 8. Deployment will begin after the spectrum has been cleared.

      • Sharti24

        2019 iPhone for me then

  • francob911 .

    The LG Q7+ should be no more than $250

    • pda96

      Haha…that’s pretty optimistic.

  • carloslacend


    • SirStephenH

      Florida will be one of the last states. Band 71 is blocked by incumbent TV stations that will be cleared during phases 2 (2018/12/01 – 2019/04/12), 7 (2019/10/19 – 2020/01/17), and 8 (2020/01/18 – 2020/03/13), depending on the area, but mostly phases 7 and 8.

      • carloslacend

        What is the best company here in Florida? Because I have Sprint and it does not work. I was waiting for note 9 to switch to Tmobile. But if Florida will be the last, I’m going with AT&T or Verizon …

        • SirStephenH

          I’m not sure who’s the best in Florida. You should check third party maps (official carrier maps are always inaccurate) like Sensorly or CellMapper to see. Just remember that a lack of signal data on a third party map does not equal a lack of coverage.

          Florida may not have band 71 for a while, but band 12, which has nearly identical characteristics as band 71, has been deployed in the state by T-Mobile.

        • carloslacend

          OK thanks. I’m going to verify the maps. I will try Tmobile they give 14 days of test.

        • Derek

          Live in Miami, drove from Miami to Ocala. Stayed in Ocala drove back. No signal issues aside from a couple miles of Edge in the middle of nowhere on the turnpike. Was on ATT before. Won’t change for anything.

        • carloslacend

          In my work, I noticed that AT&T did not have a good signal either.

        • steveb944

          South Florida here. I get better coverage on my personal T-Mobile device instead of my work AT&T device overall.
          As long as you’re not in the boonies you’ll be fine.

        • carloslacend

          I need it for my work. With Sprint I have no signal anywhere. In my house I have WI-FI but I leave my house and everywhere between Valrico, Brandon and Tampa the Sprint signal does not work.

        • steveb944

          Ah I see. Tampa has been okay when I’ve traveled. Definitely make sure to test it as during my travels there I didn’t put it through it’s paces over a year ago.

        • pda96

          Don’t know if this helps. I have a friend in Melbourne who switched to TMO from VZ. He said VZ there is really bad.

  • SirStephenH

    Ok folks, before you go complaining that such and such state isn’t listed, check to see if TV stations are blocking deployment and which repack phase will clear it up.

  • scruff317

    Was sitting on the 2nd floor of a parking garage today at a mall in the heart of Long Island, NY. Trying to look some things up on Google maps as to where to go and have lunch. My connection felt like I was roaming overseas. So I do a speed check on Okala. .84up. 3. Something down. So I do the *#0011# on my Galaxy S9 plus and I see that I am connected Band 4 and Band 12. Was very very disappointed in my carrier today.

    • Sharti24

      Switch to the “now” network

  • steveb944

    So I won’t need to upgrade anytime soon since I’m not even going to be impacted for years. Guess I’ll keep rocking my V20.

  • Glenn Gore

    I was glad to see Red River, New Mexico included on this new list. Last time we vacationed out there only Band 2 was available and it was a bit iffy in town since the site was located away from town in an upper valley. This should help the situation, I will be very interested to see how things have changed when we go out there next week.

    AT&T does not provide service in Red River at all, which is odd since the vast majority of Red River visitors come from Oklahoma and Texas, prime AT&T service areas, but they have ceded the market to Verizon and T-Mobile. T-Mobile has always covered the place very well. Good news for T-Mobile.

  • slybacon

    I’m currently in an area that has 600 MHz LTE (Bear Lake UT/ID) and I wish my phone could connect to it! Service has always been a little spotty driving the 50 miles around the lake. All these new T-Mobile airwaves right around me and my phone can’t see them. Sad day.

  • TRED

    Problem is, the service doesn’t work as advertised. I have been all over Wyoming and no F’ing coverage with my S9 where their map shows 600 Mhz. To make things worse, still no data roaming with Union Wireless.

  • Jakewa2

    Does the Apple iPhone support 600 MHz LTE?
    Or will it?

    • Bob C

      The new iPhone XS’es launched Sept 2018 will support 600mhz on T-Mobile.

  • Davor Jerg

    600MHz LTE in Texas Panhandle (Amarillo)???

  • rshimizu12

    Was noticing that .Tmobile is rolling out 600mhz service to the smaller cities in California. Any word on when Tmobile will start deploying the larger cities like LA or San Diego.