T-Mobile 600MHz LTE now available in nearly 1,000 cities and towns


After releasing several more 600MHz LTE smartphones in recent weeks, T-Mobile today gave an update on its 600MHz LTE coverage.

T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray has confirmed that T-Mo’s 600MHz LTE is now live in 992 markets across 33 states. You can see the full list of 600MHz LTE cities and towns right here. This number is up from the “more than 900 cities and towns” and 32 states that T-Mo said its 600MHZ LTE covered back in early June.

When it comes to devices that can actually access that 600MHz LTE coverage, T-Mo currently offers 12 different models. This includes high-end phones like the LG G7 ThinQ, Samsung Galaxy S9, and Samsung Galaxy S9+ as well as more affordable devices like the Moto E5 Play, Moto E5 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy J3 Star. Leaks have hinted that T-Mo will have another 600MHz LTE phone, the LG Q7+, launching later this week.

600MHz LTE is a big deal because it can travel farther and is better at penetrating buildings that mid-band LTE. T-Mobile only sold a few 600MHz LTE phones at the start of 2018, so it’s good to see it aggressively expanding its 600MHz LTE lineup with a variety of devices across price points. This gives more customers the ability to access this 600MHz LTE coverage, whether they’re looking for a flagship smartphone or an affordable model.

Source: T-Mobile

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