T-Mobile completes first simultaneous, non-standalone 5G NR and 4G LTE connection


T-Mobile has reached another milestone in its effort to deploy mobile 5G.

T-Mobile has completed the first simultaneous, non-standalone 5G NR (New Radio) and 4G LTE connection. T-Mo CTO Neville Ray confirmed the news, saying that T-Mobile partnered with Nokia to achieve the milestone.

T-Mo has said that it’ll begin deploying 5G in 30 cities later this year, with the first 5G smartphones expected to arrive in early 2019. Just because T-Mobile is planning to roll out 5G doesn’t mean that it’s 4G LTE network will no longer be important, though, because the first 5G smartphones will use both 5G and 4G LTE. T-Mo continues to work on making its 4G network better by rolling out mid-band LTE and low-band LTE improvements.

Source: Neville Ray (Twitter)

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  • riverhorse

    With all these ongoing network improvements by Tmo, forget about buying an unlocked international phone for at least the next coupla years. Besides mmWave / 5G, will need to check a potential purchase for Bands 48(LAA), 71(600), 12(700), aggregation capacity…
    The modem’s maximum gigabit numbers might come into play with Tmo TV and expanded Hotspotting…
    Tmo firmware will be an absolute necessity.
    Hopefully locked bootloaders will not become the norm.
    Just as well, who knows what’s present in a lot of firmware.
    Save your money & plan your budget– we’re entering a constant phone upgrade cycle.

    • resource

      Very true. T-Mobile needs to work with more OEMs to provide more choice.
      I want to see phones from Motorola, Nokia, Xiaomi and a variety of Android One devices.

      • riverhorse

        Might be a sufficiently, timely supply issue. It’s one thing to put out a batch of independent unlocks, another to service the order rush of a major carrier.

    • Captain Insano

      To bad Huawei didn’t play nice or they could have been so great as a nice alternative choice for a carrier phone. I like the mate 10 pro and was gonna buy one for a backup phone until what happened.

      • riverhorse

        Yes. Them and a few other brands would make great alternatives at a decent price to boot. For the others, supply chain must be a significant deterrent.

    • SirStephenH

      “will need to check a potential purchase for Bands 48(LAA), 71(600), 12(700)”

      LAA utilizes public use spectrum (band 48, etc) which cannot be purchased but instead must be shared with everyone and their mother.

  • Philip

    Too lazy to google. Will S8 or S9 do 5G? Thanks.

    • I eat snacks, that’s what I do

      No, T-Mo already stated that the first 5G phones will be out early 2019. Presumably meaning the Samsung S10.

    • riverhorse

      No, zero phones from anyone in 2018 will…and this was one of my points: those of us who need to buy something now, do so with the full knowledge that in a few months we’ll need to buy again, then still again after that.
      Forget about long-term phones for now.

      • slybacon

        “need” is relative. 4G LTE will be around for a long time.

        • riverhorse

          Supposedly LTE’s successor allows for far lower battery usage.
          Plus, if you’re on the road a lot, you’re gonna buy whatever has the most bands….too many dead spots abound in our country(spots dead even to roaming on other carriers).
          And those of us with lots of apps will benefit from the fastest downloads possible– Play Store updates hog, heat and slow down phone…triggering lower battery life/constant recharging, which adds more heat and slows down everything even more– an endless merry-go-round.

        • slybacon

          Why don’t you set your phone to only update apps overnight while connected to wifi and charging?

        • riverhorse

          I work overnight(plus on the road) additionally also…have to hotspot a lot–wifi not always available or reliable. Often on off-nights, whether on data or wifi, BOTH app updating and charging slow down– ending up with a partially- updated AND charged phone. Task killer helps, as well as dividing work load among two phones.
          Actually, everything works best on rare days when i don’t work and don’t use laptop too much(hotspot).
          The next phone upgrade with lots of storage, ram + better processor should take care of things.

    • SirStephenH

      “the first 5G smartphones expected to arrive in early 2019.”

      It was right there in the article. No phones from 2018 and earlier have 5G capability.

  • Captain Insano

    From what I read on 5G it will been a long time before it really matters on the cell phone side of speed. You think there are dead spots now. Just wait when the hype people try to use 5G all over. I’m hoping they continue to upgrade/add more LTE coverage.

    • slybacon

      Why will 5G have more dead spots than 4G? Are you thinking of the spectrum AT&T and Verizon are going to use that only travels up to 1,000 feet from a tower? T-Mobile will be using mostly low band spectrum in its 5G rollout using 600 mhz spectrum that technically travels farther than any other cellular spectrum currently does. T-Mobile will be mixing in the 1,000 foot stuff too in cities.

      • Captain Insano

        I will do just a little more research on it but from what I’ve watched and read everywhere 5G will be more like a light beam or spotlight when traveling. I’m all for it because I’m gonna stick to my LTE phone for a while even when the phones are out. I love tech and phones but they seems more of a heavy wait and see. I’m still wondering how they are gonna reframe the sprint coverage since in a lot of places it’s the same as tmo

    • Jason

      5G has very little to do with speed. Its all about latency and number of connections per tower. IOT and real time low latency applications are where the heart of 5G is

  • Sharti24

    It’s time to kill 2G/3G. Common, we’re talking about 5G and there’s still 2G Edge out there!

  • T-Mobile, as a company owned by the German Government proved that the FCC has no enforcement ability in XM Sirius guard bands and yes, your welcome.

    No US Government Agency will ever stop this German Monopoly Telecom!