T-Mobile 4G LTE speeds are fastest among U.S. carriers, says Ookla report


After posting the fastest 4G LTE data speeds among U.S. carriers in Q1 2018, T-Mobile claimed the title again in Q2.

T-Mobile had the fastest average 4G LTE speeds among the major four U.S. carriers for Q2 2018. That’s according to Ookla speed test data, which shows T-Mobile had an average LTE download speed of 31.8Mbps and an average LTE upload speed of 11.9Mbps in the second quarter. T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network covers 322 million people, and T-Mo plans to grow that number to 325 million by the end of 2018.


These results mean that T-Mobile has had the fastest average 4G LTE speeds in Ookla’s speed test data for 18 quarters straight. Verizon came in second this quarter with an average LTE download speed of 29.3Mbps and average LTE upload speed of 9.6Mbps, AT&T came in third with 26.4Mbps down and 7.7Mbps up, and Sprint rounded things out with speeds of 24.5Mbps down and 3.2Mbps up.

What kind of 4G LTE speeds is T-Mobile putting up in your part of the country?

Source: Neville Ray (Twitter)

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  • mavricxx

    Where I live in 32539/32542 we get about 10mbps download and .2mbps upload no kidding, it really sucks! And if I go inside a building it gets worse, I can only text pretty much and call.

  • Derek Mounce

    I get between 10 & 20Mbps down and between 1 & 4Mbps up in Somerset, Kentucky but then again we only have 5×5 b2 and 5×5 b12 live. Will be glad when they shut down 2G and put another 5×5 on b2 then put up the 20×20 b4/66 and the 20×20 b71. Maybe then it’ll get faster especially with 4×4 MiMo and 256QAM (neither of which we have yet),

  • Omar Boyer

    Here in Los Angeles Verizon ,at&t and T-Mobile are all the same about 30s when u have good LTE signal . So u can’t argue that one is faster than the other , Sprint is the only one that’s slower here 5 to 10 Mbps is they average here.

  • TheRealKingSen

    186 mbps download and 25 mbps upload right outside of Detroit

  • Mariusz Śnit

    I live in 11757. Most of the time I get 5mbps
    When congested network I get 0.25 I don’t know how they got those awards. And I travel. I randomly check my speed. Best i ever gotten was 9mbps

    • Christian Flores

      That sucks…what phone do you have? Not sure where your area is, but I would definitely make sure you have the latest updates and settings. I haven’t seen those speeds since 2009 lol

      • Mariusz Śnit

        Note 8 with latest oreo

  • Phil7474

    Right now 140 Mbps down 54 Mbps up in the middle of a tropical storm in north Houston. Not to bad. S9 Plus

  • NardVa

    Ookla speed test numbers for T-Mobile are not accurate. If you’re being throttled (went over your bucket of data) or deprioritized (busy area and T-Mobile slowed you down) the Ookla app will show blazing speeds when you run the test even though real world speeds are under 1.5Mbps.

    • Andrew Singleton

      whether you’re throttled or not is irrelevant to this study. it’s not an aggregation of customers average experience at one certain point of time, but the capability of the network as a whole.

    • SirStephenH

      That’s ridiculous. The point is overall network capability, not what some random person might be experiencing at some random time. Including throttling and deprioritization actually makes the results less reliable.

      P.S. Deprioritization happens after 50GB in a month and only if the cell you’re connected to is over capacity. Deprioritization effects very few people and many who reach the 50GB threshold never get deprioritized.

      • Sharti24

        If you are under the 50gb threshold and you’re connected to a tower that is normally congested your speeds are going to be dirt slow regardless. So that 50gb number really doesnt mean anything.

        I guess its up to tmobile and what they consider “congested”

        • SirStephenH

          True to a point (a deprioritized connection will always be slower than a congested connection) but the OP brought up excluding deprioritization as making the results less reliable which isn’t true. Including deprioritization in fact makes the results less reliable for more than 99% of users.

    • Fabian Cortez

      Ookla speed test numbers for T-Mobile are not accurate. If you’re being throttled (went over your bucket of data) or deprioritized (busy area and T-Mobile slowed you down) the Ookla app will show blazing speeds when you run the test even though real world speeds are under 1.5Mbps.

      This simply isn’t true.

      During congestion and if one is being deprioritized, this will 100% be reflected in Ookla’s Speedtest app.

  • SirStephenH

    I’d just be happy if they could maintain a minimum of 12Mbps down and 4Mbps up. My hometown runs between 0Mbps and 45Mbps (if you’re near a tower) down, but I also live in a rural area. Visit any of the nearby cities though and I get 35-1xxMbps.

  • BigDaddy

    In 85296 ( Gilbert Az). Depending on where you are I’ve gotten .05 up to 128mbps. Very unreliable and sporadic. I bought a s9+ hoping that would improve the signal but still pretty much the same.

    • slybacon

      By saying unreliable, do you mean inconsistent? Or is the network actually unreliable and you can’t get any connection in some areas?

      • BigDaddy

        At my work on val vista and warner I’ve had issues where Google maps won’t load and Ookla won’t load either. I’ve complained to tmobile for over a year and they say there is nothing they can do that i’m in a “cone” and the towers in the area have already been upgraded. Go less than a mile north and I’ve gotten speeds over 100mbps.

  • slybacon

    84115 with 2/4 bars inside my townhouse, 34 Down and 4 up.

  • PaulC

    Sure, when it works. Plenty of times I’ve had 2-3 bars showing and can’t get a packet through no how. Sometimes I try speed test and it just fails. I’m betting they don’t count that 0 in their average speed.

    • Acdc1a

      Sounds like a congested band 12 tower to me.

      • SirStephenH

        Or depending on the location, no low-band at all. 2-3 bars of mid-band isn’t always usable, even when uncongested.

  • Christopher Lee Sims

    Here in MS it depends on where your at since most of the state is rural. In my experience I’ve had good results from T-Mobile with data speeds, some spots their service is almost faster than my home internet through Comcast and I have the highest tier internet available in my area (150+). Now when it comes to traveling throughout the state and your not in one of the bigger cities or the interstate it becomes a little iffy on any kind of coverage. That being said though they are increasing their coverage on what seems like a daily basis almost which I’m very happy about. I was with Verizon for years and I’m so glad I switched to T-Mobile, I would gladly trade being price gouged for a little bit less coverage that getting better all the time.

    • Sharti24

      Most of MS has no band 12

    • SirStephenH

      MS has virtually no band 12 at all but T-Mobile is supposed to have band 71 deployed in the state by the end of the year. If you don’t already have a band 71 capable phone then I’d highly suggest you get one, it’ll make all the difference.

  • Brandon

    Is there a way that I can check where T-Mobile has added voice and data coverage where it wasn’t before?

    • SirStephenH

      Not really. T-Mobile will usually release a before and after map at the end of each year to show how coverage has changed between the beginning and end of the year but you can’t get a whole lot of detail out of them.

  • Well yeah speeds are great but lately I’ve been having issues with texts not going through even with full coverage mostly in the low country of SC. Is it time for a new phone?

    • Sharti24

      What phone? And whats your zip code

      • Galaxy s7 edge bought from tmobile and in mrytle beach and Charleston i have these issues text go out slow and recieve slow

        • Sharti24

          Rcs should help fix that. When i was in myrtle last month, T-Mobile kicked butt speed and coverage wise

  • dcmanryan

    They really need to improve outside of the city though. I-15 in Utah all the way to Vegas from Nephi south was .02-.06 Mbps minus the town of St. George. Mesquite, NV is about .2 Mbps anywhere in town. This is unacceptable in today’s age. Verizon may be slower but at least it’s not all or nothing. I was forced to use my Xfinity Mobile line most the time, thanks Tmobile.

    • SirStephenH

      I’d suggest direct messaging T-Mobile help on Twitter. They can put a ticket in to get it checked out. They’ll want to know what device you’re using, what your speed tests are like, and what band you’re connected to when doing them. They might even want to know what speeds your getting with 3g (UMTS and HSPA+).