New report helps show where T-Mobile has 600MHz LTE coverage


T-Mobile confirmed earlier this month that its 600MHz (Band 71) LTE coverage is available in 823 cities across 31 states, and a new report wants to help consumers pin down exactly where that coverage is popping up.

PCMag recently teamed with Speedtest app maker Ookla to determine where T-Mobile customers are seeing 600MHz coverage. The two looked at Ookla’s crowdsourced test data from March 1st onward and dropped a pin on a map wherever users spotted Band 71 coverage.

As you can see in the map below, there are spots of Band 71 in most every corner of the U.S., though the Southwest. We can see quite a few dots in southern Maine; around Omaha, NE; in the middle of Kansas; and in central Arizona.


You can get a closer look at each section of this map over at PCMag to help give you a better idea of exactly where T-Mobile customers are seeing Band 71 coverage.

To access this Band 71 coverage, you’ll need a compatible device. T-Mobile currently only has a handful of phones that can access Band 71 LTE, including the LG V30/V30+, LG K30, Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, and Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+. The upcoming LG G7 ThinQ will support Band 71 LTE, and the unlocked OnePlus 6 will include support for Band 71 LTE, too. T-Mobile has said that it plans to launch more than one dozen 600MHz-compatible phones in 2018.

This 600MHz Band 71 coverage helps T-Mobile’s LTE to reach farther and penetrate buildings better. T-Mo lets you compare its coverage with and without 600MHz on its coverage map, but the map generated by this new report helps to visualize where T-Mo has deployed 600MHz coeverage across the U.S.

Right now, it looks like T-Mo is mostly using it to build out its coverage in more rural areas, but there are some major cities that’ve gotten 600MHz love, too, like Las Vegas and spots right outside of New York City. So if you see your city has some 600MHz coverage and you don’t have a 600MHz-compatible phone, you may want to consider one next time you upgrade your phone.

Do you have 600MHz coverage in your town?

Source: PCMag

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  • pda96

    Waiting for it to come to San Diego county. 700MHz is inadequate.

    • Iphart

      Actually to any major city.

    • 700mhz is only for penetration and reaching further distence. If your talking about speed that the mid range spectrum primary purpose. Most newer phones has LTE-A which means your phone will connect to multiple bands at once i.e. Band 4 10mhz band 12 5mhz band 2 10hmz making it 30mhz total

      • DominiMMIV

        I have 20mhz of band 4 bandwidth in my area but carrier aggregation does nothing when the weaker 2/4 signals fall away and 12 is the only signal left….

      • pda96

        I meant bldg penetration primarily. But I don’t think San Diego is blanketed with 700MHz. There are many holes still.

      • SirStephenH

        There is a capacity problem with T-Mobile’s low-band though. Many areas only have access to band 12 and it doesn’t take that much to bring it to a crawl. Additional low-band spectrum would alleviate this issue.

  • steveb944

    Seems to cover plenty of rural.

  • SirStephenH

    They’re doing mostly rural areas because most urban areas are blocked by active OTA TV stations.

  • Picking up band 5 LTE on pawleys island, SC

    • Derrick Pertell 

      any other places in the Conway-MB area?

    • Sharti24

      Im on vacation in surfside beach. Band 5 has been nicely deployed down here.

      • Awesome I’ve been wondering when tmobile was gone put band 5 to use they’ve been sitting on it for over 7 years. Helps out alot because other bands and spotty amd no 700mhz or 600mhz in the area

        • Sharti24

          I wonder if tmobile could/would trade their band 5 10×10 for band 12 10x10mhz with Att. Keep the spectrum consistent and force people to upgrade to a newer phone

        • Most phones support band 5 because of ATT and Verizon using 850 for 3G and now 4G. But yeah 700 would be better because its lower band

  • enigmaco

    no place in ohio…lovely….

    • Sharti24

      East cleveland is getting 600mhz this year

  • MJ

    anything in Los Angeles?

  • pda96

    It doesn’t appear TMO will deploy 600MHz in the cities, at least not yet if ever. They are only using this to cover the boonies. If this is the case, then for city dwellers, there’s no need to get a band 71 capable phone at the moment, maybe in 2 yrs time.

  • Ernesto Ramos

    When will be able in Puerto Rico? Thanks

    • David Crandon

      Now! The entire network is being rebuilt in 600MHz.