T-Mobile launches Samsung Galaxy S9 BOGO deal


If you’ve been thinking about picking up a new Galaxy S9 from T-Mobile, then perhaps a new T-Mo deal will convince you to pull the trigger.

T-Mobile today launched a new Buy One, Get One deal on the Samsung Galaxy S9. With it, you can buy a Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, or Galaxy S8 Active and get $720 off a second Galaxy S9, S9+, or S8 Active via bill credits. Pricing on the S9 is $720, so a second S9 would be free, but the S9+ is $840 and the S8 Active is $850, so customers that choose those devices would still owe a bit for them.

This deal is valid only for purchases made starting today, March 30, and it’ll be available for a limited time. New customers must activate two lines of service to qualify for this deal, while existing customers must add at least one new line of service.

Customers who take advantage of this offer must purchase both of their devices on a 24-month Equipment Installment Plan. The required down payment ($120 for S9+, $130 for S8 Active) and any applicable device taxes are also required at the time of purchase.

T-Mobile also notes that this offer may be combined with other active offers. However, it cannot be combined with Carrier Freedom or #GetOutOfTheRed. You can check out the full FAQ for this new deal right here.

The Galaxy S9 launched just two weeks ago and is sure to be one of the top smartphones of 2018, so it’s nice to see a BOGO deal on it. The fact that a new line is required is sure to frustrate some, but it’s also not surprising to see that requirement since many of T-Mo’s other deals have also required the activation of a new line.

Are you going to take advantage of this Galaxy S9 BOGO deal?

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  • Max

    I got it unlocked and recommend to do the same. T-Mobile complicated promos aren’t really that cheap in the end and they install their apps and their obnoxious boot ringtone, they add a blinding branded boot white screen and disable some settings and functionality like the built in Samsung caller ID “because it’s redundant” and worse than their ugly app according to them.

    • Philip

      You saying a unlock from Samsung is better? But you cant do video to a Tmo customer.

      • HeatFan786

        The beauty of smartphones is that you can get What’s App, Skype, and other apps to do video services. Samsung is the way to go with Galaxies rather than the even more bloated T-Mobile ones.

        • Zach B.

          Google Allo and Duo are pretty good as well. Google just needs to fix the fragmentation problem with users needing Skype/WhatsApp/Facebook Messenger/Duo etc, and implement it right into Android like iOS has had for years.

      • Michael

        Which video service is this ? One thing I really like about the iPhone is no carrier bloat and things just work. Still trying to decide if I should switch back to android or not .I’ve been very satisfied with ios.

  • Michael

    Waiting for Samsung to offer a BOGO deal that does not require porting a line and Bill credits.

    • Philip

      Wonders if Samsung will do the same this time as they did on the S8/S8+ last year.

  • Ben Jaimin

    I did the bogo and got the line free.
    First did a change of responsibility with my grandfathered line then ported out my number. now I’m waiting to port back my old numbers on the temp lines.

    I use tmobile so, as much as I’d prefer the rebate all thus hassle made me get a free line and phone.

    So a win for me.

    • Philip

      So you ported back your old numbers and pay off the phone and get the 2nd free after 2 months?

  • George Salcedo

    I just bought the V30 plus, got one free and didn’t have to add a line. No thanks! Oh yeah a free projector and B&O earphones for each phone.

  • Impatient Waiter

    So it’s not as good as the GS7 deal they had? You could cancel the extra line of service after a month or when you got the prepaid mastercard in the mail to pay off the second device. This sounds like you have to open another line of service for 24 months and they just pay the phone, so you would still be paying $240 over 24months minimum… I am understanding this correctly?

  • Dave

    This is part of the reason I use Google voice. I can cancel my old line and keep the new line thus giving the promotion and nothing changed

    • Todd N.

      Not a bad idea

  • WILL S.

    The Tmo website says …”must add 2 qualifying lines” not 1.

    • Alex Wagner

      T-Mobile’s FAQ says that existing customers only need to add one new line:

      “Activate two new lines for new customers OR at least one new line for existing customers on a qualified rate plan to be used with the new devices.”

  • Francisco Peña

    This is useless for me since I have JoD!. Plus, even if I add a line, I’d only get teh phone free via bill credits, which I don’t want to be tied to.

  • Joe P

    Of course they do this just days after I bought my S9+.

  • Kyrylo Gaychenko

    is it gonna last till next weekend?

  • Joey

    I just checked T-mobiles website and they have the LGv30 buy one get one free. Will I have to activate or add a line?? it only says “New or existing T-Mobile Consumer customers and T-Mobile for Business customers that have an active voice plan” is that correct?

  • Philip

    You can google it and sales of S9 and S9+ are down. I smell a sale coming. There is sale going on for this phone for other carriers, but not Tmo yet.