T-Mobile Sidekicks are official and now available for pre-order


T-Mobile has followed last year’s T-Mobile Onesie with another piece of April Fools’ Day clothing.

The T-Mobile Sidekicks are inspired by the iconic T-Mobile Sidekick smartphone. Rather than a phone with a QWERTY keyboard and a flip-out screen, these are magenta Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers with smartphone features like a heavy duty “stepscreen”, a camera built in to the toe so that you can use your leg as a selfie stick, and retractable “lacebuds” to let you listen to music.


Like Android and iOS smartphones, the T-Mobile Sidekicks have their own built-in assistant. The “No BS Assistant” is voiced by T-Mo CEO John Legere and can call your contacts, give you directions, and more when you use the phrase “Hey Sidekicks”.

Much like T-Mobile actually sold its T-Mobile Onesie last April Fools’ Day, T-Mo will sell these Sidekicks, too. They’ll just be normal sneakers, though, so don’t order thinking you’ll get your very own John Legere digital assistant. Pricing for the T-Mobile Sidekicks is set at $65, and you can pre-order a pair of your own right now. Pre-orders will close on April 15, and T-Mo estimates that orders will ship on May 7.

John Legere has been known to rock some magenta Converse Chuck Taylors, and now you can get your own pair of T-Mo-branded Chucks. This April Fools’ joke will probably make some people clamor for a real, updated version of the Sidekick smartphone, but it’s unclear if that’ll ever happen. For now you’ll just have to settle for showing your Sidekick love with a pair of Sidekicks.

Are you going to get a pair of T-Mobile Sidekicks?

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  • Captain Insano

    Weak. Man I was excited to see a sidekick Android phone in this era.

    • Jay Alford

      I would drop iPhone and go back to T-Mobile so fast if a new Sidekick came out. I’d forget iPhone even existed.

  • steveb944

    Oh man, that title trolled me so bad. I was ready to order a new Sidekick.

    • Jay Alford

      Dude, same.

    • Shandi Anderson

      me too

  • SirStephenH

    I would be very tempted to order these if I had $65 bucks to blow.

  • Philip

    April fool joke?

    • steveb944

      Yep, early.

  • dtam

    lol, i’d get it

  • PCFreckle

    They only go up to size 12?! SHENANIGANS!!

    • BobbieDooley

      You know what they say about men that have small feet…

  • Jay Alford

    I’m suing for emotional distress. This isn’t funny. I WANT A NEW SIDEKICK!!! DAMNIT.

    • Shandi Anderson

      exactly my thoughts ….frustratingly funny though