T-Mobile Galaxy Note 8 Android Oreo update approved, will begin rolling out April 1


This week, the AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon versions of the Galaxy Note 8 all began receiving their Android 8.0 Oreo update. T-Mobile Note 8 owners are probably wondering where their Oreo update is, and now we’ve got some more info on it.

The Android Oreo update for T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note 8 has been approved and should begin hitting devices as soon as Sunday night (April 1). That’s according to T-Mobile product guy Des Smith.

The update to Android Oreo brings with it new features like picture-in-picture, autofill, and notification dots. We’ll have to wait until the update begins rolling out before we know for sure exactly what else is included, but other improvements like updated Android security patches are a possibility.

If you’ve got a Galaxy Note 8, you can manually check for a software update by going into Settings > Software update > Download updates manually. So once Sunday night rolls around, you know what to do.

Source: @askdes

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  • Anonymouse

    It’s about damn time this update showed up! Just sayin’.

  • Peter Smith

    I hope it’s not a April fool’s day prank!

  • Plow Rox

    Be really nice when we get the updates directly from the OEM….and stop the 7 month delay!

    • closingracer

      Then go buy a Pixel phone. Problem solved. If that’s a big issue you knew already this phone exists

      • superg05

        one the new future version updates give oem more control its a feature there not complaining

      • J.J.

        Priorities for me. If the pixel had sd and headphone jack i would have likely picked one up but for me I’d rather suffer a bit on updates to keep all the extra features of my note , i.e. best screen on the planet, arguably best hardware, and many software features Google itself borrows each year in New Android versions

        • ggfb20

          I wish google made a pixel note phone with stylus.

  • Jake Fitzpatrick

    The unlocked version shouldn’t be too far off, then!

  • Darryl Woodbury

    I’m still not buying it. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Joseph McCovery

    *sigh* Still here waiting on Oreo for my V30…

    • SirStephenH

      Same. :(

  • Luis Hotdaddy Vasquez

    2:16AM and still no update!!

  • Erik Papesh

    630am nothing for me yet!

    • DKBNYC

      Try reading the tweet.

  • Yo Lord

    same here still waiting

  • noh1bvisas

    April Fool’s Day!

  • Luis Hotdaddy Vasquez

    9:48 and nothing yet… Is it time to give up??

  • trablezie

    It says Sunday night,which means going into monday, ppl don’t read.

    • Luis Hotdaddy Vasquez

      Stfu! April 1 so that means Sunday early night hours (12:01 AM and beyond…)

      • trablezie

        Well idk where you live at but here in cali it’s Sunday night now,8:55pm going into monday,your reply was on yesterday saturday,so we shall see.

    • Bryan Ott

      That was my thought also, probably overtime if they run into any issues with Easter. Wait until 12:01am and then go (or something).

      • trablezie

        Yeah it’s Sunday night now here in cali,will see what midnight brings.

  • Erik

    Downloading now

    • Luis Hotdaddy Vasquez


    • Erik

      For real now. Lol

  • Iphart

    Nothing yet.

  • ggfb20

    Anybody get it yet?

    • O. L. Jackson

      I haven’t. I was on Twitter with TMobile and they’re going by their software upate page .

      • ggfb20

        Perhaps that page is not up to date. I’ve seen updates come out before pages were updated. Des mentioned on Twitter that the updates were going to come today, knowing how furious enthusiasts will be I highly doubt it was a joke.

        • O. L. Jackson

          I suppose so but still optimistic. Pissed but vigilant

    • Bryan Ott

      I’m thinking they wait until 12:01am Eastern time to avoid having to pay any engineers overtime for Easter (assuming it’s not an April Fools Day joke).

    • Bryan Ott

      Got it!

      • ggfb20

        Downloading now.

  • Yo Lord

    Not yet…. Hoping it is not April fools

  • Alan Gatica

    Des says “as early as Sunday night”… It doesn’t say “on Sunday night”. Keep checking tomorrow, it could roll out then.

    • Bryan Ott

      Downloading now!!!

      • Alan Gatica

        Just downloaded too! I’m on Eastern time so fully expected it tomorrow. Haha!

        • Bryan Ott

          Yep me too, I had changed my auto update to 4am expecting it sometime after 3, but surprise!

  • Jason Crumbley

    Nice to see T-Mobile ignoring the LG phones that are newer than the year old Samsung phones, in regards to the Oreo update.

    • Luis Hotdaddy Vasquez

      That’s because LG phones suck and Samsung is the top dog in the smartphone industry!

    • steadymobb

      Blame LG

      • SirStephenH

        It’s both LG and T-Mobile’s fault because of how updates are handled on the carriers here. T-Mobile could get updates sooner if it wanted.

      • Jason Crumbley

        Every carrier has started updating the LG V30 to Oreo, except T-Mobile. It’s not LG… this time.

        • steadymobb

          Att just got theirs less than a week ago. TMO will release it soon

  • Bryan Ott

    Downloading now. Tried every few minutes since midnight, finally worked!!!

    • Temi S. A.

      Me too, been trying all day.

  • Temi S. A.

    The update is finally HERE

  • bellken

    downloading now!!
    1330.84 mb

    not quite successful, ymmv, hopefully, something is still updating, because, my phone isn’t useable, as it stands

  • Dennis Lainfiesta

    Cannot get rid of the icon frames ugh fml

  • trablezie

    Well mines just popped up 1150pm cali time, bout to download now.

  • Jon

    4:55 AM EST I’m currently downloading the update.

  • WT

    No luck for U.S. unlocked models yet.

  • Brian

    It’s really rolling out. Got mines this morning just finished downloading the update right now. Cali 0451am 04.02.18

  • Christophe Caron Soriano

    help, after update my note 8 is totally frozen on mcaffee page black screen

    • Erik

      Restart in safe mode. Then uninstall mcaffee. It’s a pointless app anyways. Unless ur rooted

      • Christophe Caron Soriano

        Ok, just did it Thanks

  • Bemi

    I haven’t bother to check for the update. It hasn’t popped up yet. For those who have downloaded it. Any improvements? Pros and Cons?

    • mreveryphone

      Just did it on mine.. It does seem snappier like more on par with my S9+. I now know why Samsung holds updates until the new phones drop. There wouldn’t be any need to get the new device because the previous device does everything with the new update. The really only saving grace is the new network in the 9’s…

  • Petey07

    Just pushed to see if there’s any update, and finally its downloading (9:00am PST). 1330.84MB.

  • vplaza

    After the update, some apps have trouble going into full screen mode, such as Fox Go. Is anyone else seeing that?