New surveys show T-Mobile had highest customer satisfaction of all U.S. carriers in 2017


T-Mobile today announced that it won out in a couple of new consumer surveys.

T-Mo reports that it came out number one in Overall Customer Satisfaction and Customers: Likelihood to Recommend in surveys conducted by research firm HarrisX. The firm surveys more than 360,000 consumers each year.

The HarrisX results show T-Mobile on top in both categories throughout 2017. Verizon finished 2017 in second place in both categories, while AT&T came in third and Sprint finished fourth.


Meanwhile, research firm YouGov BrandIndex reports that T-Mobile earned the highest consumer satisfaction scores throughout 2017. T-Mo customers scored their satisfaction at 70 out of 100 in Q1 2017, 66 in Q2, 69 in Q3, and 72 in Q4. To compare, the only other carrier to score a 60 or higher was Verizon, and that only happened in one quarter of 2017.


T-Mobile CEO John Legere regularly talks about how he and T-Mo listen to customers and solve their pain points, and according to these new reports, that strategy continues to work. How satisfied are you with T-Mobile as we begin 2018?

Source: T-Mobile, HarrisX, YouGov

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  • Jay Holm

    I haven’t seen any posts recently about the 600mhz rollout. . .

    • They just shared info today on that. Look for it on John’s Facebook Page.

      • Jay Holm

        I saw, thanks! Just thought something would have been posted about it in December cause T-Mobile said west Texas will be covered by the end of the year.

  • g2a5b0e

    Sprint is the only carrier trending downward on both of the top two charts. No surprises there.

    • SirStephenH

      It’s statistically irrelevant and you ignored the 4 point drop from Verizon (Sprint was down 6).

      • g2a5b0e

        If you had read my post properly, you would have understood that I was only referring to the HarrisX charts, not the YouGov one.

  • Andrew Singleton

    *brushes shoulders off*