Apple confirms it’ll replace your iPhone’s old battery, regardless of diagnostic test result


If you’ve got an iPhone with an older battery and you’ve been thinking about taking Apple up on its $29 battery replacement offer, there’s some more info about it that you should be aware of.

Apple said today that it will replace the battery on an iPhone 6 or later for $29, even if it passes┬áthe company’s diagnostic test that shows that it┬áretains less than 80 percent of its original capacity.

Also of note is that some consumers have said that if they had their iPhone’s older battery replaced for $79 before December 30th, they requested a refund of the difference from Apple and got it.

It’s a good move for Apple to give customers a $29 battery replacement if they want some. The news that Apple slowed down iPhones with older batteries frustrated a lot of people, and telling some consumers that they couldn’t be a $29 battery replacement because their phone’s battery was at 80 percent capacity or more could make the whole situation even worse for Apple.

Source: MacRumors

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