T-Mobile bringing back iPhone BOGO, $300 off iPhone X deals


T-Mobile kicked off a Buy One, Get One deal on Apple, Samsung, and LG smartphones last month, but the Apple phones were only part of the deal for a little more than a week. If you missed out on that offer, you’re going to get a second chance.

From December 21st through December 24th, T-Mobile will bring back two of its previous iPhone offers. You’ll be able to buy an iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus and get a second one for free.

As with the previous deal, you’ll need to add a new line and buy both iPhones on EIP to get this deal. Once you do, you’ll get a prepaid MasterCard card to cover the cost of the cheaper device. This offer covers up to $700 for the second device, which means that customers that opt for two iPhone 8 Plus models will pay $99.99 for their second device.

If you prefer the iPhone X, T-Mobile’s bringing back a deal for you, too. You can get up to $300 off an iPhone X after trading in a qualifying iPhone and buying the iPhone X on EIP. The devices that qualify for trade-in are the iPhone 6 and newer (with the exception of the iPhone SE).

These deals will be available in store and online starting tomorrow, December 21st, and they’ll be valid until end of day on Sunday, December 24th.

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  • Michael Wilhelm✊️✊✊

    confirmed how?

  • Eric Stengrevics

    Would Jump On Demand qualify for the $300 off iPhone X?

    • Corey Jalette

      No, eip only.

      • jj201367

        Do I need to change my plan or can I keep my current one?

        • Ty Christensen

          Pretty sure you have to be on TMo One or Simple Choice unlimited for this to work, we have the grandfathered 2.5GB so it probably wouldn’t work for us.

        • jj201367

          I’ll contact T-Mobile CS later, thank you

        • Farhan Ahmed

          If you’re on the unlimited plan, your plan will simply be adjusted based on the new line addition. So if you have 2 existing lines on TMobile One, your plan will change based on the cost of having 3 lines on TMobile One. I’m almost certain the deal is only for TMobile One or Simple Choice Unlimited.

        • jj201367

          I have 6 lines for $100 4gb data

        • Farhan Ahmed

          Unfortunately you will have to change plans to one with unlimited data and not the 4GB data you have.

          “Remain active and in good standing on an eligible T-Mobile ONE or select Simple Choice with paid unlimited data rate plan with active EIP when card is processed.”

  • dcmanryan

    Do one of the new iPhones have to use the new line added? I want to do this deal but use the 2 phones on existing lines.

    • Farhan Ahmed

      No… but you have to have the two phones on EIP and add a new line so they can be processed as a phone upgrade for an existing line and a phone purchase for a new line. Once you get the phones simply take out the new sim from one of them (2nd phone won’t have a sim in it) and put in an existing phone line sim. Don’t cancel the new line until you get the rebate card.

      • Farhan Ahmed

        actually, don’t cancel any of the lines on your account until you get the rebate card.

  • JMF_mobile

    The add a line requirement on all these so called promos is getting old.

    • Polly Larson


    • I know, I’ve got 23 lines already with all these deals. ;)

  • Lion Sun

    Can I just open a new account with 1 line and still eligible?

  • Boris Govnic

    Port your number to google voice and switch carriers every year to get free phones. Or you can still do google voice and cancel accounts and do spousal churn, have your wife or SO keep changing and getting new numbers with TMO or existing carriers. With Google Voice you will never lose your number, c’mon guys start figuring out how to game the system, churns and new lines are all the carriers ever care about. How many new customers even exist anymore, they all keep hopping and skipping to each other.

  • Knut Hillestad

    Can this BOGO offer be combined with the 55+ plan? Would love to get my parents this deal.

    • Farhan Ahmed

      No… unfortunately.

      • Knut Hillestad

        T-Force on twitter just told me that the BOGO is available on the 55+ plan. We’ll see what happens

        • Farhan Ahmed

          Interesting. I checked their FAQs and there was no mention of the 55+ plan. The same plan didn’t qualify for the BOGO last month so maybe they made an exception or oversight? Good news for you though.

  • pjsx

    “You’ll be able to buy an iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus and get a second one for free.”

    “customers that opt for two iPhone 8 Plus models will pay $99.99 for their second device.”

    So, not free.

  • robin M

    we just switched to Tmobile during last deal and did the bogo and added a total of 5 lines. we just decided we may want two more new phones to replace the old ones we brought over. Can we get this deal or would we have to add a 6th line?

    • Prode

      You would have to add a 6th line.

      • robin M

        how much is a new line after you have 5?

        • Prode

          Depends on your plan but I am guessing you are on TMO One which then it would 25. 20 with it autopay.

        • dcmanryan

          ….and only $10 if under 2gb is used.

  • mikeZo6

    Tired of all these bullshit credits off bill !

  • bkat11

    You’ll need to buy two iPhones since the batteries apparently don’t last past a year lol

  • (J²)

    Apparently, the iPhone X deals are about to ramp up because of the lower than expected sales figures.

    Apple may be content with the figures (as they expected it) but investors are not. It should be a lesson to Apple that many people simply are not willing to spend $999 on a phone. Not only that but carriers have revised their credit qualifications for phones in this price range which keeps the phone out of many peoples hands unless they are willing to pay $400 down.

  • David Nowicki

    Does the iPhone X still have the outrageous $300 deposit for the 64GB version on T-Mobile ? All other carriers are zero down, or most case the tax % of the full price phone.

    • Nik Salerno

      It’s $280.. so essentially you pay ~$350 out of pocket. Don’t forget you also have to pay tax on any new phone – even if it’s zero down or the free phone in a BOGO. Now this isn’t ideal to most for sure, don’t get me wrong – but this was how T-Mobile was trying to keep the monthly at $30 for EIP or JUMP plans. Verizon and the other companies are letting you just buy it outright with zero down (+ tax) but your monthly is $42 or more. And if you’re on JUMP… well that initial $280 deposit counts toward paying off half or whatever you need to pay, essentially meaning you could JUMP sooner – which means you can get the new iPhone the day it comes out if you wanted.

      Honestly I think T-Mobile forcing people to put so much down makes it so that you are giving them more money before you’d turn the phone in or trade it – essentially paying more than half – so they can resell it for a larger profit margin. Though the guise of a lower $30 monthly is good marketing, I guess. If you really want to make the money back, just completely pay it off and sell it, then use that money to put down on a new iPhone when next years comes out.