T-Mobile shares claymation holiday video with John Legere and the ‘abominable carriers’


T-Mobile loves to celebrate the holidays and take shots at the competition, and it’s done both in a new video for the holidays.

A new “Happy #Uncarrier Claymation Holidays” video has been posted by T-Mobile. The clip stars a reindeer, an elf, a snowman, and John Legere, all in claymation style. It tells a story about the “abominable carriers” who “only cared about silver and gold and how to take it from the people of the world.”

The story goes on to show Legere flying in on a sleigh — a magenta one, of course — and blasting the abominable carriers.

This video’s not really anything new from T-Mobile, with its focus on knocking AT&T and Verizon and touting T-Mobile offerings like Netflix On Us, T-Mobile One, and T-Mobile Tuesdays. It is a well done little claymation clip and is a fun way to spend a couple of minutes. You can check it out for yourself below.

Source: T-Mobile (YouTube)

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  • Sayahh

    …“abominable carriers” who “only cared about silver and gold and how to take it from the people of the world.”

    Congress? But I digress. John Legere is awesome. SO glad the Sprint merger (and AT&T before that) fell through…

  • genretv

    Reminds me of Trump acting like he’s a friend of the working class and an advocate for the masses. It’s a deceitful manipulation that feeds on the goodness and naivete of unsuspecting folk.

    • Francisco Peña

      But unlike Hillary who’s a friend of women, yet paid them over 20% less than men.
      Or who’s a friend of the LGBT community, yet takes millions from governments in the Middle East that are oppressive to the LGBT community and have killed, jailed and beaten them. Or any of her other lies she’s mentioned?

      Or how about Bernie? Who’s a friend of everyone and wage equality, yet after the election bought his 3rd home. Not buy, sell, then buy, sell and buy a home.. but buy, buy, and buy a home, just because he didn’t have a lakefront home and wanted one (his words). Or who’s wife lied to get a massive loan for a college, then it went belly up because the donations she said were coming in to get the loan, never did because they were fictitious. He is also being investigated for pressuring the bank to approve it.

      No…. no one else on the left does deceitful manipulation? “I did not have séxual relations with that woman” ring a bell???

      • bkat11

        Francisco you are wasting your time…Democrats don’t wanna hear FACTS! They just want CNN to tell them how great their political party is and how they fight for the middle class.

    • yankeesusa

      That could very well be true. They could be deceiving people but when it comes to wireless choices it’s hard to find one that isn’t in it for money… it is a business after all. All i know is that i go with the company that offers me the most for my money and so far it’s tmobile. If in the future it changes, then i will change. No need to get all huffy and puffy over what companies are doing when it comes to them making money.

    • Acdc1a

      Adding 16,000 manufacturing jobs monthly in big part because of loosened regulations is not exactly backing out of promises to the working class.

    • Here’s your coal, churl, the rest of us will MAGA

    • Boris Govnic

      LMFAO loser Comcast, At&T, fifth Third, all are giving their employees 1000 bonuses or raising minimum wage. MAGA

  • Jason Caprio

    So what is going to happen if T-Mobile surpasses Verizon and AT&T in terms of overall coverage and quality of service across the entire USA?

    Will Verizon/AT&T start making propaganda cartoons? lol

    • Acdc1a

      Not so far fetched. Have a look at that glorious 2017 year end magenta map.

      • Jason Caprio

        I will admit it is impressive. Once the 600MHz is fully rolled out, that is the coverage map I’ll be very curious about!

        As of late, I am not winning many competitions with my girlfriend comparing my Verizon to her T-Mobile signal when we travel to remote areas lol

        My work pays for my Verizon so I’m happy with my $0/month bill ;-)

  • mikeZo6

    Looks like people did care to much for John baby bashing ! stop wasting money and FIX network gaps !

  • Plow Rox

    Poor babies! Maybe they could complain to the orange douche bag directly and he could sign something into law for them, after he cashes the check of course