T-Mobile reportedly makes Sprint new offer in an effort to save merger


Just last week, it seemed like a T-Mobile-Sprint merger was a done deal, but now everything’s been thrown into disarray after a rumor said that SoftBank wanted to end the negotiations. A new report has given us an update on the situation.

T-Mobile has made a revised merger offer to Sprint, say sources speaking to the Wall Street Journal. Details of the offer are unknown, but it’s said that Sprint’s board spent Thursday discussing this whole merger situation.

It’s possible that the two sides will come to an agreement within weeks, claims today’s report. However, it’s also possible that they’ll fail to reach an agreement and this whole thing will fall apart.

Rumors have said that Sprint parent company SoftBank wants to tweak the exchange ratio of shares involved in this deal, with the current ratio set at more than 9 and SoftBank aiming for fewer than 8. SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son is also said to be reluctant to give up control of Sprint and so they want to get him a decision-making role in the combined T-Mobile-Sprint, possibly as a co-chairman.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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  • jrmckins

    “CEO Masayoshi Son is also said to be reluctant to give up control of Sprint and so they want to get him a decision-making role in the combined T-Mobile-Sprint”
    Well, he did a great job ruining Sprint, why not have him ruin T-Mobile too?

    • SurvivingSunnyvale


    • Mike

      Put him in the mailroom he can make decisions in there . To lick the envelope or not to lick the envelope?

      • Luis Hotdaddy Vasquez

        LMFAO!! For real!

    • Iceman

      Son is only simply continuing the long line of mismanagement at Sprint. How could anyone forget about Dan Hesse?

    • fentonr

      No kidding, Sprint is in trouble, Tmo isn’t, DT would be better served to walk away than to give up control just to make a deal happen.

    • Brad C

      I honestly just do not think he was ready for a US Company, over there it’s not exactly over competitive, nor is there a ton of land mass to cover.

  • Sharti24

    Sprint tried bluffing by threatening to call off the merger. Theyre just playing the game trying to capitalize on what they feel theyre worth and tmobile isnt buying it. Expect this merger to happen folks

  • Rosario

    I dont get how Sprint wouldnt want this. They literally keep lowering their price on their plans, “promotional offers” are becoming the norm now and yet people still wont switch over and their losing customers. What other choice do they have? This just seems like a pride thing and greed and its gonna bite them in the ass.

    • Tony Chen

      anyone who uses sprint knows sprint network sucks and drop calls everywhere. unreliable slow data

  • Dwayne

    If Legere isn’t CEO I’m leaving as a customer… Period

  • KMB877

    Why only T-mob is interested into merging with Sprint (and vice versa)? Why AT&T and Verizon are so quiet about this issue? If I remember correctly, when AT&T tried to buy T-mobile, both Verizon and Sprint went nuts!

    • SirStephenH

      I can think of a few reasons.

      T-Mobile would still be third after a merger with Sprint.

      They want to wait and see what comes of this if anything at all before commenting.

      They’re using this merger to test the waters as to what they could get away with at no cost to themselves.

      If they spoke out against this merger then it might hurt them if they try to sneak a merger through this administration themselves.

  • fromtheright

    Sprint is beyond horrible IMHO. I should know. I have been a Sprint customer for many many years. Finally, after hating Sprint for so long, moved my two lines from Sprint to T-Mobile this week. Sprint offered $150 per line to come back. That’s not happening. Legere don’t be a fool. Sprint sheeple will finally wake up and come your way on their own, wagging their tails behind them.

    • Dave

      I would think it’s more about the limited spectrum then the customer base. Gaining sprints spectrum can things T-Mobile the boost it needs to compete with the other 2. But as others have said most likely it will be bad for consumers

      • SirStephenH

        If this deal was about spectrum then Dish would be a far better match. This is more about increasing their customer base.

    • David Ruiz

      you obviously don’t go anywhere outside ur town

  • mikeZo6

    STOP Tmo We DO NOT want merge !

  • pda96

    I’m hoping for another failure. Mergers are NEVER good for consumers (or employees).

  • lomsha

    Hope DT doesn’t cave to letting softbank control the merged entity. They clearly showed they didn’t know how to manage sprint.

  • disqus_y5DBL7L9WW

    Both suck. TMobile obviously sees a need to merge or they wouldn’t make a new offer. You Sprint haters defending T-Mobile sound silly since your growth is based on smoke and mirror marketing and lower fees rather than a better network. Both suck. Together they will suck no matter who runs the show.

    • Tmobile wouldn’t have 16 quarters of 1 million additions if they sucked

      • disqus_y5DBL7L9WW

        Smoke and mirrors

      • David Ruiz

        proof please facts only not words

        • Clearly you dont visit this site enough search the archives. Actually tmobile has added over a million subs for 18 straight quarters…

  • Sprint is in last place and should STFU and be glad a deal is even being offered to them.

    • David Ruiz

      Sprint with customer base is forth not last stop with the fake news. But Second best in service booom

      • TylerCameron

        Lol second best sure.
        Nothing says “2nd best” like incredibly bad reception and sub 5mbpa average speeds.

  • James Romines

    You do understand that T-Mobile is where they are because of the breakup fee from AT&T right?

    • Rgv956

      But you do know that the spectrum was put to use ASAP because of leadership. Sprint carries a boat load of spectrum but isn’t being put to use. That’s what he’s explaining. As soon as the merger failed with T-Mobile and At&t, T-Mobile put that spectrum to use like wild fire.

      • James Romines

        Because they were given billions to go with it. I’m sure if Sprint was handed billions in free money it would be a different story.

        • Sharti24

          $4 billion and roaming on Att’s network

        • marvin bolden


    • Partially I saw the maps of tmobile spectrum and alot of it was untapped for nearly a decade before it was put to use. They had spectrum where not 1 of their towers was. Completely useless. They also had to build out because of spectrum mandates. They would have been stripped of the spectrum

      • James Romines

        Exactly and AT&T paid for that build out. I mean 3 billion is 2+ years of T-Mobiles capex. It’s easy to build out your network when someone else is paying. There is a reason it went untapped for a decade.

  • SirStephenH

    Oh hell no!!!

  • Rgv956

    I’m with Sprint and I say hell no!!!!

    I fear that T-Mobile will go to crap merging with Sprint. What T-Mobile needs to do, is Sprint away from this damn merger!!!!

    • David Ruiz

      The only crap service Is in fact T-Mobile always had been.

  • JLP474

    When you’re over 30 BILLION in debt and still greedy…talk about big brass ones lol