Moto Z2 Force and T-Mobile Revvl launch today


Today’s a big day for T-Mobile because there are two high-profile Android phones launching.

First up is the Moto Z2 Force, which is notable for a couple of reasons. It’s the first new Motorola smartphone we’ve seen on T-Mobile in a while, and T-Mo is celebrating the Z2 Force’s arrival with a Buy One, Get One deal.

For a limited time, you can buy a Moto Z2 Force on EIP and get a second Moto Z2 Force for free. Both phones must be purchased on EIP, and at least one new line must be added. You can then go to T-Mobile’s Promotions Center and enter the promo code 17MOTOZ2 and T-Mo will send you a prepaid MasterCard card worth $750 to cover the cost of the second device.

Customers that purchase a Moto Z2 Force before September 25th can also get a free Insta-Share Projector Moto Mod. Simply buy your Moto Z2 Force and go to Motorola’s offers page, then fill out your info like your purchase date and IMEI.

The Moto Z2 Force is priced at $30 down and $30 per month for 24 months, which works out to $750 full retail. JUMP! On Demand customers can snag the Z2 Force for $0 down and $34 per month for 18 months.


Also worth mentioning is that T-Mobile is offering Motorola’s new Moto 360 Camera Mod for the Moto Z2 Force and other Moto Z phones. It’s currently out of stock on T-Mobile’s website, but when it’s available, you can buy one for $0 down and 24 monthly payments of $12.50 each, or $299.99 full retail.

The Moto 360 Camera Mod lets you connect a 360-degree camera to the back of your Moto Z series phone. It can capture 360-degree 4K video, live stream 360-degree video, and 150-degree wide angle photos.


Also launching today is the T-Mobile Revvl, T-Mo’s new own-brand Android phone that was officially announced yesterday. It’s meant to be an affordable but feature-packed Android phone, offering specs like a 5.5-inch HD display, 13-megapixel rear camera, and fingerprint reader.

The T-Mobile Revvl is available for $5 down and $5 per month for 24 months, or $125 full retail. You can also snag it through JUMP! On Demand for $0 down and $5 per month.

So, is anyone thinking about picking up the Moto Z2 Force or T-Mobile Revvl?

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  • Ascertion

    Both phones must be purchased on EIP, and at least one new line must be added

    This is getting old.

    • Phillip Julias IV

      The LG G6 bogo offered a few months ago by LG, had no add a line requirement and was shunned by t-mobile I got it but they killed that deal as quick as they could! Love my phones and the service but I agree having to keep adding lines sucks!

      • Corey Jalette

        Yes, by lg, not tmobile. They ended that deal early because tmobile didn’t like it.

    • mreveryphone

      If you want to buy the phone outright you can. You only have to have eip if you want the bogo. Cell companies don’t make the money on phones they make their money on the plans hence adding the line with a free phone. It wouldn’t make good business sense to give away phones for free. They need to make that money back somehow with the free phone.

  • The One

    An HD screen and a 13MP camera is not a noteworthy spec for any phone in 2017. It’s basically like advertising that the phone comes with a dialer and internet access. These are pretty basic functions of a smartphone and don’t need to be touted in the Revvl press releases.

    Short answer: No – I wouldn’t even consider it (mainly because it’s too big for my taste).

  • Iphart

    Moto Z2 Force has a plastic screen instead of glass and they want how much for it?

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      Glass breaks too easily plastic doesnt

      • Corey Jalette

        Plastic scratches a hell of a lot easier than glass does. And now the plastic is binded together to the phone, so you can’t just replace the screen if it’s majorly scratched.

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          I’ve owned many phones…never a scratch on my screens and I’ve stopped using screen protectors years ago

          Use a screen protector if ya clumsy

  • francob911 .

    BS I’m maxed out on lines!! And I can’t add lines anymore… Will these phone support the new bands t-mobile just purchased?

    • Iphart

      If you are referring to the 600MHZ, no phone does yet.

  • priap1sm

    22% smaller battery, yeah I’ll pass. Thanks.

    • Ѕροη†αηεους Μιхх ♪♫

      and yet, the CPU is 25% more energy efficient

  • Ѕροη†αηεους Μιхх ♪♫

    I just got my Z2 Force yesterday, 1. I already miss my physical headphone jack, but b. compared to damn near every other phone t-mo is offering, I’m SUPER happy and relieved to have a stock android experience on a flagship phone. also, C. I just put up 125Mbps ↓ / 20Mbps ↑ on a speedtest with the Snapdragon 835. I was only expecting 50’s Sheesh!

  • Roger Shahan

    The revvl 1 looks good but i want to see what the revvl 2 and 3 pro offer